UN's Ban disappointed Gaza truce call ignored
Published: 10.01.09, 05:43
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1. I'm glad both sides rejected the cease-fire
Vered, Israel   (01.10.09)
A first, necessary step in everyone understanding that the UN is irrelevant. Now, Israel, get the job done!
2.  It takes two tango and Hamas doesn't want to!
redbourn ,   Tel Aviv   (01.10.09)
Hamas has made it quite clear that it only wants a ceasefire on its terms which are unacceptable to all non-Islamic countries that I'm aware of. It wants all borders open and no international or even PA monitors to man them. Instead of withdrawing Israel needs to bring Hamas to its second knee and Israel should accept nothing but an unconditional surrender. Israel has now regained much of the deterrence that it lost over the last several years and a retreat now would allow Hamas to proudly crow that it had not been defeated. Mike
3. Yes indeedy Ki-moon..
Lior ,   Israel   (01.10.09)
we Jews should just fall to the ground and die. Self -defense, never. How dare the Jewish state of Israel defend themselves from the treacherous terrorists you and your pals are doing everything possible to protect with this hideous truce. Watch your back for your 'friends' will eventually gobble you up as well. When there is no one left to gobble up there will also be no one left to cry............. btw: I find it quite unimaginable the UN and all your friends never before rallied with such zeal and righteousness as millions were slaughtered in Darfur. Ah, there indeed lies the rub.
4. The people of Israel express disappointment that the
Fink Ployd   (01.10.09)
violence directed at them for 60 years from the Arabs has so far been ignored by the UN!!
5. The UNICEF...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (01.10.09)
The United Nations has done nothing whatever to ensure the enforcement of the provisions of the Geneva Convention in the case of Gilad Shalit? Why has the United Nations done nothing to bring about cessation of bombardment of Israeli civilians as well as outrages committed by Hamas against its own subject population, including persecution of Christians and political opponents? To know more :
6. Ban Ki Kloon is disappointed, who cares?
Frank ,   Canada   (01.10.09)
7. Turn it into low rental housing.
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.10.09)
8. The Ki-Moon upset :-)
Amenophis ,   canada   (01.10.09)
This is really disturbing to see the Ki-Moon upset. Yes! For sure Israel should just stop everything while this outfit hamas keeps firing rockets into Israel just because the Moon says so. Whatever, it is a shame that the Moon might be having an upset tummy!!
9. UN what a joke!
ALB ,   Canada   (01.10.09)
The UN should be disbanded.It is a useless organization ,crippled by veto powers. It has no real armed force to give teeth to its resolutions. What does it do to stop the killing in africa and what did it do to stop it in many other conflicts. Next to zero! It is strangely silent when suicide bombers blow up civiiians.When thousands of rockets were fired into Israel for years and years. Now civilians are hurt or killed in Gaza and all of a sudden it wants an instant end to to the fighting. And why does it expect Israel to accept or believe in any deal made with Hamas, an organization that has sworn its destruction and has been using suicide bombers and civilian missle attacks since the day it was formed? The UN should be putting in international observers to stop the rocket fire. Of course Hamas already said they won't accept these. Israel should just opt out of the UN. The current UN is a paper tiger. A huge international joke. We need real world government in todays world. Fair and just world government. Those words are lost on the current UN.
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