6 injured in violent Gaza protests in Oslo
Published: 09.01.09, 15:22
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1. good publicity for Palis
charles   (01.09.09)
2.  These Barbarian Palestanians
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO   (01.09.09)
can never be good neighbours ?
3. Why am I not surprised?
Bill ,   Washington DC   (01.09.09)
The anti-Israel fascists always use violence in an attempt to restrict the free speech of people that disagree with them. To Norway: I enjoy your anti-Israel propaganda in your newspapers. You reap what you sow.
4. More "Defensive" Attacking.
Bob O'Really ,   Australia   (01.09.09)
Lets hope there are more anti-Israel protests,and that every Jew is forced to remember what they did as Nazi style, to every Palestinian child, woman, man, paramedic, Doctor, UN worker and RedCross worker! If a Jew was on fire, I would not even pee on him or her!
5. Genetics??
PAZ ,   Latin america   (01.09.09)
6. How do you like your "new citizens" now?
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.09.09)
I wonder when the real Norwegians will decide that enough is enugh and kick these scum back to their Iraqi, Lybian and Moroccan deserts. Real Norwegians can be really tough. Pity they don't apply this toughness now, when their culture, heritage and traditions are violated. What are they waiting for? For the Muslims to build a mosque instead of the King's Palace at the end of the Karl Yohan avenue, or transform the Aker Brygge into a Levantine dump? Do they really want an Ayatollah in the Rothus and their beautiful blonde girls to wear a Bourkah, Taliban-style? I DO NOT THINK SO!
7. Pro-Palestinian demonstrators aged between 16 and 20
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.09.09)
Faithful clientel of local bars and headshops. Most of them didn't even know what its all about, or why they did it.... Police report: "Hey come on man, we were drunk and just wanted to be happy."
8. Wrecking the house that welcomed them
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.09.09)
Norway, like so many other European states, foolishly welcomed Arabs and Muslims to live among them. As Obama's former preacher would say, "The chickens.... have come home... to roosssssssst!"
9. I wonder if it's the muslims rioting
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (01.09.09)
10. No pasaran!
Ahmedini Chavez ,   4 world   (01.09.09)
Police is using the unproportionate power against peaceful demostration! Send stones and rockets to police stations now! Learn how to organize protests from Karacas and Tehran!
12. Muslims are Revolting In Oslo
Lawrence ,   Safed Israel   (01.09.09)
OSLO? The city of PEACE? mind you,muslims are pretty much revolting anywhere.
13. In addition to Bill's(#3) talkback
Europe's mourner   (01.09.09)
Europe's replacement of Jews by Islamists already shows its "fruits"! But worse days still ahead. The scattering one is coming up against your face, Europe. Guard the rampart. Watch the way, make your loins strong, firm up your power mightily.
14. Looking for Israel's support
Dani ,   Israel   (01.09.09)
I guess that in 10 years Europe will look for our support and understanding as we are looking now for their support and understanding.
15. Fanatik Muslim
John ,   Amsterdam   (01.09.09)
Soon Europe & Scandinavia will be Islamic.WATCH OUT
16. How come every Pro Palestinian demonstration turns violent?
Why in every pro Palestinian demonstration cops are wounded/attacked, property is destroyed, racial slurs are called by the demonstrators and fellow civilians are attacked? Oslo, twenty years ago you could walk in Gaza and the most grave danger were knives and molotov cocktails of demonstrators. Don't be surprised if in 20 years you will face the same problems Israel is facing.
17. Notice how the violence & riots always come from one side.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.09.09)
Maybe Norway would finally wake up to see who's their real enemy.
18. as everyone else said
nate ,   canada   (01.09.09)
not really surprised these monkeys turned violent.
19. First against us, then against YOU.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.09.09)
That's what the Islamists say, take them at their word. ''First the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.'' You will regret the day you allowed these people into your country. Many of you regret it already.
20. Blame the Norwegians!
Pround Israeli, Jew! ,   Norway   (01.09.09)
As a jew from an Israeli origin, who lives in Norway, I blame those Norwegians who refuse to acknowldge their history of anti-Semitism and their anti-Israel mentality It is my opinion that Jews and Israelis live in relative cultural silence in Norway, beacuse of such anti-Semitics, anti-Israelis mobs who are allowed to roam free. This is what happens to Jews and Israelis in Norway, when they dare to be open about their backgrounds and views. Read "Behind the Humanitarian Mask", a good historical, factual record of anti-Semitism, anti-Israelism in Scandinavia, including Norway.
21. For Peace?
Lenia ,   Melbourne, Australia   (01.09.09)
Interesting fact, many,so-called pro-palestinian crowds, containing mainly arabs and leftish,are violent and agressive.Sure they want peace?Israel is doing the right thing. That's what these crowds can't stand.
22. Oslo riots
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.09.09)
No surprise. Norvay,is a full member of the arab league.
23. Pro-Israel demo
Henry ,   Oslo   (01.09.09)
This was a Pro-Israel demonstration, just so you all know. It was just a lot of muslims showed up as well. Only 1 of the arrested guys were Palistinian. The rest were misc. muslims with nothing better to do.
