Full text: UN Resolution 1860
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 09.01.09, 06:43
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31. Where is the condemnation of Hamas continuing to lob rockets
Rivkah   (01.09.09)
at Israel? Where is the condemnation of Hamas using humanitarian aid money to buy munitions and build an underground city to store them?
32. 9 birdy: Then there will be sanctions and Europe and America
Rivkah   (01.09.09)
and many other countries will have to go without Israeli vegetables and fruits. But not to worry, Israelis will not go hungry.
33. security council resolution
Aryeh ,   Arad,Israel   (01.09.09)
print it out and use it for toilet paper !
Joo ,   Eurabia   (01.09.09)
You should send your application to UN, HAMASS or Al Jazzira. You reveal full compliance with those …. Dreamers. For the time being continue to post your imbecilic ideas on (relatively) uncensored Israeli sites. Salaam.
35. #13
Anne ,   USA   (01.09.09)
#13, thanks for the video link. God protect and keep Gilad Shalit, who wasn't even mentioned.
36. Should there be a ceasefire??
Brian Herlihy ,   London,England   (01.09.09)
Since the 27 December there have been 750 Palestinian deaths of which 250 where are children and there are also 3080 wounded. What kind of a person does not want this to stop? A disgrace of a human being that is who! I condemn the rocket being launched but one way of looking at it, sick as it is, is 750 Palestinian deaths in 12days compared to the 16 Israeli deaths since 2004, due to Hamas rockets.
37. a joke...
- ,   rehovot, israel   (01.11.09)
what a joke!! no mention explicitly to hamas to stop firing rockets no mention to hamas to not rearm (a sure sign they don't plan to sustain a long term ceasfire) - no wonder they don't want the UN to oversee the Egypt - Gaza border no mention of Gilad Shalit after israel has released hundreds of soldiers in the last 2.5 years as a 'gesture' i believe they called it to Abbas. The last release just before Christmas. We want one soldier, they got hundreds of prisoners. This is a JOKE and Israel needs to grow a pair and take control of her own fate and not depend on anyone else to make a fair agreement.
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