First Gaza damage estimate: $1.4 billion
Associated Press
Published: 15.01.09, 11:55
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1. EU is doing EVERYTHING except stopping Hamas Rockets
Alan ,   SA   (01.15.09)
2. Another Palestinian scam in the making.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.15.09)
Everyone is supposed to foot the bill for Arab irresponsibility. Sure, that''s normal. That's also why this conflict never ends - the suckers keep financing the Palestinian war against us. And listen to the crap in this article - what a collection of propaganda. It starts with line one - ''Israel's fierce assault'' - c'mon, this was a mini-operation. Russia's attack on Chechniya, that was a fierce assault. Then, we have, ''Arab & Western gov't.'s will have to foot the bill'''. What a lie. Yes, the Western suckers will foot almost all the bill while the Arabs will finance terrorism. You want more, I could go through the whole article, which is basically so distorted as to boggle the mind. I'm waiting for someone to say that Israel deserves aid because of all the expenses incurred in fighting Islamic extremists & the damage caused by their missiles. I won't hold my breath because we all know this will never happen. If any profession could be lower in honesty than politicians & lawyers, I guess journalists would top the list.
3. Should be deducted from US aid to Israel, given to Gaza
SA ,   USA   (01.15.09)
4. cost of rebuilding tunnels
Wally   (01.15.09)
are we taking that in to account?
5. #3, the other way round!
Noa ,   Beer Sheva   (01.15.09)
If the West wants to finance Gaza - first take off the money we lost on damages by Grads and Kassams, what we have to pay to social workers, psychologists, damages to the families of the bereved, and oh - we wouldn´t need all the bomb shelters if it wasn´t for them.
6. interesting to know
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.15.09)
It would be interesting to know what the cost of the Hamas armaments, tunnels and bunkers was. But what Terry says is correct. The West and the Arab countries are paying Hamas and Fatah to attack Israel knowing full well that Arab civilians will die and that if the Hamas or Fatah win, the Jews of the Middle East will be exterminated.
7. #5: Whats price of Muslim/Arab hate for US caused by Israel
GG ,   USA   (01.15.09)
8. seems a little bit on the cheap side
zionist forever   (01.15.09)
I would have thought more like $4.1 billion in damage alone, lost trade well considering the tunnel trade is pretty much dried up thats going to cost alot. Iran & Syria they are going to loose a fortune if we can manage to stop the smuggling, just think no more arms to Hamas, it will cost them a fortune. The good news for the citizens of Hamastan is those idiot Europeans who have more money to spend on palestinians than to invest in their own economies will pay for the whole thing and it will create plenty of work in the construction business. Sadly its cost us alot more than $1.4 billion in weapons and rocket damage and its going to cost us even more to replenish stocks of used weapons.
..............DACON9   (01.15.09)
10. not finished yet
Ari   (01.15.09)
until they and their friends and the world get the point any rocket on civilian cities and towns is unacceptable. sorry chaps, you had years to figure this out.
11. Expensive refugee camp as they claim they live in
Mike ,   Israel   (01.15.09)
12. So what?
Sammy ,   Tel Aviv   (01.15.09)
13. And $1.3B of that is for destroyed weapons!
Harry   (01.15.09)
14. 3# Should be sent to Gaza to help them rebuild.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.15.09)
15. losses
colin   (01.15.09)
Hamas has cost gazans 1.4 billion SO WHAT Go cry to the EU and the UN you will get it all back with interest. They love wasting money even if the world is in ressesion.
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