Ashkenazi: We hit Hamas hard; much to be done
Amnon Meranda
Published: 13.01.09, 11:24
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1. Keep on the good job Gabi !
Trumpeldor ,   eurabian exile   (01.13.09)
We are so proud of tsahal soldiers I send my support to all of you AM ISRAEL HAI !
2. Well done Gabi Ashkenazi!!
Andrew ,   England   (01.13.09)
Gabi, I am so proud of your achievements - you are a great leader, a true and sincere person, and I would want no one else but you as Chief of Staff. May G_d bless you and give you strength and clarity to continue the great job you have done. x
3. Keep up the good work Gaby...
Batman ,   Gotham City, Lebanon   (01.13.09)
You fought their likes in Lebanon in the 80s... You know what kind of scum they are... I hope that one day you will do the same in Lebanon and show the other rats there what a "true divine victory" looks like...
4. I support the IDF, but not Olmerts handling of this war.
Jayjay33 ,   Israel   (01.13.09)
Ashkenazi is just another Olmert puppet.....he wont tell the truth! Out of 20,000 Hamass terrorists, only a few hundred have been killed.....pathetic! Again, olmert is holding the IDF back.....after 2 weeks, they still havent gone into the main city! The creep is trying to drag this out so he can cancel the elections for 6 more months. That would give him enough time to give the terrorists, Fatah, their own state!
5. Wow, thank you for appreciating us, gazi thanks:-)
YITZAK BEN SHLOMO   (01.13.09)
6. Go IDF! Proud of you! (end)
Joo ,   Eurabia   (01.13.09)
7. Ahhhh Gabi - swoooooooooooon!!
Talula ,   Israel   (01.13.09)
Thank GOD it's him in charge and not Dan Halutz.
8. True Blue
zznhl   (01.13.09)
Finaly, an army we can rely on and be proud of. Pragmatic, sensible, realistic and unforgiving in performiance against Israels enimies. Not like those preening peacock generals and polititions of the 2nd Leb war. Shame we had to ask permision from the US(and not get it) to bomb the "bejeeses" out of the Iranians!
9. we hit hamas hard
Hakim ,   USA   (01.13.09)
and the civilians and the entire world good job, so sad
10. Did He wn ?
Isak ,   Beni Brak   (01.13.09)
Gabi Only Managed to kill Hundreds of Women & Children & some Police men in Gaza , it is Obvious that he Only Drove in Open Areas and bobarded Civilians & Biuldings from the Air . With the Mighty Power He has , he should have Occupied all of Gaza Strip , but he did not , we should not be so proud Guys ,
11. Proportionality
Harris ,   West Palm Beach, USA   (01.13.09)
Keep up the good work IDF. As an American, I support your struggle. When the world unites in one voice to fight radical Islam, maybe this type of military action will not be necessary. If the press wants to blame anyone for the civilian casualties, blame Hamas and all the appeasers worldwide. As to proportionality, what country has ever fought a war with the goal of suffering as many casualties as its enemy. That argument is ludicrous!
Josh ,   NY   (01.13.09)
13. talula prefers 'em going down south
oferdesade ,   israel   (01.13.09)
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