Israelis urged to boycott Turkish hotels
Ilai Timor
Published: 14.01.09, 09:04
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31. #23; Wrong. Greatly exaggerating Turkey's generosity to Jews
Jake   (01.15.09)
What you have written is a fantasy and a fiction. Turkey did try to save Jews who had Turkish citizenship. However, Turkey had in 1941signed a Treaty of Friendship with Nazi Germany and Jewish refugee ships were not even allowed to disembark in Turkish ports, not even temporarily. A good example of this is the Struma disaster. Turkish government during the WW2 had a policy of berating world Jewry exactly like its government bashes Israel today. Turks like to mention the Ottoman generosity in 1492, for which Jews are forever grateful. But they never seem to mention that, despite the fact that there was persecution against Jews in Ottoman Empire, and yet they remained more loyal to it than any non-Moslem group and even more loyal to it than most of the Moslem groups. If the Ottomans had even a suspicion of disloyalty on the part of the Jews, they would have ended exactly like the Armenians.
32. #28You should deal with your skeletons of ignorance & hatred
Turkey & Israel   (01.15.09)
You should be glad that I'm sparing my time to reply you. Turks did not massacred Greeks, in fact, Turks made sure that the Orthodox were protected against the earlier Catholic rule. Turks were ethnically cleansed from the Balkans before and following the First and Second Balkan Wars. Also, Greeks were made pay reparations in the Losanne Treaty for what they did against the Turks in Anatolia and for their burning and looting the city of Izmir. But, for the sake of good relations, Turkey, until now, have never asked reparations from Greece. Armenian deaths have nothing to do with Jihadism. Armenians were armed by the Russians, British and the French, and attacking Ottoman civilians. There were clashes and massacres of both sides. Leyla Zana was not jailed because she spoke Kurdish in Turkey's parliament. She was tried and jailed because she praised a terrorist organisation's acts repeatedly. What would happen if anyone praises and openly supports Hamas' suicide bombings at Knesset? Or, what would happen if someone praises 9/11 in the US parliament? One was jailed for 7 years in Britain for praising 9/11 attackers. Kurds are not called 'mountain Turks' anywhere in Turkey. It's a made up name by some others. Do some research, think, make use of your brain rather than copy pasting some others' opinions.
33. Secularism
Akif Mete ,   istanbul - turkey   (01.15.09)
Israel support fundamentalist Turkish government party AKP. I can't understand why you angry now? All secularist cultured peoples sending to jail by AKP. I think Israel deserve this kind of situation beacuse of incomprehensible Turkey policy! (AKP = radical islamist)
34. I love Turkey
Palestinian ,   Jordan   (01.15.09)
35. This is your mistake....
I am from Turkey, if you want you can boycott Turkey..That isn t so important for us..Everyday you are killing innocent people, we dont want to serve anyone who has innocent people s blood on their hands..If the world hates from Israel, I am sorry but this is your mistake..You can t get peace to your country by killing innocent people..I want to ask you something, after killing innocent children&women how can you sleep in your beds in peace?..We want to see Israel on tv with good news..not as murderers..
36. Support Israeli Tourism
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (01.15.09)
Spending your vacation in Israel helps the Israeli economy.
37. Boycot
Erroll Gelardin ,   Tel aviv Israel   (01.15.09)
I strongly reccomend not to go to Turkey as your life can be in danger ! As a turkish born jew I can read this language and for what I see and read No Israeli must be allawod to travel to Turkey those days. Begining from Their Primminister to the very last Turk hates us just becuse we are jews and they are muslims. I despise all those who blasfames Israel BOYCOT TURKEY AND LET PASS ARMEN IAN GENOCIDE PETITION
38. Excuse me, Ynet readers....did you read this one?
Just last week this was reported about thousands of Turks storming the court and forcing the Israeli basketball team to flee for their lives! (these ARE the common people) Read it yourself!,7340,L-3651926,00.html
39. Turkey is Secular
Ilan ,   The Netherlands   (01.15.09)
You can't blame an entire people for a hand full of hesterical fanatics who always seem to be shouting the loadest - I enjoy going to Turkey and I have met many, many secular Turks who do not share these ideas of the insane islamic fanatics. I'll keep going to visit on my holidays in support those good folk who share the same values as most good people around the world.
40. When did Criticism = Antisemitism?
Ibrahim ,   Istanbul   (01.15.09)
The Turkish Republic criticizes the Israeli government for its questionable actions in Gaza and all of a sudden all Turks are labeled as "antisemetic", "Islamist", "undemocratic" and "barbaric" etc etc. A little word of advice to Jewish mums and dads, please teach your children history and the true virtues of Judaism. If the Turks were so antisemetic they would not have gone out of their way to protect the Jews fleeing from the Spanish Inquisition and Nazi Germany. Our friendship predates the establishment of the State of Israel. Wake up, because your ignorance is starting to hurt the cordial relations between two true friends. The greatest injustice you can make is to mistake us for the Arab world.
41. Not only Jews - Turkish Christians have been murdered there.
JO   (01.15.09)
It was but two or more years ago that three christian men (two were Turkish) were brutally murdered by muslim youths. I do not know what happened to the youths or if they were tried. If they treat Turkish christians thus how can you expect them to treat the Jews better??? Turkey walks a fine line and is being watched by the EU.
