Phosphorus mortar shell detected in Negev
Ilana Curiel
Published: 14.01.09, 19:16
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1. make a lay and beleive it
ghannem ,   alquods   (01.14.09)
you are so funny israel
2. thats a lie
Yazan ,   Jordan   (01.14.09)
3. Enough!
Chrisona ,   Chicago.IL   (01.14.09)
Clearly the genie is out of the bottle. Israel has no choice but to establish and maintain security control throughout the territories. The resulting stability will create a platform for further political negotiations. Israel also needs a defensive buffer in south Lebanon. Tough neighborhood.
4. Teeht to Teeth Phosphor to Phosphor
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (01.14.09)
Possibly there was a high phosphor fish in yesterday's hamas meal and they send reminants of fish possibly skin
5. fire in ashdod #1-2
daniel mostrel ,   paris   (01.14.09)
eh guys even if it is a rocket who made it I don't see why you would be so happy;it 's just the proof that hamas fire specially on civilian target this factory is a civilian one so you can dance ....upon your shadowed fighters
6. The only one lying here are ...
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (01.14.09)
Arabs. Their lies are everywhere.
7. 1-2 keep living in illusions
yariv   (01.14.09)
Yeah right. Hamas is actually a charity organisation. They are just "opressed". Yada yada yada. Just remember this when extremists take over Jordan and alqouds and impose sharia law (stoning, hanging from cranes, amputating arms and legs etc.)
8. Complain to Cairo!
Ahmet ,   I├žel, Turkey   (01.14.09)
9. I'm sure the Red Cross will get right on it.
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.14.09)
The Red Cross has confirmed that, as the IDF had claimed, IDF use of phosphorus shells for illumination and "hazing" was legal under international law. Firing a phosphorus shell into a civilian area, as Hamas or its associates has done, is clearly NOT legal. Anyone seriously expect the Red Cross to make as big a deal of this very real violation as it did about the alleged Israeli violation?
10. phosphorus shell
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (01.14.09)
This is very interesting, since Hamas and the UN accuse Israel of using them. Now the truth is out, it is really Hamas that is using it against our soldiers in Gaza, not Israel.
11. no 1, you poor soul
fish tel-aviv   (01.14.09)
You can't even spell the words right, living in Jersualem haven't taught you even to write properly. You ar*e is funny...
12. Eye for an Eye
Ahmed   (01.14.09)
Phosphorpus for Phosporous
Joe the Electrician ,   Sandusky, OH   (01.14.09)
The blood of those killed and injured by Hamas white phosphorus shells is on the hands of CNN for falsly reporting on Monday that IDF is using white phosphorus bombs on civilians.
14. your policy may doom israel
wb ,   atl bch   (01.14.09)
after reading your terms of use i think much useful info to help israel will no longer be reported. go luck. you are on your own.
15. what? Are you kidding?
Adeeb ,   Jordan   (01.14.09)
Hamas fighteres didn't even know ana elemnt called phophorus existed before this war. Well I do believe this is just to cover up the war phosphorus war crimes in Gaza. So why not blow up a phophorus bomb in an empty firld and share the responsibility. Smart thinking Israel
MOSHE ,   US   (01.14.09)
17. bull
m ,   jerusalem   (01.14.09)
you can't write this article its bull. the whole world is watching us use much larger phosphorus bombs and then we come up with this ingenius article, do you really want the world to hate us more??? just do what your doing and shut up about it . its not an even fight everyone knows that so to say this about a little qassam is bad since we already used hundreds of larger bombs on their civilians and hamas.
18. Arabs in Jordan and Lebanon
Barak ,   USA   (01.14.09)
Ten years from now...when God willing hamas is gone and decent people are running Gaza, they will be thanking the Israelis for getting rid of this cancer plauging them. You in Jordan and Lebanon who will be controlled by the terrorists of islamice fundemetnalism will be wishing the Israelis had come into your neighborhood and cleaned house as well. You may even come begging us Jews for asylum.
19. Phosphorous shell planted by zionist IDF....
Eric ,   JHB SA   (01.14.09)
This phosphorous shell is planted by zionist israel to cover its backside. Don't think the world is such a fool to believe zionist lies....
20.  You are either an idiot or you're acting as one !!!
Maria ,   UK   (01.14.09)
For Heaven's sake people you have been firing Gaza using white phosphorus for days, Hamas fighters of course haven't bought such weapon, they are collecting shells that haven't exploded and using it , so if you want that to stop you stop it first , they're getting it from YOU!!!!
21. #9 - you seems too blind !
gaza ,   gaza   (01.14.09)
IDF use phosphorus on civil areas in gaza and many people are now in hospitals due to massive use of this chemical weapon.. for your information: Gaza is the highest population area in the world.. and so you can decide if the use of this weapon should be right choice or not..
22. almost all rockets, mortars landed in Eshkol
observer   (01.15.09)
because those like it there, in spite of the long distance travel.
23. Must be one that didn't explode in Gaza in first place
Phosphor   (01.15.09)
A Palestinian picked it up and sent it right back.
24. Hmmm, IDF must have missed the target
Observer   (01.15.09)
25. Apparently 'Friendly Fire'
Only Israel is using phosphorus shells. Don't make fools out of yourselves just because YNET is re-printng information it obtained from 'security' officials. Are Israel's journalists still asleep are just being censored?
26. Probably fired from a Palestinian tank or Pal-F16
Jack   (01.15.09)
Hey Israel, stop using chemical weapons Made in China - they might get picked up.
27. Considering heavy daily phosphorus bombing by Israel...
Phosphor   (01.15.09)
I assume the tunnels can be closed now as Israel provides supply by air.
28. #18 wrong barak: ME history shows they won't forget
Avner   (01.15.09)
Their phosphor-burned women and children will remind them for life time who dropped the bombs. Gaza will become a hothouse for more fundamentalism because they got nothing left to loose with their houses bombed away and parts of family wiped out. If you don't understand you are not from the ME.
29. #20, been firing SMOKE bombs
Danny   (01.15.09)
Your idiot press even had the designation of the shells so it could have checked as opposed to just accepting Palestinian BS.
30. Only One Way Hamas Attained White Phosphorous
Nikolay Levin ,   Rochester, New York   (01.16.09)
White Phosphorous burns on contact with OXYGEN. How, oh how, could it be recovered from IDF shells?
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