Rocket lands near Ashdod kindergarten; no injuries
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 11.01.09, 16:11
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1. Hamas obviously want the humanitarian aid for their poor
Sallee ,   Tivon Israel   (01.11.09)
Hamas obviously want the humanitarian aid for their poor people, they must have been sending the rockets to encourage the temporary ceasefire!!! Surely this above all proves that they have a very sinister agenda regarding their own people. Anyone that can use and abuse children and above all LIE about it should be disregarded completely as human beings. I feel terrible for the civilians and wish they could see the truth about hamas
2. Ceasefire?
Madeleine ,   Israel   (01.11.09)
I guess I must have got the meaning of the word 'ceasefire' wrong. I thought it meant that both sides were supposed to stop firing. Show me one other country on this earth that would maintain a one-sided ceasefire so its enemy could comfortably get food and medical aid.
3. Suffered shock ?
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (01.11.09)
Can someone tell me what is the deffinition of Shock ? If its what i think, then i believe that Israel has been shocking 1,5milion people in Gaza, is that fine comparison ? or the holy chosen ones when they get shock so does the living god because they are so special ?
4. to Libyan guy living in Italy
Gregg ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.11.09)
You Lybian bombed French airliner and now lick Sarkozy's butt. Go and return to make pastas
5. ey libyan guy-3
(-) ,   jahrusalem   (01.11.09)
ya i dont think israel has been shocking anyone in gaza the past 3 years since they ethnically cleaned gaza from every single jew until none remained. gaza's so called leaders have been 'shocking' their own people since, worse then any israel 'occuiper' has done to those poor people. maybe the gazans should think hard about the next time they vote for an extremist, islamist organization that is ready to sacrifice all of its citizens in their sick and twisted war against israel *(which will not dissappear as much as you'd like us to)* if youre so concerend about the shock the gazans are living with, why have you not said one word about hamas, who uses the people as human shields? all of their rockets that are meant to shock and hurt israel will only hurt their own people in the end becuase the fact of the matter is they will not win and we are here to stay. they choose to fight - rather then talk - which will only bring them more pain and destruction. but why would they care? they are hiding under the skirts of women and children. sik. twisted. COWARDS
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