IDF officer, soldier killed in Gaza
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 08.01.09, 22:50
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1. sniper fire
Marcel   (01.08.09)
idf, increase the protection for soldiers in the head to throat area by designing a simple plastic that hangs down from the helmert to the throat area that can be worn or reattached and put away. it may have prevented robinson's death.
2. My condolences
Ana ,   Spain   (01.08.09)
My deepest condolences to the family and friends of Amit Robinson, the young hero who has fallen defending his country from terrorism. My thoughts and prayers go out to them.
3. Stop fighing a PC war..Its war!
Al   (01.08.09)
Massive bombing should be implemented ASAP. Those caught are called colateral damage. The world opinion including some so called Jews can goto hell. You have to live and thats whats important. The world doesnt give a damn if you live or die, so you better live. You dont win any points by being PC in fact you may end up dead. Kick ass hard..Its either you or them.
4. Very sad loss
bill ,   washington dc.   (01.08.09)
It is very sad to lose the best. May his memory be as a blessing. HY"D
5. attach a plastic collar
alexi   (01.08.09)
Affix a plastic buylletproof polycarbonate collar aroound the turret so the soldier is protected. Design and do it right away-screw it in or glue it . Lives will be saved fronm the snipers.
6. Was sniper trained by the U.S./CIA ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.08.09)
iSRAEL IS KNECK DEEP IN THIS FAILED PEACE PLAN With so much of the weaposn in Gaza seized by Hamas coming from the U.S. ,Israel has to ask what the benifits of being under Ameirca's thimb are ?
7. those al-Jezeers bastards make the IDF lose credibility
observer   (01.08.09)
they released a video, a couple of hours ago, showing two soldiers hit by sniper fire. Hurry!, it's still on the news disc.
8. Do Israelis every feel guilt?
Arab   (01.08.09)
just a question.
9. heartbreaking
Ilana   (01.08.09)
my condolences to the family. Myheart cries with yours that the most horrible of horribles has happened to you.
10. Cowardly but typical of Hamas
Jo   (01.08.09)
maybe the IDF should behave in kind. This is like hitting a pedestrian with a car and then running away.
11. sadly this seems to be the soldier hamas filmed while killin
uli ,   jerusalem   (01.08.09)
12. Best way to get snipers is with artillery!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.08.09)
Blast them and let the devil sort out the pieces.
13. #8
alan ,   texas   (01.08.09)
Israel is fighting a mandatory defensive war. No guilt! Arabs are shooting at civilians in an unprovoked war. Israelis also have been feeding Arabs in Gaza, although those same Arabs try to murder Israelis. If any have a conscience, they must feel guilt.
14. #8 Arab - guilt about what?
Amir ,   USA   (01.08.09)
The Israelis feel PITY about the stupidity of the Arabs that educate their own children to hate, lie and enjoy listening to made up history of "Palestine".
15. mortar from school?, ancient photos are irrelevant here
observer   (01.08.09)
a few hours ago in Zitoun area, 50 bodies were found. In one house 18 bodies of women and children were found together with dozens other civilians who survived and had to live with decomposed bodies. But, what was very tragic was four children who survived the attack but were very feeble to walk away from the corpses of their mother, being starved for four days, only because the mighty IDF has been preventing the rescue teams from reaching their site.
16. do Israelis have human feelings?
Arab   (01.08.09)
I'm just curious, does the Israeli society feel sorry in any way about the tragic loss of Paletinian lives or do Israelis simply regard them as animals whose lives are worth nothing? I'm a moderate Arab, and I'm really puzzled by what seems to be a lack of compassion or feeling by Israelis. I am not at all a supporter of Hammas. I'd love to see this irresponsible organisation wiped out. But that just cannot be at the expense of so much human life. Do you see the pictures or do you look the other way??
17. shame
Egyptian   (01.08.09)
To Israelis: you may be achieving military progress on the ground (still short though of achieving your minimum objectives), but you are scarring yourselves with some of the most tragic war crimes in history. Public opinion outside the Arab world, especially in Europe, is turning sharply against you. You should question your leaders about the dismal mamangement of what is an equally important battle: that of Israel's image in the world and world public opinion.
