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Court: No more wall separating Ashkenazim, Sephardim
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 15.01.09, 15:26
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..............DACON9   (01.15.09)
2. Great! But, why do these things always take at least a year?
Michael ,   Galut   (01.15.09)
I would have thought that it would be possible to close that case within a week, maximum. What could possibly take so long? Isn't this a clear cut case of discrimination????
3. We needed the Supreme Court for this one?
Abe Froman ,   NY, NY   (01.15.09)
Common decency apparently cannot be taught. I cannot believe we needed the Supreme Court to decide this matter.
4. #1
Mizrahi ,   Moses   (01.16.09)
Moshe Rabbeinu was NOT Sephardic, he was Mizrahi. Real sepharadim came from spain. So please Dacon stop insulting Jews who've been in the middle east for 5000+ years WITHOUT having been in Europe, be it eastern or Spain.
5. Sephardic/Ashkanasi
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (01.16.09)
Will somebody please explain to me just what difference it makes if a child is born into an Ashkanasi or a Sephardi family? Is one better than another? Different educational track? Why? Where is it written in the Torah that they must be separated? I know we are blessed with smart kids, but have yet to see where that background could be decisive. Rebbunim; where are your brains. You should be ashamed to call yourselves Jews.
6. There is a difference between Sepharadim and Ashkenazim
Shira ,   NY B"H YERUSHALAYIM   (01.16.09)
different halachot, nusach of praying is different BUT a wall should not be separating the two in one school. I think when it comes to HALACHA classes ONLY, the two should be separate as it will not be possible to thoroughly teach Sepharadi and Ashkenazi halacha in the same class, I know from experience....
7. Ashkenazi vs. Sephardi vs. Mizrahi
Liam ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (01.16.09)
These labels are placed on us by outsiders trying to split us apart. Jews are Jews are Jews. We need to stay united. I'm half Sephardic, half Ashkenazi and I have lots of Mizrahi in my family. What difference does it make?
8. Ben , are you ignorant ?
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.16.09)
So read tb # 6 . And don't attack the Rabbanim in every of your "writings"
9. Liam
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.16.09)
You are right , Jews are Jews . But in religious practise there are differences , not placed on us by outsiders . Ashkenazim and Sepharadim pray in a different way . Look at the differences in food at Pesach . Ashkenazim will NOT eat Kitnyiot .
10. shame and more shame
charicleia ,   USA   (01.16.09)
I couldn't believe my eyes when I read this story. How was it allowed to happen in the first place? What has Israel allowed to grow and flourish in its midst. more dangerous than Gaza for any future
11. No walls!!!!!
israel   (01.16.09)
There should be one ciriculum in schools - like it or leave it. It's beyond disgusting that walls are built to separate Sephardi and Ashkenazi.
12. Dispicable
I can't believe what goes on in this country of mine.
13. # 8
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (01.17.09)
Charlie, just who decides to separate children by Sephardi/Ashkenasi? Little boy blue? C'mon Charlie, stop trying to prove you are a better Jew than anyone else. When thwe truth slaps you in the mouth, close it and move on.
14. Benele , to be a better Jew as you are
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.17.09)
is'nt difficult at all . You don't know that there are differences in many religion related fields . So have a little bit more restraint in your writings as ignorants have to be .
15. separating wall in schools
elliot ,   usa   (01.17.09)
there is only one torah and in the future the cultures will hopefully find ways to study halacha together too
16. Charlie baby
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (01.18.09)
Your ego is larger than your brain. I will ask you for lessons from you in religious related fields after Hashem has come. Until then, go bother somebody with your BS.
17. 15 Elliot
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.17.09)
I think that all the different cultures have to be preserved . They all brought something special and great to Judaism , they all contributed to the Jewish people , to the Israeli people .
18. No. 1 Dacon
NYC Girl   (01.18.09)
I have to agree with you. My husband is an Israeli whose family came from Iraq and so he didn't eat kreplach or latkes. In fact, he never even saw a bagel until he moved to New York.
19. benele , take a lolly
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.18.09)
And leave Hashem to TRUE jews who do not attack Rabbanim on every occasion . You don't know ANYTHING about Judaism , you only have a big mouth , take another lolly and keep quiet , your case is already bad enough so . I pity you .
20. Benele , ask for a lolly
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.18.09)
and put it in your mouth , so at least something smart , at your level , in your head . Regarding Judaism , it is'nt someone who is attacking Rabbanim in almost every tb , who can teach me something , first become a GOOD Jew , and then try to talk as one .
21. efffffffsh u charles... dont u have a brain?
