Full text: UN Resolution 1860
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.01.09, 06:43
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1. Ceasefire
Vicki ,   Kadima, Israel   (01.09.09)
While I do not want the fighting to continue, as our boys are are risk, this joke of a resolution, really sticks in my throat. Please please please not another repetition of Lebanon Part 2, where we withdraw without finishing the job. Hamas are still in power ( I know this was not the official objective), but how can anyone in their right minds allow Hamas to remain in power, as Hamas in power = Rockets in Southern Israel. Surely the objective should have been to crush them completely and restore balance in Gaze by Abbas returning and reclaiming his position. We all know the aid that is going to come in to Gaza will only be spent on more weapons and CERTAINLY not for the good of the Gazan's. America of course has now shown her true colours by not vetoing this resolution, typical. I feel sickened by this and frustrated by the fact that only half a job has been done. Where is Shalit?, Our government is pathetic if it listens to this resolution, as yet again, we will appear to be weak in the eyes of the Arab World, where only strength and barbaric acts are deemed strong. By showing our compassion we are not doing ourselves anygood whatsoever.
2. Bad news for Hamas
Romek ,   Poland   (01.09.09)
The Security Council refused to recognize them as a partner as a partner of any kind of talks. This is their major failure in this war
3. Why the hell would Israel agree to this?
J K ,   NYC, USA   (01.09.09)
Thanks for trying UN...this thing might need a re-write before Israel says yes.. No Shalit, no ceasefire
4. US/NATO forces into Gaza!
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.09.09)
Durable and sustainable peace must be enforced from within Gaza.
5. What a Joke!
Zer ,   Chicago, US   (01.09.09)
What about the Rockets landing in Israel! This is so one-sided against Israel. Israel is dead if they accept this.
6. Clause 5 does aaddress hamas
anony ,   india   (01.09.09)
If considered terrorist ,then certainly clause 5 does address civilians on both sides.And i cannot see the wisdom behind a nation which sells arms but abstains from achieveng peace.Galid shilat is nothing there are many innocents in israels custody.
7. Bla bla jaw jaw - no tachlis
Ilan ,   Ariel   (01.09.09)
There is nothing substantive in this and it has no real hope of changing anything on the ground. Without a tangible way to prevent arms smuggling there is no hope for either a cease-fire and a return to normalcy for everyone in the region.
8. New Song for the UN..
Donna ,   USA/Israel   (01.09.09)
What is good for?......Absolutely Nothing ... Inspired by Mr. Jackie chan.
9. what happens if Israel refuses to accept these terms?
birdy   (01.09.09)
what does this mean to our people our land then?
10. Screwed again! By our alleged friends.
Avi ,   Geneva   (01.09.09)
Israel must ignore this travesty of justice and go on fighting Hamas, until a fair and equitable resolution is issued by the SC. Israel must show the moral self-confidence to do this, because it is its natural right to fight Hamas back.
11. #9 - the same as if Hamas refuses to accept the terms.
redbourn ,   Tel Aviv   (01.09.09)
Hamas has made it quite clear that its terms will have to be met before it accepts a cease-fire which is excellent news because they will never be met. Since the UN resolution calls for a system to stop smuggling that is not even on the horizon the whole resolution is in reality quite meaningless. Mike
12. Full text: UN Resolution 1860
Patrick ,   Or Akiva Israel   (01.09.09)
335 words without substance and nothing we did not already know. Sometimes it’s better to be silent rather than saying (writing) something for the sake of making a statement. This resolution, others like it and actions of the UN demonstrate once more how emasculated the UN has become. What are needed for Gaza are realistic, actionable and sustainable solutions. It needs to be made clear that the Hamas has lost all political credibility and that the group should not only be called a terrorist organization but also treated as such. Until the rest of the world acts like that, the situation will not be resolved.
13. This is hysterical...about the worthlessness of the UN
Please watch and laugh:
14. Really a nice joke
Roland Schultz ,   Nienburg, Germany   (01.09.09)
I did not know that Hamas is a member of the UN.
15. I also have a resolution
Michael ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.09.09)
In a unanimous vote, I have decided that: 1. I should be declared the coolest person in the world. 2. All of my investments shall have high returns. 3. Nobody should threaten my political or any other existence. 4. I shall get unlimited free coffee from Starbucks, Coffee Bean and other coffee shops. Need I go on?
16. Still no shalit
Jacob Erickson ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (01.09.09)
Lets see how this looks: 1. Withdrawal, just time for hamas to rebuild 2. They wouldn't need humanitarian assistance if they were humane to begin with. It's like that line from shawshank redemption, "They don't count, they have to be human first" 3. More "humanitarian aid" 4. More "humanitarian stuff" 5. Great, condemn a terrorist, that's really going to do something, while you're at it, tell his mother what he's doing 6. "Intensify efforts to provide agreements and guarantees" Ok, and lets add, "Arrange a meeting to discuss the possibilities of probably doing something about these people doing some things" 7. Bring the palestinians back together? Yeah, no. 8. Recognized borders? for hamas that just marks the line which they fire rockets over. This is the most horrible resolution ever, proving that the UN is worthless in creating peace, they get their troops robbed by hezbollah in lebanon and let terrorists fire rockets and mortars out of their schools in gaza. Plus I still see nothing solid about protecting Israel from rockets in this resolution nor anything about returning Gilad Shalit, No Shalit, no cease fire.
