Arabs urge support calls to Gazans
Ali Waked
Published: 11.01.09, 08:09
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1. Stay strong...????
EST ,   Miami, USA   (01.11.09)
They should be urging their Palestinian brethen to turn on Hamas for bringing this disaster on them. I guess there goes the theory that Hamas hijacked the elections. When the issue is dealing with Jews all Arabs agree that Israel should be destroyed and the Jews killed ... When will the rest of the world accept that there is no other side to make peace with - no matter how much Israel and they want it to happen
2. They have telephones in Gaza?
"No food" "no water" "no electricity" "no fuel"... but telephones they have...
3. We Should Call Random Numbers There And Intimidate Them
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (01.11.09)
Tell them to give up before it's too late for them, and that too late will be very soon. Bezeq and the cellular companies should give us a break on that as well. We can't let the enemy win psychological warfare any more than the military or diplomatic.
4. Gazans are victims of Hamas' rockets fired at Israel
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.11.09)
Gazans, be stong enough to turn against Hamas and report their positions so that IDF forces can target and route Hamas. May peace return to Gaza.
5. #3 Kohen , Coward Jews!!
Alan ,   AZ   (01.11.09)
Your Enemy's primitive homemade rockets have withstood your Massacar for more than 2 weeks now !! , You Jews are sooo cowards, you go hide in India smoking and partying and have the Druze and Bedouins do the fighing for you .
6. Pathetic!
SBK ,   Hong Kong   (01.11.09)
The Gazans have moaned for years that they are starving, under "siege" and don't have access to the most basic needs of life, now you tell me they have telephones?!
7. Hallo? Hallo? It's me, Picasso
Sheine   (01.11.09)
8. Diffrent view in NY Times - IDF using this for intelligence
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (01.11.09)
Way to go IDF As per NY Times article: Israeli intelligence officers are telephoning Gazans and, in good Arabic, pretending to be sympathetic Egyptians, Saudis, Jordanians or Libyans, Gazans say and Israel has confirmed. After expressing horror at the Israeli war and asking about the family, the callers ask about local conditions, whether the family supports Hamas and if there are fighters in the building or the neighborhood. Karim Abu Shaban, 21, of Gaza City said he and his neighbors all had gotten such calls. His first caller had an Egyptian accent. “Oh, God help you, God be with you,” the caller began. “It started very supportive,” Mr. Shaban said, then the questions started. The next call came in five minutes later. That caller had an Algerian accent and asked if he had reached Gaza. Mr. Shaban said he answered, “No, Tel Aviv,” and hung up. Source:
9. The arabs have no one to trust when the phone rings.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (01.11.09)
10. The saudi Communication Company was bommed :-)
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO   (01.11.09)
he hehe heeeee :-) cheers :-)
11. Just pray to heaven and reach them there, its free!
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (01.11.09)
12. #2, don't forget skype!
israeli ,   isreal   (01.11.09)
At the beginning of the war half of Gaza was on skype with relatives and friends from abroad. Another thing they don't have is bomb shelters, thanks to their enlightened leadership who was busy smuggling arms and building escape tunnels and concrete bunkers for their own selves.
13. #5 Alan,NZ
israeli ,   israel   (01.11.09)
Hey Alan, what's a Massacar? Some place in Madagascar? Why don't you admit your name is Ahmad?
14. Their telephones are operative?
Sheine   (01.11.09)
Unbelievable, another pussyfoot "war" Israel is DELIBERATELY LOSING. It boggles the mind. They could have taken out enough targets to make the Gaza Arabs surrender unconditionally within just a few minutes, instead, the IDF are sitting ducks, Kadima is still laughingly in power, and the war will soon be lost for Israel - all DELIBERATELY - a national suicide. Words fail me.
15. Cellular calls direct to allah.- no charge
Jan   (01.11.09)
Calls for support, condolences, random dial, raise the moral, stay strong, and more "supportive words" All the usual Bull that only arabs can muster and capable. BUT take responsibility for the tragdy they themseves caused? That's another Bull story - Palestinians? Yeak....! allah akbar.
16. What a dumb-ass idea.
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.11.09)
17. So, they have phone lines then?
Talula ,   israel   (01.11.09)
Why do they give the impression they are cut off from everything? If they can still get a 'tell someone you care' phone call, can't be all that bad.