18. Palestinians.
Tsedek ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (01.08.09)
Palestinians have no fighter jets, no navy, no tanks, no nuclear weapons, but they all have heart. They are such brave people and too bad my own IDF only kill civilians and don't want to fight them in the streets like real men.
19. #9 Ilana
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanono   (01.08.09)
Crocodile tears dear Ilana, crocodile tears! hehehe...
20. Reply to Arab #8
Sara ,   ISRAEL   (01.08.09)
Mr Arab the question to your question is....... Do you? Israelis fight in defence.... Whereas you fight to kill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put that in your pipe of guilt and smoke it !!!!!!!!!!!
21. Israel didn't learn all the lessons...
Moderate Arab   (01.08.09)
To Isrealis: you should have either done this very quickly (ie. go in, get rid of Hamas with strong/aggressive, yet swift, force), or done nothing. Committing war crimes for 10 days is a PR disaster and, guess what, you'll end up with nothing. Maybe a ceasefire, but you lost so much support all over the world, it will take you long years to fix. You have miserably failed to managed the PR war... Now all what you've done is radicalise moderate Arabs and strengthen radical Islamists in the face of moderate Arab leaders who you really need...
22. To Egyptian #17
Jake   (01.08.09)
World public opinion? If the State of Israel had been around during WWI and WW2, the warring parties would have established periodic ceasefires just to condemn Israel in unison, before proceeding to blow eachother's heads off. As for Israel "scarring itself with some of the most tragic war crimes in history", I would suggest for you to take a course in World History 101.
23. #10 Jo
Dave Wilson ,   usa   (01.08.09)
What a stupid, silly and idiotic person you are. All the crimes commited by the IDF against innocent children and you are complaining that a soldier died at war. Grow up a$$ hole!
24. #12 Jason White
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (01.08.09)
Brace your self for many more sniping of your infantrymen.
25. Jews never believe in hell,
observer   (01.08.09)
and will remain unyielding in their belief. Their killed in action ceased to have communication with Jews long time ago, so they will not have an update about hell.
26. No 18
Israeli ,   Israel   (01.08.09)
Do Israelis feel sorry for the tragic loss of innocents life? Absolutely- noone likes to see or hear of this- but how about the tragic loss of life life on Israel side of innocents? For years living with terror and rockets and bombings. Where is the moderate arab media about this? Also- what kind of cowards use human shields of children and women? Have they no honor ? Have they no love for their families? I guess it seems to us they like to use their children and women for their own evil purposes. Lay down your weapons and we will lay down ours. I pray for all innocents protection - all sides.
27. what compassion?
Basil - Jordan   (01.08.09)
One would expect a nation that has suffered so much like the Jewish people to be the most compassionate and caring for human life. What is happening is the exact opposite. We really don't understand. If Israel was planning to topple Hammas and get rid of it, then I would be supportive - but Israel is not achieving anything close to that!!
28. Reply to Sara #20
Arab   (01.08.09)
Sara, as I said, I'm a moderate Arab. I respect Israel and its right to exist. Hamas fights to kill, as you said. That's why moderate Arabs, like me, would like to see it wiped out. The real problem is that Israel is portraying the image that its entire society is radical and has no compassion or human feelings. Is this true? When you want to defend yourself Sara you have these two options: 1. Get rid of Hamas, quickly or 2. Do nothing. You've chosen something in between whereby you don't get rid of Hamas, you kill hundreds of people and in the end you'll have to accept a ceasefire that leaves Hamas in power backed a growing number of radical Islamists who were once moderates! PLEASE topple Hamas! WHY are you not doing that??? Or do you enjoy killing people!!!!
29. reply to sara number 20
Dear Sara, please watch independent news. I'd recommend the BBC. It will give you an idea of how bad Israel's image is now in the world... but of course, the world is wrong and unjust. Poor little Israel is just "defending itself". Hamas killed 1 Israeli so you kill 700!!
30. shame on arabe
sammy ,   morocco   (01.08.09)
shame on arabe, this war is made by USA and arab contry in first egypt and KSA becaus of as they name it a begening of an islamic contry (gaza) influented by iran, and i can't imagin hom people like Mubarak and the king of KSA can kill 700 people just to not have iran influence in gaza that's folish and madnes, how they can face ther god whit all that blod, and about israel i wana just say that's a litle USA they do what bush want and who is the victime? in first israel people becaus now they are hated all over the wolrd.
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