Rocket hits house in Ashkelon
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 13.01.09, 00:14
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1. Thought so. God bless the IDF.
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.12.09)
2. Bombing
Vicki ,   Kadima, Israel   (01.12.09)
And we still are sending them food and supplies, while they carry on bombing us. Talk about sucking up to the World Press. This is pathetic, they take full advantage in the lull while we send in supplies. What a joke.
3. military funeral for a rocket
observer   (01.12.09)
that's is the best and only show which Israeli military can perform in front of cameras?
4. If 17th day Still IDF cannot stop Missles Is this victory?
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (01.12.09)
If 17th day Still IDF cannot stop Missles Is this victory or failure? You need some objective criteria and certainly stopping missles is not only criteria as even if IDF stopped all Missles during operation, after operation IDF left gaza it woud not ensure Missles attacks will not resume That is more than just stopping Missles was needed but IDF, Israel, Olmert could not even stop missles during operation It is clearly terrible failure but not victory. Where is Shalit captured Israeli soldier?
5. #4 Tayfun: Hitler was not stopped in 17 days.
Bennie ,   Jerusalem   (01.12.09)
If Hamas was firing rockets at your house in Turkey, would you stop fighting after 17 days and let them fire all the rockets they wanted?
6. 4 Tayfun, Turkey: Zephaniah the Prophet in the Jewish Bible
Rivkah   (01.12.09)
tells you in chapter 2 what will stop the attacks from Gaza after Ashkelon is a desolation and Ashdod is driven out. The destruction of every building and every person in Gaza is what the Lord will do when all else fails. There is an underground city in Gaza full of weapons supplied by Iran and Syria that Egypt allowed to be smuggled into Gaza. The judgment of Egypt will be 40 years of being uninhabitable. The judgment of Syria will be the total destruction of Damascus. The judgment of Lebanon will be the destruction of Tyre and Zidon. The judgment of Jordan will be the death of all Jordan's princes. The judgment of the UN will be the end of Gentile world rule with the coming of the Jewish Messiah. That is how serious the shelling of Israel from Gaza and Lebanon are to the Lord.
7. No 6 - Rifka
Vicki ,   Kadima, Israel   (01.12.09)
Thats a bit heavy!!!!
8. no more tolarence for rocket
Ayala ,   kibutz   (01.12.09)
on the news from abroud i can see how offel israel is jewish religion we have great respect for the dead bodys- so we do not see the tarable picture .those which are seen in abord-thanks god.well we isued on our objective- no more misalies and doing our best in order to make sure the people knew were the army is at. it makes me wander how people live abroud(london, paris 'spain...)-live with no fears, no wories about their naighburs at all. and than i remeber who it is going abroud ...their is feer from suisade bomer , intifada, thoughts about geting hurt when passing through an arab ciry or even just being throuned at stons. well, unfortiantly i as an israeli, don't share that otopic feeling. one can envy.i live in the center of israel and i wish that the army will change our reality forever. people dont belive in arabs in the means of forever around here-a small leson from i wish for the 8 years of great fear(imagin the impact on cevilians) to end and the sonner the better. and i am prowed to say STOP the misayls NOW. if ther will be no attacts (not an hudna which is when the hamas gets its misails in order to rocket them) ther can be quite.
9. 7 Vicki: Yep. Only ten per cent of the world's population
will be alive to see the Jewish Messiah when He comes, but they will be joined by the resurrection of the righteous dead from all the ages and the people God protected in a place of safety. Rivkah
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