18. phone calls
steve olney ,   Edinburgh, Scotland   (01.11.09)
Not sure if there is any 'heaven' but if there is a form of after-life, I doubt that any members of this present Israeli administration will be found there when the fed-up reaper calls THEM in.
19. phone calls to Gaza
Ellen ,   Israel/USA   (01.11.09)
While the Arabs keep saying how bad it is, I guess this just shows another contridiction. Phonone lines are apparently working or people wouldn't be able to receive these calls. Just another example ofthe lies put out by the leadership!--but then again, where it not for the lies in 48' there would be no "refugess"
20. Now is going propaganda war
Johnny Sabbah ,   Finland   (01.11.09)
We cant achive peace on the region if both sides find the other port is allways guilty
21. #18 Since you don't believe in heaven,you can't make a
judgement of who ,   will/won't be there   (01.11.09)
22. #6Okay Abdul We get the message.BUT!
Miriam ,   T.A Israel   (01.11.09)
Hong Kong?Wow,I used to live there for awhile..Liar The Gazans have only been there since A.Sharon decided in his foolish way to cede Gaza,and now we are seeing the result. Worry not,the Gazans have plenty of everything.particularely many weapons.Me thinks if they were starving how cna they have weapons at the same time?it is one thing or another.Okay Abdul the Pathetic!
23. #19 calls to Gaza and more!!
Miriam ,   T.A Israel   (01.11.09)
You wrote:While the Arabs keep saying how bad it is, I guess this just shows another contridiction. Of course,and what about the computers,and Internet? Lying through their teet about starvation while all th etime they are using telephones,eating so much getting too fat,and just a pretence at every thing they say.And the world is duped.How fololish the world must really be,is a wonde to be hold. Also to generate computers you need electric power,so,whow can they operate in the dark? Even with cndles ther is a limit.. Well I just give up to their shenanigans ever since 1948 and stuck there like an old gramophone needle..
24. Can't wait to call and say ...
David ,   Montpelier USA   (01.11.09)
To the Palestinians who answer how happy I am that the IDF is killing Hamas and that if they want to survive they should surrender Hamas to Israel. Otherwise, it is GO IDF.
25. #5 So called Alan from new Zealand.Well
Miriam ,   T.A Israel   (01.11.09)
Well so called Alan(and you may really be a ganuine one)I and others know very well the reaction by many New Zealanders and their low opinion of Israel.Thereore we take what you think or say with a grain of salt. What I object in your assumption of the innocuous rockets.Okay,i'd dare you to try and stand even yards away,and see how you'd fare coward. The reason our civilians are not dead is because they are well protected by their shelters.This does not mean they don't suffer mentaly and the children are traumatized dreadfully and need psychiatric treatment.An example for ignorant alan: Even if a neighbour keeps his loud music for hours on end, there has been news in the US and elsewhere when it drives the ones who are suffering from this to COMMIT MURDER. That is something for your puny mind to digest..Alan shmalam,or as we said:perhaps you are an arab/muslim..Wouln't surprise us,as the world is being innundated by the Islamofascists.have you read about the Dutch Minister Geert ? Who's trying to wake the world up about this phenomenon.How it may be in lovely N.Z I know not..But I know the problems Australia has had in the past,and present too. The UK: gee whiz,the british are being taken over by them,and even the Archbishop of Canterbury declared(fool) that it would be fine to adopt "sharia " law..That says something of the deluded Eurabians all... Good luck to you in NZ
26. To Ellen #19. Arab Muslims Continue Telling Lies.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (01.13.09)
You say :”.. where it not for the lies in 48' there would be no "refugees".” You are right. IT is amazing how Arab Muslims can continue telling lies -- without feeling any SHAME. A civilized human being would feel ashamed for telling a lie. And they (i.e. Arab Muslims) are telling oh so many lies. ‘Thou shall not lie’ -- Moses the Law Giver (who gave the Ten Commandments) will NOT be pleased with those Arab Muslims. Without pleasing Moses the Law Giver -- one can not be spiritually advanced. Without being spiritually advanced -- the liar is simply WASTING his life on planet Earth (which includes the Middle East).
27. #18
american ,   america   (01.13.09)
you have no idea what you are talking about. you sound so stupid that i will not even agrue with you. i am glad israel is doing what she is doing. i would love to hear what you would say if england fire some grad rockets at you. do not worry about heavan - the only G-D HASHAM will take all of us. but i am not sure of the rest of you. G-d does not like it when you mess with his children.
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