6 ministers to launch 'PR attack' abroad
Roni Sofer
Published: 15.01.09, 20:45
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1. a little too late?
Miriam ,   Canada   (01.15.09)
this comes a bit late, after we have all seen the enemies fake videos etc.... Israel should have started this on day one..... equal time.....tough job to repair the damage done..
2. PR
frank ,   israel   (01.15.09)
Why send Tamir? She will only agree with them and explain how we are rewriting our textbooks to include how we brutilized these innocent people, yet again...If you really what to send people, TEACH THEM TO SPEAK, DRESS, ACT. Don't send people who are not properly trained. DON'T SEND LEFTEST dupes who will spread their slanted version of the facts and call it truth. Tamir is a joke and will ultimately lose her "position" shortly. I guess this is her last party before she becomes unemployed.
3. Yuli Tamir as a spokesperson?
Elle ,   Israel   (01.15.09)
I cannot believe that they choose Yuli Tamir as a spokesperson for Israel. As Education Minister that woman has no heart - allowing teachers to work without proper conditions including salary. An ambassadar must have feeling and express it using verbal and non verbal means. The only thing I have ever seen from her is arrogance. That will surely further damage our image. I would also like to know how well she (and the others) speak English.
4. #1 its never too late
Inbar ,   IL US   (01.15.09)
And I'm saying go for it!! We are a group already involved for many years slamming this one sided press coverage. It does help
5. Good luck
S.M ,   Toronto   (01.16.09)
Good luck with the PR offensive, its going to fall on deaf ears. Nowadays, quite a good number of people get their news from the internet and independant sources and really dont bother with the mainstream press. We can figure out the truth for ourselves and no Israeli minister can counter the pictures of injured and dead children that have come out of Gaza.
6. Why send Tamir ?
Amos ,   Israel   (01.16.09)
Perhaps she is the only Israeli politician who wont be immediately arrested and sent to the Hague on 'Crimes against Humanity' charges.
7. #2 At least we can hope she spells better than you
david ,   los angeles   (01.16.09)
8. 6 ministers off to do "PR"
sas ,   israel   (01.16.09)
and what do we have ambassadors for?????????? just proves that livni as foreign minister has appointed IDIOTS to head our missions. Half do not speak any language and 1/2 do not understand the situation in the Middle East. They cannot even explain it in Hebrew...........
9. Sorry, I was wrong: it was Colette Avital...
St├ęphane ,   Brussels BE   (01.16.09)
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