Egypt to Hamas: Sign truce or risk collapse of Gaza regime
Ali Waked
Published: 13.01.09, 01:21
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1. Are Egyptians Muslims or Arabs?Non-Arab Muslims will never accept so called Israel.
Ibrahim RUSSIAN ,   Kazan, Russia   (01.13.09)
2. 24 hours?
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.13.09)
Thanks alot.
3. Saving Hamas
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.13.09)
Everyone including Israel is working to make sure Hamas is around to fight another day How ludicrious to trust Egypt or any other arab army,or European monitors to guard the Phi;ladelpi crossing from Hamas smuggling
4. don t hamas the choice finish the job be hatzlaha idf
dovdevan ,   ashdod eretz israel   (01.13.09)
5. Truce only makes Hamas rearm and continue terror
Destroy all the terrorist groups inside Gaza, and deport all its population to the Sinai. Stop wasting our time.
6. Who is in control, r we losing!!
Shalom Yetzhaki ,   Montreal   (01.13.09)
Hamas refuses the truce, that means they control the battle field, aren’t they?? Rumours are true!!!
7. Invitation to kameini
Mohson   (01.13.09)
You are the number one ruler of iran , correct. I invite you to start a war with Israel. We hear from Ahmadinejad how strong you are. We already know about imani's report that most iranians are returning to zoastrian faith and want nothing to do with islam. We know that most persians are friends of israel and not arabs. However, you have been making your statements against israel saying that you will destroy it. Well, ayatollah kameini, go ahead and try it now. Ahmadinejad and larijani will be destroyed.The persian people will soon destroy your regime. They do not want islam and you. Imani says that they do not want a life under islam. Ahmdinejad and his people will soon face the vengeance of the persian people and it will be savage.
8. Hamas
Foi ,   UK   (01.13.09)
Destroy the Hamas TV stations as well as their transmitters in Gaza. The Hamas TV station is a part of the Hamas infrastruture that is being used to spread lies and hatred against Israel for islamic jihad purposes.
9. Accept only complete and total surrender
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (01.13.09)
Anything else continues this nonsense with Hamas. It is a proxy war with Iran and Israel must win it totally.
10. Hamas
Foi ,   UK   (01.13.09)
Please let the IDF destroy the Hamas TV stations in Gaza as well as their transmitters which are being used to sperad lies and fuel hatred against israel. Let Hamas renounce their charter that calles for the destruction of israel.
11. Ibrahim RUSSIAN, you are SO wrong
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.13.09)
That you still refer to "so called" Israel shows you for what you are. Does anyone say "so called" Russia? Yet Israel predates Russia by millennia. And, FYI, non-Arab Iran *did* accept Israel until fundamentalist haters (like you, Ibrahim) took over. And Iran's gone downhill ever since. And Turkey and Kossovo (both non-Arab Muslims) also accept Israel. Accept it or not, Israel is a fact and isn't going anywhere. Don't like it? Tough.
12. The Muslim Brotherhood, disguised in elections in Egypt as
Rivkah   (01.13.09)
Independents are making gains politically in elections. President Mubarak is past 70 and his days in office may not last a long time. The next leader of Egypt may lead the nation into the disaster of a religious dictatorship. Muslims are not allowed to let more than ten years elapse before renewing hostilities with enemies. But giving Gaza back to Israel and forcing the Palestinians to migrate to the vast number of Muslim nations will delay Armageddon. The scenario for Egypt in that war is to become uninhabitable for forty years, the Bible says. Damascus will be destroyed, as will Tyre and Zidon in Lebanon. Terrible times are coming, worse than anything the world has ever known. The only answer that may work is for the Palestinians all over Israel to be sent to Muslim nations and not allowed to return even as tourists.