17. a modest proposal
alan ,   alaskan   (01.09.09)
The UN declares Israel has the right to divert water from the Med in large canals into the Rafa area with the sole purpose of flooding all the smuggling tunnels forever. The UN will send the smugglers humanitarian assistance in the form of a life time supply of exlax.
18. Gaza-Israel-Egypt war = 4:2:2
observer   (01.09.09)
Israel and Egypt are mentioned twice for each, while Gaza scores four in the text, so who wins
19. Worth as much as used toilet paper.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.09.09)
I would continue the metaphor but this is not the proper forum for such indecent language. No matter, this is clearly a victory for Hamas - the UN & the EU dhimmis have come to the rescue of another Islamic terrorist organization. The position of the US is not a good omen for the future. Hamas will be legitimized exactly as happened with the PLO terrorists at Oslo ..... And Hamas will not even be required to give lip-service to any concessions. It is not far-fetched to believe that support for a Hamas-dominated Palestinian state will become acceptable.
20. the result: keep firing
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (01.09.09)
This joke of a resolution deserves the attention it will get: none. Hamas is the problem. Period. Hamas must go like the Nazis, Italian Fascists, and Baathists went before them. Comparisons to nazis are thrown around like rice at a wedding, especially in progressive political circles, but with the Hamas, its actually true. Millions of German civilians died before Germany surrendered in what is still called a "just" war. Remember Dresden? Tokyo? Lets hope it never comes to that, and that the UN or somebody can come up with a resolution that will get rid of Hamas before too many more innocent Arabs have to die.
21. 1860
Hadar ,   Israel & UK   (01.09.09)
Send an e-mail to the UN telling them what you think of 1860 and the fact that Gilad Shalit is not even mentioned. Once more Britain and Europe sell out - the spirit of Chamberlin lives on.
22. They forgot #10
Jack   (01.09.09)
10. All Israeli's must bend over and kiss their asses and their country goodbye. We, in the UN,EU,US,...have decided to let the barbarians drive you into the sea instead of into the ovens. You have shown that you are weak and pathetic and we feel that now is the time for you to completely go away...Full Stop....uuhh.... Back to reality now....If the Jewish citizens allow this triage of idiots, Olmert, Livni, Barak , to sign anything, then it's all over. Take out Hamas now, without mercy, without remorse. Victory!!! Remember what that is?
23. The UN is an extention of Iran, Russia, HAMAS and Hezbollah
Sick of the UN ,   World   (01.09.09)
24. Could mention Palestinian obligations.
Jez ,   Manchester, UK   (01.09.09)
Someone has implied that by not mentioning Hamas the document delegitimises and disenfranchises them and that this is a positive thing. I like that interpretation, but the document is still making no explicit demands on Palestinians or Gazan government, expecting Israel to make the concessions. Perhaps that is as it should be since Israel has no doubt made progress against Hamas, but it still amounts to another anti-Israel resolution.
25. Unbelievable and sickening.
Kev ,   London   (01.09.09)
'No mention of Hamas, as well as kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit'. Israel should disregard everything that the UN states in 1860. They want Israel to die a slow death, pay no heed to them - the Almighty will judge them.
26. Again UNpotents planning the orgy (end)
Joo ,   Eurabia   (01.09.09)
27. Nice resolution. Did They Write It in Toilet paper ?
Simha ,   Toronto   (01.09.09)
28. Print Resolution on Toilet tissue and send me !
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (01.09.09)
It will gain value soon after used. Peace Terms: 1. Olmert, Barak and Command responsible from civilian killings and massacres will be immediately handed over to Hamas Goverment, 2. Israel will stop all kind of controls at sea and land on transportation to and from Gaza, Israel reckognize Gaza borders and territorial waters are in Sovergienty of Hamas government and will not breach and enter unless previous approval obtained from Hamas, 3, Israel will pay compensation for destruction and for civilian killings. After signing this you will get a temprorily relief from rocket fires and you may seek a final peace when Israel returned pre 1948 borders(that is my clause I do not accept 1967 borders but only 1948!)
29. UNbeliveable
Patrick ,   Or Akiva, Israel   (01.09.09)
This is not my original idea, but in light of the brilliant resolution tabled by the UN it's worthwhile re-considering: (1) Vacate the top 20 floor of the Two UN Plaza in NYC and convert it into condos. I am sure no one will notice any changes at the UN and member fees could be reduced substantially (from the condo fees). (2) Close the Geneva offices and convert it into museums (one as a reminder of what the UN should be), art galleries, coffee shops, theaters. It’s a beautiful building! You can even keep the 1600 or so staff that work at the UN - that is assuming they would actually be willing to do some work...rather than debating and deliberating.
30. What a Hypocrisy of the Russian
putin   (01.09.09)
ALEXANDER YAKOVENKO, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, said the resolution favoured an immediate ceasefire by all parties, as well as finding a long‑term and comprehensive solution to the problems of Gaza. It was a balanced and, hopefully, effective resolution. The situation in Gaza could not be solved by the use of force. The fact that all members of the Council had spoken in favour of a long and durable ceasefire did not mean that the work was finished. It was important to make even more efforts to overcome the crisis in Gaza. The developments in the last hours had underlined the need for a solution.
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