Fear: Turkey may pull deals with Israel
Arie Egozi
Published: 15.01.09, 09:19
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1. Protecting Israelis is more important than contracts
Zvi   (01.15.09)
2. contracts will be strained but security will be improoved
zionist forever   (01.15.09)
Contracts probably will be strained and almost certainly put on hold for a little while because Turkey cannot be seen as buying off Israel for a while but at the end of the day the military are more interested in toys than politics. Even if we will loose contracts as a result the security of the public is more important than money. This war has cost Israel billions of dollars already and it will cost billions more to replace weapons used to replensih the stores but if its going to stop the rocket attacks its an expensive investment.
3. Turkey should remember that the US and the American Jews are
David ,   USA   (01.15.09)
watching it very carefully!
4. Perhaps we can start helping the Kurds to bring about an
Alan ,   USA   (01.15.09)
independent, sovereign state of Kurdistan.
5. Its about time the USA should reinforce Armenia.
Sam ,   USA   (01.15.09)
A strong powerful Armenia will balance out some of the Turkish ambitions. Any anti-Israel sentiment in Turkey will not be in the Turkish interests.
6. well said number 1!
ari   (01.15.09)
7. The Geopolitical situation is changing.
Joo ,   Eurabia   (01.15.09)
Turkey is on the way to be a cleric state in decade. It's loosing democracy and becoming Israel enemy. Israel and US should drastically increase support of Georgia and Kurdistan, and may be Armenia. This also will help in coming confrontation with Iran. In case that "friendly" Turkey and "extremely friendly" Iran will decide to go against US and Israeli interests, they will face Kurdish "intifada". That actually a rightful liberation movement of this oppressed nation.
8. We will survive! So we won't go to Antalya!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.15.09)
Fundamentalism is taking over in Turkey!
9. Strange Concept
Asem ,   ME   (01.15.09)
If you are not supporting Israel then you are against democracy and the free world and you are a terrorist state? Maybe Israel is wrong for once don't you think so??? Or I forgot Israel is chosen by God you don't make mistakes... A side note if Israel is so democratic why on earth the intl press is not allowed in Gaza ?????? (Free Press and Democracy go together)
10. Turkey boycott will backfire
HK Syndicate ,   Hong Kong   (01.15.09)
Turkey should carefully think its move because it will loose the tiny support it still have in the US, and that country will have to adress the too long overdue Kurdish and Armenian Issue. part from that it will loose a lot in its tourism industry.
11. To #4
Ali ,   USA   (01.15.09)
Dude, who do you think has been supporting PKK so far? We are not dumb enough not to know why we have lost 30.000 in our struggle against PKK.
12. Please, stop overreacting.
leo ,   USA   (01.15.09)
First to Asem @ 9, You were making sense up to this point "If you are not supporting Israel then you are against democracy and the free world and you are a terrorist state? Maybe Israel is wrong for once don't you think so???" then I stopped reading. Second, would all of you relax, please. Once this war is over all political noise will be over in another week or so too. You should know it by now.
13. How many Kurds have been killed by Turkish forces?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.15.09)
Some allege in the past 10 years about 15,000 Kurds have been massacred by Turkish forces! Where are the UN Resolutions against Turkey? And, of course, we shouldn't forget the Armenian Genocide! Turkey wants to enter the EU but the EU doesn't want Turkey. The Turks are very unpopular, to say the least, in Germany and many other countries. A move towards the Arab world by the present Islamic Government in Turkey, would certainly jeopardize Turkey's future in the EU not to say what the Turkish military will do about it. Let's face it, the pictures coming out of Gaza are awful but a lot of it is Hamas propaganda as were the pictures and videos during the Lebanon War II. We all saw how Reuters manipulated the videos to help Hezbollah. However, Israel-Turkey relations have always been good and Turkey could serve as an honest broker here if she maintains her objectivity and it will be in both countries interests. The problem in Turkey is Islamic Fundamentalism and its up to the Turks to prevent further escalation. No doubt we will survive without the Turkish contracts and Turkey will survive without Israeli tourism which is already in jeopardy. The question for the Turks is what is best for them?
14. Think one second
Emre ,   Istanbul   (01.15.09)
Everybody here is threatening Turkey with supporting Kurds,Armenians etc.. We all know that Israel already is doing so. That's why please think a second with common sense and force Your army to stop killing innocents and children. You, Israel citizens you were very close to born in Gaza as well. If you would born in Gaza maybe your children were killed with these attacks. But on the other hand we as Turks can understand your security concerns, we understand Israel better than any country because we have the sama here. But it should not force a civilized country to use excessive power aganst innocents. Think with common sense pls !
15. its about timehe USA should reinforce Armenia
David ,   UK   (01.15.09)
Israel should help the Armenian. They will be better ally to Israel than Turkey
16. Strange concept
Telaviv ,   UK   (01.15.09)
We are the chosen people and proven that tiny Israel is wining all wars with the Arabs countries. G d will always be on our side/
17. If they cancel the deals, melt all the Turkish M60 tanks
that are in Israel for upgrades.