13. I don't think Hamas can agree.
Daniel ,   San Jose, CA USA   (01.13.09)
I for one am glad to see Egypt trying hard to bring peace. I think they get it that even and uneasy peace is better than nothing at all. Hamas can't seem to get it's act together. We are currently at stage 2.5. I hope we get to 3.0 and finish this off. Like Hizballah Hamas must learn the hard way what happens when you piss of Israel. It has been a long time in the making. We can't except a rearm and fight another day. Israel knows this and they have said as much. Hamas might hate us but no more rockets, no more bus bombings. Israel will not stop till we have created an end game strategy. For Hamas I feel this will be their demise. Fatah will take back control of Gaza and we will see UN peace keepers there as a buffer, and to prevent smuggling. Not everyone may like it but that have had decades to attempt to create a state, and instead their fanatical leaders have smuggled away the money for arms and instruments of war. The Hamas schools, hospitals and kinder gardens must be removed and replaced with one built by Fatah or the UN, or even Israel. Generations have been taught to hate, and it must end.
14. Egypt to Hamas: Sign truce or risk collapse of Gaza regime
Psalms83 ,   Selah   (01.13.09)
It is pleasant to hear an islamic nation calling on Hamas to sue for a true peace.... but I think Hamas only believes in HUDNA
Abungee ,   canada   (01.13.09)
Don't give in to opening the crossings to these animals. This will be considered a victory for them. And this will be a way to eventually get into Israel with homicide bombers. Don't give an inch to these vile thugs!
16. Hamas to mubarak: stop collaborating or risk your regime
Ahmed ,   elmansoura, egypt   (01.13.09)
As simple as that. We, the egyptians will not accept this ongoing slaughter of our brethern. You may conspire with a passing regime, but the ever lasting people will NEVER SETTLE
17. #15: Animals they are not
John ,   NYC   (01.13.09)
It's people like you who are full of hatred who are
18. #11: A fact? Yes, "not going anywhere", I don't think so
Ismail ,   Dubai, UAE   (01.13.09)
Sooner or later Palestinians will be abck to their homes. You better make room in DC for your folks from Tel Aviv
19. For 1, you are wrong ....
Karim ,   Rabat, Morocco   (01.13.09)
I'am an arab boy from Morocco and i think that Israël have the right to exist. And i have to say that i'm so ashamed by all the antisemitics people who live in my country, but you have to know that they are many exceptions ... Peace.
Simha ,   Toronto, CANADA   (01.13.09)
21. Egypt to Hamas
Lowell Fast ,   Col. Hgts, VA   (01.13.09)
Let the Children out!
22. Wisest choice to finish it 100% .
Barny Rubble ,   Burkia Faso   (01.13.09)
Take out their Terror TV station. They put themselves in that position. Finish the job. Remember USA had to go back again to Iraq... We owe it to our IDF to finish the job. Period. Full Stop. No loose ends.
23. 16 if your ther brother
LARRY ,   USA   (01.13.09)
make room for them you can find space in the sini. of course you and jordan and saudi etc etc. really dont give a damm its all lip service .the world knows that
24. wishful thinking
Sami ,   Montreal- Canada   (01.13.09)
25. Violence (HAMAS) shall no more be heard-
Norway   (01.13.09)
in thy land, desolation nor destruction within thy borders, but thou shalt call thy walls Salvation, and thy gates Praise. And the sons of them that afflicted thee shall come bending unto thee, (Gen. 37:3-9, 49:8-12,22-26, Deut. 33:7,13-17 ) and all they that despised thee shall bow down at the soles of thy feet, and they shall call thee The city of HaShem, the Zion of the Holy One of Israel. Isaiah 60:18,14 For Gaza shall be forsaken, ... Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea-coast, the nation of the Cherethites! the word of HaShem is against you, O Canaan, the land of the Philistines, I will even destroy thee, that there shall be no inhabitant. And the sea-coast shall be pastures, even meadows for shepherds, and folds for flocks. And it shall be a portion for the remnant of the house of Judah, whereon they shall feed, in the houses of Ashkelon shall they lie down in the evening,* (Zec. 14:7, Gen. 8:11, Ex. 16:6) *The redemption from the hordes of Gog & Magog (Ez. Chs. 38-39) will also take place "at evening time" for HaShem their G-d will remember them, and turn their captivity. Zep. 2:4-7, Lev. 26:1-9,42-45 KNOW YOUR BIBLE
26. When the Lord, your God, brings you into -
Norway   (01.13.09)
the land to to which you are coming to possess it, He will cast away many nations from before you:... And the Lord, your God, will deliver them to you, and you shall smite them. You shall utterly destroy them, NEITHER SHALL YOU MAKE A COVENANT WITH THEM, nor be gracious to them.* Deut. 7:1-2, Ch. 20 *This means, you must not show them any grace (חֵן) . It is forbidden for a person to say,“ How handsome is this heathen!” Another explanation: DO NOT GRANT THEM A SETTLEMENT (חֲניָּה) IN THE LAND! (Avodah Zarah 20a)
