Gaza: IDF uncovers booby-trapped school, zoo
Published: 11.01.09, 20:09
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Ros ,   London, UK   (01.11.09)
What? They even booby trap zoos? Now THIS should make headlines in international news! Still, I don't suppose it will, considering that they also strap suicide belts to dogs and donkeys.
2. unbelievable
Ilana   (01.11.09)
Once again Ifind myself shocked! Will I neve rlearn?? Hah R.H.?? what kind of people boobytrap schools and zoos? These barbarians should use their time and money for better ends!! And mosques -houses of worship!! Does Islam allow weapons of mass destruction in houses of worship?? They really want a genocide. And if a kid by mistake set it off? How low can a religion stoop>
3. The Rabbis are calling for immediate cease fire despite all
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO   (01.12.09)
4. And here's the video
Eli   (01.12.09)
Although its in hebrew, u can see the soldiers near the remote control, from it the wires wires go into the school, that is filled with explosives.
5. Where are the animal rights groups?
6. Finsbury Park Mosque in London was also used by Extremists
Alan ,   SA   (01.12.09)
7. lol Surely Not!! Usually Jews bomb Schools.
RJBH ,   Methil   (01.12.09)
8. Thank you Israel
Orca99 ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (01.12.09)
I'm so happy that finally someone have courage to fight back against arab islamofascim. Every terrorist killed by Israel protects us who live in Europe, thank you Israel. We ought to pay for your ammo spending, send us the bill and we will gladly pay. Every nation has the right to live in peace and free from islamic dominance!
9. Wonders of the world
Chrischan74 ,   Hamburg, Germany   (01.16.09)
I allways do wonder, that protozoa such as RJBH are able to read and write
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