18. Keep Turkey out of EU.
Chaim G. ,   Berlin   (01.15.09)
Turkey is a barbaric state. Strengthen the Kurds and Armenians. I never believed in the turkish frinedship towards Israel. I was right.
19. Revenge calls
This provides a good opportunity to see who is in rush to revenge, i.e. 'let's support this or that against Turkey!'. Israelis seems to be too lost in revenge desires, just like some Palestinians really. Israelis and Palestinians drown in your revenge sea, and don't get involved with us.
20. At 14 Mr.Emre
Mike the Hammer ,   Baltimore   (01.15.09)
You want excessive force? If I were in charge, I would not hold fire until our soldier is free and the attacks stop. If you attack a country, you LOSE ALL your rights. The bigger the hit the better! Israel will push on as hamas is a gangster group. The end will be a terrible one for the Islamic criminals.
21. skewed logic:How to honour contract if factory is kasamized
trumpeldor   (01.15.09)
What would happen if Turkey cities were bombed by neighboring terrorists ? If I remember well, kurds guerilla training camps were attacked by turkish airforce !
22. Being a big country
Emre   (01.15.09)
Big countrys are such countries who can find the guilty one and punish. Crazy countries are hitting everybody in the same neighborhood without thinking about innocents. Turkey has never killed any innocent people , we always hit the terrorist in their cage which needs really courage. We accept Israels should protect itself and expect from Israel to find the responsibles and punish them. But not children mates ! Who support here in this forum these kind of actions are thinking radical nationalist not humanist.
23. Hahaha!! contracts ????
TURKISH SWORD   (01.15.09)
Caspian&Russian naturalgas & oil pipelines will come to Eilat via Turkey baby !! I'm waiting for combination of Ashkenazi Mind & billions of cheap asian workforce & products. We have more valuable contracts :)))))) Do not resume the game..Don't be shy..You are mighty, you can do it... Vikram Ajit Singh & Ching Chang Chong waiting for us.
24. Turkish PM is but a puppet - controlled by ProUS Turk Army
Tomer ,   Herzeliyya   (01.15.09)
They make some noises but ultimately they will do business with Israel. If not, they may find that Congress starts passing Armenian Genocide Resolutions
25. Support Kurds?
Funny talkbackers, if you paid a little attention to learn, you'd see more than half of current religious government party members are Kurdish in Turkey. Kurds are very religious Muslims. There are thousands of Kurds among the protestors, it's clear you can't understand Kurdish language and can't understand pro-Hamas Kurdish banners. The Kurds who are with the PKK tend to be less religious but they are supporters of Hamas and other armed groups against Israel too, because they view them as fellow freedom fighters. So, go right ahead support the Kurds then. How funny you make yourself look with your hateful proposals against Turkey.
26. Nothing important than Israel security,
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (01.15.09)
And don’t worries in the final day the Turk will realize that they will have more interest with Israel then the entire Arabs nations,
27. Islamic Fundamentalism?
Halil ,   Hamburg Germany   (01.15.09)
Ok i'm completely confused you are talking about Islamic Fundamentalism. What about Israel. You are 100 times more fundemantalists than turks. And you underestimate Turkey, Turkey doesnt need your tiny support, Israel needs turkish support, that is the way it goes my friends. And yes we have had our fights with PKK but Kurds in general does not support PKK. Finally you want to ally with Armenia rather than Turkey? What do you expect from powerless Armenia. Israel needs turkish supports. Turkey is the only country in Europe which has saved Jews from holocaust if you remember, so pay respect to turks. Turks have saved jews for centuries!
28. #22 - Emre, And Turkey was such a big country in 1917...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (01.15.09)
And Turkey was such a big country in 1917 and the mid 1890's that it imprisoned and executed the Armenian intellegentsia of Istanbul, rounded up and executed all of the men-folk in Van and its neighboring cities, then forced the women and children to walk to Aleppo through the brutal deserts of Western Anatolia and Northern Syria- picking off whatever pretty ones they could find for their harems. It doesn't matter whether the Young Turks' actions against Armenian women and children were warranted or not by the Russian invasion- you have condemned your country by your very own logic with the words, "Crazy countries are hitting everybody in the same neighborhood without thinking about innocents." Compare this with Gaza, who voted Hamas into government with an 80% majority and who recruits and trains women and child soldiers!!!!!! THERE ARE NO INNOCENT CIVILIANS IN GAZA. Every Turk must ask themselves this question when considering Gaza: Do you want your country to look like Istanbul or Van? In this same spirit, we refuse to allow the extremists in this region to turn Tel Aviv and Jerusalem into Gaza City. We here in Israel hope our Turkish friends, with whom we have a bond of friendship that extends for centuries, will agree with us.
29. Don't trust Islamist-Jihadist countries
Brod ,   USA   (01.16.09)
Israel and the West must not trust any Islamist-Jihadist countries including Turkey. They are good in Taqiyya. They share the same ideology and goal of Islamist-Jihadism. They are dark forces.
30. Indeed, # 1 good friend Turkey
Johnny ,   Amsterdam   (01.16.09)
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