27. Beware of Egypt!
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (01.13.09)
Egypt is a one sided Arab supporter and should not be trusted. Even today, after all these years of “peace”, Egypt is still the world center of anti-Israeli incitement. It has huge militairy expenses while its generals admit that the enemy is Israel. There is no doubt that in case of a general conflict in the Middle-East Egypt will fight in the camp of the enemies of Israel. Differences between Israel and Arabs cannot be brokered by an Arab country. The solution to the Middle-East conflict is described at :
28. In the Fourth Year of Operation Cast Lead
meir elazar   (01.13.09)
The civilian population is now down to 200,000. Most have fled for other countries. The rockets attacks on Sderot are now down to once a week and the rockets are very crude and primitive. Grads ran out a long time ago. Israeli engineering forces have dug a deep moat along the Philadelphi corridor and it is suicide to attempt to dig a tunnel. The soldiers are still moving slowly inch by inch. The never expose themselves to snipers and are extremely cautious when entering booby trapped houses, schools, and hospitals. The mosques have all be destroyed about two and a half years ago. The hard core HAMAS remains but their are few left. They mostly stay underground. The mujahadeen have been decimated and rarely attack. Life has for the most part returned to normal and Sderot is now a thriving community. HAMAS has vowed to fight to their last drop of blood and it looks like they may just get their wish. News media and the public has grown tired and coverage barely makes the back page of the newspaper. Haniyeh is now totally grey. The constant bombardment and meager aid that HAMAS can steal has taken its toll. Ahmadinejad was assasinated 2 years ago. Hezbollah is crumbling. Lebanon is starting to see a revival. With the success against Global Arab/Mosem terror after new terrorist attacks in Paris and Bonn, more countries are joining in the effort to combat terror.
29. If anyone is still confused as to
Lior ,   Israel   (01.13.09)
which side Mubarak is on read the following again: "Egypt to Hamas: Sign truce or -> risk collapse of Gaza regime Palestinian sources say Cairo exerting fierce pressure on Hamas movement to accept ceasefire proposal.----> Egypt warns Islamist group IDF operation will end only after forces enter Gaza City." Of course Mubarak whom Bush called a "good friend of the U.S and ALLY IN THE WAR ON TERROR" allowed thousands of weapons tunnels dug from Egypt to Gaza!! Imagine being an accomplice to terror & being elevated by the world as a phony peace broker who pushing for a truce will allow HAMAS to stay in power to their charter calls for........the destruction of Israel. Next thing Mubarak will be nominated for the N P Prize.
30. #16, #18 you are being manipulated
Joseph ,   Israel   (01.13.09)
Mubarak closed Rafiah, so that the people of Gaza would suffer, but he allowed smugglers to dig tunnels. Mubarak allowed Hamas to bring weapons, knowing that when they would use them, Israel would be forced to kill Arab children. The Christian Science Monitor report that Abbas "democractic election" was funded by the American to be their puppet. Israel and Arab civilians are dying for someone's political games
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