42. sinan, #11
israeli ,   israel   (01.15.09)
I support a boycott of your country not because of your position vis-a-vis the Israeli-Arab conflict, but because of the Armenian genocide and because of what the Ottoman Empire's rape an plunder of the Balkans for almost 500 years. All Turks, remember Vlad the Impaler!
43. turkey
elliot ,   usa   (01.15.09)
and israel have mutual enemies and they have problems with terrorists too--everybody should ignore media and be patient
44. I Used To Root For Turkey Over Greece
Eric R. ,   USA   (01.15.09)
Now, I say a plague on both their houses. Maybe they can go to war and destroy one another.
45. #35, 40
israeli ,   israel   (01.15.09)
Yes, we also teach our children what the Ottoman Empire did in the Balkans for 500 years. How the Greeks, Bulgarians, Romanians and others suffered at your hands. What you did to the Armenianas and what you are doing to the Kurds. Vlad the Impaler ring a bell?
46. To AD KAN
Selma ,   IN, U.S.A   (01.15.09)
Right back at you !
47. I'm in for it
Robert Goldman ,   KFAR SABA ISRAEL   (01.15.09)
just as long as the Israeli firms that will be getting our vacation dollars lower their prices to that of the Turks. then the boycott will more then work.
48. Armenian killers
Persian TARSIER ,   forever   (01.15.09)
Kaan Selcuklu ,   TÜRKiYE   (01.15.09)
To all Israeli Arsim: Please boycott Turkey, I must inform you that you are not pleasant to have around, you are rude, loud, destructive, and you stay at all-inclusive hotels, steal things from the hotels and airports, this doesn't do any good to Turkish tourism. Arsim scare away the good tourists. Turkey will be better off without those arsim from Israel. There are some nice, friendly and educated Israelis too who regularly visit Turkey, we see you differently and always welcome you here.
51. No need for a 3-y/o pic. We have a fresh VIDEO...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.15.09)
...on how Turkish racists (who themselves are guilty of the Armenian Genocide) have threatened the lives of our basket-ball players. Nobody of course condemned that and predictably enough, EU slapped us with a "technical loss". Do you need any MORE incentive not to visit Turkey and Eurabia?
52. #40 Threatening Israelis visiting Turkey is NOT "criticism"
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.15.09)
... it is RACISM. And I never felt you presence here in these forums during the last 8 years while Israeli citizens were baing bombarded by thousands of Hamas rockets - after Israel left Gaza. So if you are so into "criticizing" the guilty - CRITICIZE HAMAS, not Israel! The greatest injustice you can make is to treat us on the same foot with a terrorist organization which has been terrorizing our citizens for years and officialy and publicly calls and ACTS for the destruction of the State of Israel. So yes, if your critique is genuine and you are interested in the truth, why do you watch Al Jazeera and BBC? Have you actually invested time in hearing what WE have to say?
53. #35 You are not from Turkey - you are an impostor like 90%
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.15.09)
...of the hate-posters here, and of course, your rants are irrelevant, used-up Arab propaganda slogans and as a result ignored!
54. #33 Where do you get your information Akif???
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.15.09)
... because these kind of jokes are not funny. If you are telling this seriously, then you're an imposter, an unifomed agitator or both. Israel has worked with all Turkish governments, including the new, Muslim one, burt it never endorsed a party over the other.
55. #25: Turks like you should MAKE their voices heard..
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.15.09)
... and not let the crazy racists fill the TV and streets with their rabid venom. As I said - you come in peace, we embrace you. You hit us, we DON'T turn the other cheek anymore!
56. #21 your handshake is accepted gladly, but...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.15.09)
... what can you do to protect us from your crazies while we vacation on your shores in Antalia or in the Istambul shops?
57. #14 strange, it was not us who threatened to kill your ...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.15.09)
... athlets. It was not Israel who accepted and supported mass rallies calling for the destruction of Turkey - it was TURKEY who tacitly accepts and seemingly supports sunce manifestations. So don't act hurt - if our partnership is dear and valuable to you, ACT AT HOME to clean your streets from racists and war mongers! We are always ready to be friends - we've proved it for decades of frindship with you!
58. #50 Couldn't agree with you more!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.15.09)
... I once suggested to take the passports of these scum and not let them smear us in foreign countries, something similar to what the Brits have been doing to their violent soccer fans. Problem is that Israel is too democratic for its own good, and this starts from releasing this scum onto the unsuspecting world (including our friends) and goes as far as allowing Israeli Arab traitors become Members of Parliament and live off taxpayer's money while spitting all of us in the face. So yes, I agree with you. I hope we allow LESS arsim in the world, but we expect the world to be as friendly as you sound to the rest of us.
59. Turkey boycott versus rockets
T. Traub ,   Phoenix, Arizona USA   (01.16.09)
What the anti-Israel crowd in Turkey is saying is, don't respond to rocket and missile attacks from your neighbors, and we won't boycott you. Do these same people believe they should put up with terrorism from the Kurds? Just how long would peace between Armenia and Turkey last if Armenians were shooting rockets over the border into Turkish communities? Wake up Turkey!
60. Turkey. A vacation place for Arsim.
Benny Blanco ,   Barcelona   (01.16.09)
I dont go there anyway.
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