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France: 55 anti-Semitic acts since start of Cast Lead
Published: 14.01.09, 09:03
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1. DivineProcess
Choni Davidowitz   (01.14.09)
The time has come to remove our enemies from Judea, Samaria and Gaza, and to annex these territories. A "side affect" of this is the rapid increase of violent anti-semitism in the Diaspora. This is part of a Divine process. For Jews in the Diaspora it is time to come home, preferably by choice. Jews in the Diaspora must learn the lesson of Europe before WW2.
2. BBC calls it "tension between Jews and Moslems in France"
Jake   (01.15.09)
Anti-Jewish violence by Arabs in France simply does not exist, in the opinion of the BBC. They are simply two ethnic communities in tension with eachother, and of course, it's Israel's fault. They never heard of "Le loup et l'agneau" at the BBC.
3. New exhode for jewish people due to Gaza Operation
David Mishah ,   Paris - France   (01.15.09)
we are witnessing a massive antisemitic aggression in France due to the attack on Gaza, and our feeling it will go much further when the world will see the real damage caused in Gaza, please stop this massacre. Me and my parents are planning to leave France and immigrate to the US. France with 5 millions Muslims is no more a safe heaven in the coming years to us Jewish people. All our community will suffer badly from this in the coming years
4. aliyah
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.15.09)
This is a time that AMI (the French version of Nefesh b Nefesh) could do a great deal to ensure a win win.
5. Immigration
Choni Davidowitz   (01.15.09)
Have you heard of a country called the Land of Israel? It is the only piece of Land in the entire world given to a specific people of which you are a member. So I urge you to re-consider your immigration plans.
6. Britain needs to do more
Michael(UK) ,   Oxford UK   (01.15.09)
If you think this is just about Muslims and Jews you are sadly mistaken.
7. No. 3 David
NYC Girl   (01.15.09)
While the increase in anti-Semitic attacks in France is of great concern to many of us, telling Israel to stop the "massacre" is only playing into the hands of Israel's enemies. These radical Muslim hotheads will always find an excuse for their rampages. And in much the same way people forget that the attacks on 9/11 took place before the US ever invaded Iraq, not the other way around, there's been plenty of anti-Semitic violence in France long before the situation in Gaza.
8. you have sown the seeds
john   (01.15.09)
and you will reap the bitter harvest
9. It"s not only anti-semitic acts
Remy ,   Paris   (01.15.09)
Many anti-Arabs (torching mosques, 3 tunisian teenagers beaten up by JDL nutters, etc...), wouldn't it more honest to mention this too ? We French who are neither Jewish nor Arab / Muslims are getting fed up, not wanting the Israel / Palestine saga to spill over to our country.
10. #8
Raphael Cordovero ,   MontrĂ©al Canada   (01.15.09)
We are not afraid, because we are the Jewish people, 4000 years old, eternal, invincible and indestructible. YOU will reap the harvest of your timeless hyprocrisy, Israel bashing and Jew hating. . Keep on ranting and threatening . Just remember : Tsahal's arm is much longer than you think. .
11. To David in France:Just more proof
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.18.09)
Your comment about reactions in France ( the home of suha arafat and the billions she and her husband stole from the palestinian people) clearly illustrates that anti-Zionism is unequivocally anti-Semitism! The French have a long vaunted history of Jew hatred:From King Louis burning all the Talmuds in exchange for beatification to Dreyfus to the OPEN willingness of the French to hand over Jewish children to the nazi ovens, the French have consistently exhibited active Jew hatred. They simply seek the slightest excuse - or sometimes just for the hell of it!
12. Davidowitz:And what planet are you on?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.18.09)
Yes, Israel is THE Jewish State. But now let's count: there are 22 states where islam is the official and ONLY recognized language!; ALL EU states have versions of Christianity as the ONLY official religion with ALL activiities conducted under the sign of the cross!; Latin America? Every Latin state provides for ONLY Roman Catholicism. Maybe you should return to your planet!
13. #8 John: You are proof!!
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.18.09)
that anti-Semitism TRULY IS anti-Zionism
14. Remy in Paris: Curious question
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.18.09)
Why does your nation have no issue with Suha arafat, and the billions stolen from the palestinian people, finding a home in Paris?
15. To #9 it's almost exclusively antisemitic acts
David ,   Israel   (01.18.09)
9# is the one here not being honest.. And if he is honest , it implies that he is ignorant. First, the news is from AFP(Agence France Presse) and AFP is known for its pro Arab bias , because most of its clients are Arabs. 9# is searching for 1 or 2 incidents where jews are the agressors. It;'s almost non existent. The ratio is 1 to 100000. And French jews (who , by the way, are no less French than #9) behave in an exemplary way despite the fact that they have been attacked physically tens of thousands of times for a number of years. French jews are fed up too about the importation of Israel-Palestinian conflict. But many Muslims in France and some leftwing French want this importation and are playing with fire.
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