24. Europe be came Islamic
Shai ,   Israel   (01.09.09)
The clash we are witnessing today between Hamas and Israel is not about religion at all or any clash civilization, it is a clash between two opposite ,between two eras ,it is a clash between a mentality that belongs to the middle ages and another mentality that belongs to the 21st century, it is a clash between civilization & backwardness, between civilization and primitive, between barbarity & rationality, it is a clash between freedom and oppression, between democracy & dictatorship, between human rights On one hand & the violation of these rights, it is a clash between those who treat woman's, gays & lesbian's like beasts & those who treat them like human beings…what we see recently is not a clash of civilizations, civilization do not fight but compete. I would not say that all Muslims are terrorists but all the terrorists are indeed Muslims. Muslims are ones who began clash on civilizations. The Muslims prophet said :"I was ordered to fight the people until they believe in Alla(their GOD) & his messenger" when Muslims divided the people into Muslims and non-Muslims and called to fight the others until they believe in what themselves believe. In order to stop this war they must reexamine their Islamic books and curricula which are full of calls for fighting the infidels. What we face on is this earth allow them to call another people by names, Jews, Christians and other nations in their eyes are apes & pigs… We are recognized already the danger and we must defend our democracy, freedom, rights & values in order to survive no matter how and what. What most is I concern about is you in Europe refuse to believe that war will arrive in your front door, I am not apocalyptic but indeed realistic we feel that every hour every minuet. in last 10 years these darkness people arriving from Middle east and not trying to assimilate among the European society unless to change it. It's never late to become sober.62 years ago the monster from Germany showed to the world how democracy can be so devastating and cruel, this monster was elected by democracy election and he exploit democracy against it,8 years later we were decided to live in peace with Europe for our mutual benefits this way we were able to establish a modern country that sharing with entire world the most sophisticated technology & prosperity. Books that we reading & writing how to carry out this dream is in those people access but they choose to read and learning how to fight against "heretics". I will defend our democracy to the death but democracies must defend themselves otherwise morbid leaders like Iranians president will realize his devastating vision.
25. Europa became Islamic
Paulina ,   Groningen Holland   (01.09.09)
Shai , don't be sorry for Europa, unfortunetely there will be a lot of people who will change their nudist beaches for the boerka. For them everything is exchangeable, everything is relative. There isn't something like good or bad or justice or truth. It only depends on what they have to pay. They calculate. They don't want to pay thats why they will fight Israel as much as they can together with the terrorists they fear. They get what they want. I hope you will let the the other part enter Israel: dont worry I think its will be a very very small group.
26. The Muslims are innocent (under Sharia Law) where next
John Phee ,   Sydney AUSTRALIA   (01.09.09)
27. They came prepared and behaved just like their brothers
Z   (01.09.09)
These guys came prepared with molotov cocktails, eggs, etc. They attacked a peaceful demonstration, claimed that this is their right because they are oppressed, etc. Sound familiar? And there's no uproar about it, is there? The sad truth is that EVERYONE EXPECTS ARABS TO ATTACK JEWS, AND THEY EXPECT US JEWS TO SIMPLY ACCEPT IT.
28. #20 NO. I blame the rioters, first and foremost
Zvi   (01.09.09)
Then I blame the people who brainwashed them. Then and only then do I turn to the idiots who let it happen and say, "you were negligent in not protecting our people against this." But the first and most important blame lies with the rioters and their brainwashers.
29. VIOLENT Immigrants to the Free World-Their Goal is CONQUEST
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (01.09.09)
Savage Muslim mobs - immigrants welcomed into our countries call for the murder of innocents: "UK, you will pay" "7/7 on its way" "Slay those who insult Islam" "Europe, you will pay, your 9/11 is on its way!" "Jihad Against European Crusaders" Violent Muslim Protest Outside the Danish Embassy in London (February 3, 2006). Ferocious screams: "Death to you, by god." We want Danish blood." "May they bomb Denmark! So we can invade their country! And take their wives as war booty!" Threats are made against Jews: "The army of Mohammad is coming for you." The UK and other European countries who are ardent admirers of Islam, have set up Islamic sharia law courts. Under Islamic law, women and non-Muslims are inferior. Will Islamic law courts one day replace Britain and Europe's justice system? The British government has elevated Muslims above indigenous Britishers and elevated Islam above all other religions. Polygamy is against the law in Britain, but because the UK grants special status to Muslims, Muslims are NOT required to obey the law. The British government reward Muslims, giving welfare money to Muslim men for their multiple wives. Pro-Islam Western ruling elites, haters of Judaism and Christianity, are attacking and transforming Western civilization, immorally cooperating with, and empowering Islamic conquest of the Free World. In a few decades, the EU policy of massive Muslim immigration into Europe will bring to fruitition the EU plan: a Muslim majority in Europe and the total destruction of Western civilization. Will the dark era of Europe's suffering return? When Muslims ruled Eastern Europe, as a tax, one out of five non-Muslim European children were taken from Europe as slaves. EURABIA- SWEDEN'S FUTURE AS MUSLIM STATE?
30. @ #23, Henry regarding demonstration
Embarrased Norwegian ,   Kristiansand, Norway   (01.09.09)
Yes, it was a pro-israel demonstration within the police borders, with approximately twice as many hateful "pro-palestinian" (or should we say anti-jewish) outside of it, hurling stones, bottles and finally molotov cocktails at the peaceful demonstrators. Oslo has become the anti democratic armpit of Norway. Sweden, feel free to take it, so the name "Oslo" doesn't relate to us anymore.
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