Gaza: IDF shells UN compound, hospital also hit
Ali Waked
Published: 15.01.09, 12:30
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1. que talkbackers
john ,   dublin   (01.15.09)
saying that a) these are lies or b) that there were hamas members inside the building, despite the fact that they have no idea about what happened beyind this news story.
2. Hamas shell?
Eric ,   Tel Aviv   (01.15.09)
OPEN UNRWA BOOKS!!!!   (01.15.09)
4. Eyewitnesses with a Militry Background-Eng translation=HAMAS
Alan ,   SA   (01.15.09)
5. Why doesnt Monkey Moon demand Hamas stop missiles?
Chaim ,   Israel   (01.15.09)
Enough double standard Monkey Moon,,, go home, you are a waste of time... Let Israel defend itself.
6. Unbelievable brutality
Zyriab ,   MontrĂ©al   (01.15.09)
IDF has gone mad... Of course Israel will find a way to justify this later...
7. Put this Ban back on the moon where it came from
Amenophis ,   canada   (01.15.09)
Inform this ignoramous to go back to the moon where it obviously came from! Imagine this outfit demanding Israel stop while the rockets still fall. If Israel gives in to this pacifist, it loses the war and the terrorist again claims victory while the rockets will continue to fall. Shut the thing up and hurl it out of Israel!!!
8. Where was his "outrage" when the kindergarten was bombed?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.15.09)
Ban Ki-Moon, how do we know that Hamas didn't bomb the compound? How do we know if the Hamas aren't using the UN has their headquarters? How do we know Hamas is not storing weapons there? Palestinians say ...... and you believe all their propaganda! The UN is a disgrace. You hammer Israel for surviving but what the hell are you doing about Darfur and Zimbabwe? What about the death toll there? What about the people abused by the UN Peace keepers in Africa? You are proving to be as big an anti-Semite as your predecessor! We Israelis demand an explanation from YOU why you failed to do anything about the bombing of our cities before the Gaza operation and why you failed to enforce Resolution 1701? You incompetence or deliberate failure has a direct bearing on this war. Sir, you failed then and you are failing now! Resign!
9. oops............ Oh well, It's a war.
Leon ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.15.09)
they can build a new compound.
10. # 5 Monkey Moon = UN = Unwanted Nobody=hamas
Jan ,   The Netherlands   (01.15.09)
Gush Katif Forever!!
11. # 6 IDF brutal? Forgotten Mumbai?
Jan ,   The Netherlands   (01.15.09)
Search for the article about brutality by Hamas and what happend in Mumbai. The IDF is elliminating this thug who are hidding behind children, they are cowards! Hamas: Big mouths, and only balls (terror) to innocents....
12. Time to ban the Ban
Big Moe ,   Sderot   (01.15.09)
A man walks down the street It's a street in a strange world Maybe it's the Third World Maybe it's his first time around He doesn't speak the language He holds no currency He is a foreign man He is surrounded by the sound The sound Cattle in the marketplace Scatterlings and orphanages He looks around, around He sees angels in the architecture Spinning in infinity He says Amen! and Hallelujah
13. Good Shot!!
David ,   Shilo Israel   (01.15.09)
14. Hamas is to blame
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.15.09)
There is a war going on in Gaza. If UN people get killed or injured then they must blame the people who started the war - Hamas!
15. #6 yes what brutality. that poor building...
16. #11: What does Mumbai has to do with it?
Zyriab ,   MontrĂ©al   (01.15.09)
Always trying to twist facts ...Mumbai , what does it have to do with shelling of UN compound in Gaza...Have you gone blind ? What happened to you people ? What rendered you so inhumane? Unbelievable your hatred.
17. Read the article before you make a fool of yourself
Daveza ,   ZA   (01.15.09)
Barak says it was a grave mistake - but you say it was a hamas rocket.
18. Selective Tears.
David ,   Rehovot Israel   (01.15.09)
Ban never made such demands of Hamas and those were not accidents! If he doesn't like the consiquences he should have thought about it years ago!
19. What an unfortunate accident.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.15.09)
Gee, I'm all broken up about it. Hopefully the next accident will finish the job. You can bet anything that they were harbouring Hamas fighters, supplying them with supplies, & otherwise engaged in hostile activity.
20. So, what's the problem, they are terrorist hideouts.
Wise Saba ,   Netivot   (01.15.09)
Hamas has been trying to hit Barzali & Soroka Hospitals for a long time. The Useless Nations buildings only serve as training grounds for terrorists & are legitimate targets. Where was Ban K Loon when Israeli homes & schools were being rocketed? Send the hypocrite Ban K Loon home.
21. to all peaple !!!! get inside and read!!!
israeli ,   sderot   (01.15.09)
8 years the hamas fiered us missels 8 y-e-a-r-s!!!!!!!!!!! ours peaple had been killed!!!! and this is tha way that hamas educating their peaple!!!! look at the kink is hat right to blame us???? and if this thing happens in your contry that ok for you ???? so i don't think so!!!! you will do thae same way that our IDF do!!!!! have a nice day!!!!!
22. UN building
Jeroen Kesteloot ,   Kortrijk Belgium   (01.15.09)
I read IDF has radars to detect lauching pads for rockets. If it was attacked, a rocket came from there. End of story! UN doesn't realise it yet that they are abused by Hamas.
23. 2 sides 2 every story
gali ,   israel   (01.15.09)
Hamas terrorists choose not to expose themselves by firing these weapons from open areas. They construct launch pads in densely populated regions in Gaza, using the local Palestinian population as a shield because they do not care if their fellow Palestinians are killed by their own misfiring rockets (as frequently occurs) or by retaliatory strikes by Israel. The leaders of Hamas, like their ideological soul mates in Hezbollah, actually prefer that Israel hits back because they know that if civilians inadvertently are casualties, the international community will blame the Israelis
24. Oops :-)
25. Mislead Hamas-rocket searching for brothers?
Hans ,   Germany   (01.15.09)
26. Not hard enough.
atlantis   (01.15.09)
27. @ #21
Daveza ,   za   (01.15.09)
fiered us missils ?! And you query THEIR education ? 8 years of rockets - 21 deaths. How does that compare to the last weeks dead in Gaza ?
28. It is a fact that UN aid money funds terrorism.
Kev ,   London   (01.15.09)
It is a fact that UN aid money funds terrorism here anyway. One has to wonder how far removed this was, if at all, from being a legitimate target. In fact, one has to wonder how long it will be for all UN buildings and installations to become legitimate targets given that entity's diabolic record.
29. #22 We are with you...stay strong
Yaron ,   USA   (01.15.09)
30. The future of the State of Israel
Jeremy ,   UK   (01.15.09)
The amount of hatred and inhumanity in these talkbacks beggars belief. Every shell that kills the innocent engraves the doom of the state of Israel in its surrounding environment. But you are too full of hatred to comprehend it. The crimes you commit and support will, one day, come back to haunt you. What you snatch by blood, you shall loose by blood.
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