Shiran ,   there   (01.19.09)
That is not good to segregate sefardic from ashkenazim... im ash.. and i would love to be a mizrachi girl.. they are better xDDDDDDDDDDDdd hehehehaaaahahah
22. Shiran , CAN YOU READ ? before writing
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.19.09)
something ? Where did i say that we have to segregate ? There are differences in religious practise . Our Haggadoth show some differences . We have to preserve our different cultures , yes . But this is NOT segregate . So try to use YOUR brains , if you have and learn to read .
23. I live in Emanuel
RG ,   Emanuel Israel   (05.10.10)
The girls who attend the Beis Yacov Chasidi in Emanuel have their roots in the following countries: Iraq, Persia, Morocco, Kurdistan, Yemen, India, Egypt, The Old Yishuv here in Israel, Tunisia, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Germany. This Beis Yaakov Chasidi has its own principal and staff. It is not “separate” from the original Beis Yaakov - it is an entirely new school, located in the empty rooms that used to belong to the high school before it got its own building. Shulamit Amichai, the mankal of the ministry of Education in 2007, is not religious, nor is attorney Mordechai Bass, whom she sent to investigate the situation here. His conclusion was that the new school was based on religious differences and not on ethnic differences. 30% of the girls attending Beis Yaakov Chasidi are Sephardic, not including those of blended heritage. There were at least seven Ashkenazi families who did not attend the Chasidi School when it first opened. The parents of the girls in the Beis Yaakov Chasidi who happen to be Sephardic petitioned to meet with the Supreme Court during the initial phases. He refused to meet with them. The very first time the judge met with the parents was on April 29 2010. If the Supreme Court continues to maintain that this is an ethnic separation, then this is a miscarriage of justice. This is a test case of judicial activism, fanned by a flagrantly dishonest media, with the aim to influence the Chinuch Atzmai system – and towards judeocracy. The excuse had to be racism, or else it would not have made it into the courts. Despite this media hoax and miscarriage of justice, Emanuel is actually a very good place to live. You have access to all different kinds of people here. Variety has been instrumental in the survival of the Jewish people – and some of this variety must be preserved in diverse educational institutions. I urge those making Aliyah, or Sabras just starting off in life who wish to live in a Haredi community – leave the congested, overburdened cities and large towns. Consider moving to small Haredi communities who need you, and help build them. Grow – outside your comfort zone. That is precisely what those who appear to be “in” did a generation ago.
24. Court documents
RG ,   Emanuel Israel   (06.09.10)
Attorney Mordechai Bass’ evaluation of the Beis Yaakov Emanuel case: A brief synopsis “On January 28 2008 I was invited to evaluate the complaints of ethnic discrimination made against the Beis Yaakov Emanuel administration. I have thoroughly reviewed relevant material … and have met with administrators from the ministry of education, the chinuch atzmai (independent religious schools’ network, which Beis Yaakov is under), and I visited the two schools in question.” “The percentage of Ashkenazi families in the original school is 23%, and in the new (Chasidi) school, 73%.” (Footnote at bottom: “Such figures are not totally accurate – firstly, the schools do not note the ethnicity of their students in the registration – and this is a good thing! Secondly – this figure was…partially based on the tenor of the family name, which can also be inaccurate.” ) “All parents wanting to sign up their daughters to the new school, and were ready to accept upon themselves the school’s conditions, were accepted (lit. “not refused”). Since there was no rejection (of any applicants), where is the discrimination?” Physical separation between the two schools – fact or fiction? “…photographers claimed that the cloth that was placed on the (pre-existing) fence prevented the girls from seeing each other. This is not true. Only part of the fence was covered. The yard surrounds the school from four directions, and the girls (from both schools) are able to see and play with each other. The (media) portrayal of two completely separate sections of the school yard…is not true.” “Were the students in the two schools divided according to ethnicity? The original school has 107 Sephardic girls and 32 Ashkenazim. The percentage of Ashkenazim is thus 23%. The new (Chasidi) school has 58 Ashkenazi girls and 21 Sephardim. The percentage of Sephardim is thus 27%....I repeat that…anyone interested in registering their daughters in the new school and ready to accept the school’s way of life was not refused. “I spoke to the plaintiffs and asked for one instance of parents who asked to register their daughter and was refused and they had no such case. “The division was not ethnic, it was religious. I am convinced that there is no ethnic discrimination.” “When ethnic discrimination actually occurs, we must combat it with all our might. I express my sorrow about complaints like these - thrown in the air - that increase hatred among Israel, and are totally baseless.”
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