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Arab parties disqualified from elections
Aviad Glickman
Published: 12.01.09, 18:31
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1. The Supreme Court may have to go to!
Bat El ,   Ashdod Israel   (01.12.09)
It is reverberating throughout the world - Israel's Supreme Court does not have the values of the Jewish State - on the contrary - the army is now disregarding its edicts: just ask the international journalists. Time for the Court members to examine their morality.
2. Is the Moshiach coming?
Jew   (01.12.09)
What gives? Our Government is starting to make seance. Fighting Hamas, kicking sworn enemys out of the Knesset. For the first time I'm proud of our leaders. I just hope this is not a big election trick.
3. Did the masiah come?
MaMa ,   Israel   (01.12.09)
And nobody told me??? Well Haleluya. It's about time we threw them out! when did we get smart? finally.YeY.
4. Good. Don't mess with the Jews, you traitors.
Avraham ,   NYC   (01.12.09)
5. No Zalkah, you Arab Ghouls drink blood!
Get real ,   World   (01.12.09)
In the Arabs own words: Hamas Video:" We will drink the blood of the Jews"
6. A very wise decision
Avi ,   Geneva   (01.12.09)
And may these traitors all go to jail
7. Sadly the word racists is true of the Arab parties
JO   (01.12.09)
"Racist" is a word too often used to mask ones own responsibility, to escape the charges. These Arabs parties have time and time again shown their allegiance (in heated words and actions). It was only a matter of time. The question of where they were - where were their protests - over the children that had to endure eight years of rocket attacks - is a crucial one. Why is this considered alright by them, why no protest? Why is their rights legit and not others? Gaza is a tragedy but it is not one that Israel wanted, having left Gaza in 2005 hoping for peace. And one more thing - where was their voices when Hamas brutally murdered their brothers in cold blood. Their silence is telling, as much as what they do actually say.
8. Long Overdue
Malone ,   Hfx   (01.12.09)
It's about time Israel got rid of the enemy in their midst.
SERGIO ,   ISRAEL   (01.12.09)
10. This is good news
Steven ,   San Francisco   (01.12.09)
The delegitimization of these dangerous fifth column parties should have happened long ago, but it's better late than never.
11. central comite
ami ,   israel   (01.12.09)
this is the best thing you have done i am proud long live israel
12. Now disqualify the Labor Party for
Eli ,   Haifa   (01.12.09)
engaging in Oslo treason and opposing Zionism
13. tibi...get out of our country...u r trash
JL ,   israel   (01.12.09)
14. Tibi later told the press in response to the decision that "
..............DACON9   (01.12.09)
Tibi later told the press in response to the decision that "this is a racist country. HOW ARE YOU LEAVING PLANE, BOAT, OR BUS ?
15. There are a lot of problems with this
Israeli   (01.12.09)
1. there is a conflict of interest when a group of MKs are the ones voting. They have an interest in disqualifying other parties. This should be ruled on my a panel of judges who understand the laws. 2. I don't see how not supporting Israel "as a Jewish State" is illegal. I know many Jews who have some issues with this. I think it is fair for any political party to not advocate armed struggle against anyone but that would have to apply to all parties. Also I would like to see where it says in the parties mandate that they advocate an armed struggle. If this is what they advocate, they deserve disqualitication (although still not sure if this is legal). 3. can anoyone in this country stick to one topic at a time? why mix in Gaza with elections? It may or may not be related but the issue is whether a political party's stand is legal or not.
16. Arab parties
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (01.12.09)
I am all for different opinions that is what makes a democratic country work. However, these parties have no alliance to the country. England as the "LOYAL"opposition, problem here is these people, like Tibi are not loyal to the country. Thus is a good thing
17. Don't let the High Court interfere.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.12.09)
Even if special legislation is required, the High Court must not be allowed to interfere. It's about time this was done & absolutely must not be un-done.
18. #1, 'Just ask the international journalists'
Jake   (01.12.09)
LOL! Whom are you kidding? I wouldn't trust them to tell me the time of day.
19. Tibi is right
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (01.12.09)
Tibi says that in the end he will will. He is absolutely correct. Here is my 100% guarantee that the High Court will invalidate today's decision and that Ahmad Tibi will be in the next Knesset.
20. Removal of the 5th Column from Elections
Avi   (01.12.09)
This could not have come any sooner. In some way, somehow, they have to understand that they need to work with the state and people who are allowing them to stay.
