Olmert’s ill-advised move
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 14.01.09, 18:30
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31. but this is exactly what happen
charlie   (01.15.09)
come on! olmert is not a good pm, but he told things the way they occurred. it is obvious. the state dept said it was not true, but they did not offer another version to the story. whu woud rice draft a resolution & then abstain? use your brains!
32. a chance for survival
jj ,   US   (01.15.09)
The sooner the US severs the link to Israel, stops the financial aid, the support, the arming of the crazed military junta -- the better Jewish people's chances for survival become.
33. Olmert should have thought less about self and more about
Rachel ,   USA   (01.15.09)
Israel. This was, as noted by the author, a gift to the anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists who babble about Israel "controlling" the US. Rather than his own pride, Olmert should have considered his country's best interests.
34. Actually, it's the first useful thing he's done as a PM
Gur   (01.16.09)
and you can bet he has something up his sleeves for the European meddlers as well! Stay tuned!
35. to 32
jamila ,   ..   (01.16.09)
both will not servive but me without legs i can servived
36. If Olmert said he "forced" Bush, Olmert is foolish
Jack ,   Detroit, Michigan   (01.16.09)
It's one thing for Olmert to say he spoke with Bush and asked, or suggested, or argued for a no vote at the UN. But to say he "forced" Bush to do so is insulting to Americans in general. So, if that is what Olmert said he is foolish and lacks common sense.
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