21. aboout. maybe now israeli arabs will create/choose better is
ralph   (01.12.09)
israeli-arab policyicakl leaders and parties. it is these leaders who marginalize israeli arabs which is what these arab leaders live off.
22. Banning the minority
Stuart Cornberg ,   Gedera Israel   (01.12.09)
This is Israel's saddest day. We must not push the minority members of society over the edge. If this was to heppen to a Jewish party abroad then we would scream to G-d almighty. We should be above this and embrace opion that is not main stream and try to bring them to adopt some of our ideals instead of alienating them. While I do not agree to the arab party views I do not want to make them more of an enemy than they are.
23. Democracy and Freedom of Speech
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.12.09)
24. Citizenship demands loyalty
We the People ,   The Galilee   (01.12.09)
One of the criteria of citizenship is loyalty to your country. Being "loyal" does mean that you cannot access your right to freedom of speech and criticize the government. Democracy does not give you the right to commit treason against your country, the country that feeds you and your family, provides medical services and social welfare. It certainly does not permit citizens to commit acts of sedition and consort with the enemy especially during a war. I would suggest that those MK's and citizens who are of the same mind think very carefully about which path they want to take. Whether they like it or not, those people who they are crying over, the people of Gaza, elected Hamas knowing full well that Hamas' aim is the destruction of Israel. This is quite clear in the Hamas Charter and anyone who doubts should check out Hamas' web site. Their heinous acts of terror against ALL Israelis are proof enough of their intentions. Further, should you hate Israel so much then I would suggest that you leave the country? Then you will be free to damn Israel from wherever you go. You will also be "free" to live under Sharia Law, your women folk will be subject to the restrictions on women we see in the Arab/Muslim world. Your children can then train freely to be "Shahidim" and blow themselves to bits with their suicide bomb vests and then you can add fuel to the fire of your hatred against Israel. Should you and those like you, decide to moderate your tone to the normal, non violent forms of protest and support the cooperation that has prevailed for so many years, I am sure many of us might feel it acceptable to forget about your hatred seditious actions and start again. However, if you answer is the same as the answer of Hamas to Egypt, then know NOW that we, the people will use every possible method allowed by law to voice our feelings towards those who betray us. The High Court of Justice might overrule the decision of ineligibility, but that austere body cannot tell us, the citizens of Israel from who we must buy, from who we ask professional assistance, from whom we get medical treatment and whom we may employ! Think about it. We also don't like seeing the pictures of dead children, even if they are the children of the enemy. We have seen enough dead Israeli children who have died by the hand of Hamas but we don't send our children, fitted out with suicide vests to kill Arabs!
25. Balad and United Arab List have no place in tke Kneset
Moshe   (01.12.09)
26. Never Been SO Proud Of Israel!
Josh ,   Israel   (01.12.09)
27. welcome to the only ME Jewish democracy
observer   (01.12.09)
Israel collected the Jewish political elites from the middle east to create one and only great Jewish democracy in the Middle East. To tighten the belt more, Israel ordered its Rabbis not to allow affiliation to its Parties by banning conversion into Judaism!
28. disqualification from election is not undemocratic
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.12.09)
using democracy to promote undemocratic ideals is antidemocratic and, therefore, legitimate to be prohibited. those trying to do such wish to bring down democracy, which is inviting fascism (of the islamic sort, according to tibi's wishes). i have no sympathy or pity for what has just happened. too bad there are no legitimate democratic arab parties who are interested in making the lives of everyone, arabs especially, better. unfortunately this serves the blowhards right, but thanks to them, the arab population as a whole loses. israeli arabs better wake up and stop being their own worst enemies. assuming they want to, that is.
29. Arab party representatives
israeli ,   israel   (01.12.09)
There is a deep rift between Arabs and Jews in Israel, mainly due to your foul mouths, hatred, treason and despicable remarks regarding us. You were the ones embracing Arafat, Nasrallah, Hamas, Assad, etc. You were the ones marching in the streets of Arab towns in Israel chanting Death to the Jews not so long ago. One of your colleagues attempted to sell this country to Hezbollah. You bear the consequences for your actions. Don't blame anyone but your honorable selves.
30. this is an alleged democracy. the only democracy in hamas
sami ,   son of yaffa   (01.12.09)
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