IDF strikes 40 targets in Gaza; sources say '23 bodies found under rubble'
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 16.01.09, 14:00
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1. Finish Hamas or Face Condemnation
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (01.16.09)
If this government note not Israel does not finish Hamas' top members this war will be deemed as unjustified because will only reignite again. Why do I separate government form Israel because Israel wants to destroy Hamas but this government does not. The government of Israel Ehud Olmert, Tzipi Livni, Ehud Barak will endanger Jews around the world including in Israel if Hamas top echelon is not destroyed. World will condemn Israel not its government which does not represent its people. Israel Wake Up!
Petra ,   usa   (01.16.09)
3. Not enough... I was hoping for more...
William ,   USA   (01.16.09)
4. Mosque used to store weapons?
observer   (01.16.09)
its code of building followed the code of ordinary buildings, so it fell like them. was it Hamas' or Israel's fault. Israel was supervising all the building codes in Gaza for almost 38 years. Certainly that mosque was older than 4 years.
5. Job well done. Israel.
Kev ,   London   (01.16.09)
Don't stop now.
just the way it is ,   zion   (01.16.09)
The world ignored us as our land was shelled for 8 years. Israel now ignores the voices now who ignored us for all those years (the same voiceless 'voices' who ignored the Holocaust). When Jews die they, the Jews, are ignored. We are all we have, We are left with no choice: KILL OR BE KILLED
7. is ali waked an arab???
dave ,   uk   (01.16.09)
just asking
8. statistics
Green Gene ,   Great Neck New York   (01.16.09)
Who supplied you with the number's killed, injured their ages and gender and their affiliation (Hamas, civilian, etc.) I am a researcher in psychology and reported results of many experiments are manipulated in many ways. Over twenty years ago my mentor left out two data points because the experiment would not be published if they were left in. How are the Gazan numbers manipulated for political purposes? The first casualy of war is the truth.
9. israel shame on you
masjnoe ,   netherland   (01.16.09)
israel you are as stupid as judaism and eugenetisism, shame on you
10. #4 - Observer - struggling to find fault with Israel?
William ,   Israel   (01.16.09)
So rather than ask why massive explosives were placed in a mosque, something that would bring down almost any building, you focus on the possibility of shoddy construction due to Israeli building codes. You're a joke, dude! You obviously can't find your ass froma hole in the ground - which doesn't make you much of an observer...more of a useless space-taker.
11. Changing Statistics - and still LOW % of civilians
William ,   Israel   (01.16.09)
I've watched for days as the level of civilians at the hands of Pal reporters jumped from 15% to as high as 100% - with most support from EU publications like BBC. Now the level of children is amazing higher than women whoc apparently are the only civilians in Gaza where ever man is apparently part of Hamas. So - to this logic, every woman in Gaza is toying 3-6 children under the age of 10 with her. That doesn't even match Gaza population stats. But the BIG comparison is this - Gaza civilians: 30% compared to israeli civilians:80%. We see who is targeting civilians who is targeting terrorists.
12. You're welcom to Gaza city, smartie #9
Israeli   (01.16.09)
13. Tu "Majnun" 9 in the Netherlands
Karl the Dutchmen ,   Netherlands   (01.16.09)
Please take your camel an dget out of Europe ! Israel is doing a great job for the sake of civilization and in behalf of all mankind ! Bomb Gaza till Hamas surrender or die !
14. The World is a better place today
The 11th Man ,   London   (01.16.09)
...than it was yesterday, before Israel despatched Siam & co. The deaths of children is no more regretted by the world than by Israel itself. Hamas is the killer. ALL STRENGTH TO YOU ISRAEL FOR DOING ALL YOU CAN TO SPARE WOMEN & CHILDREN WHILST GETTING ON WITH A JOB WHICH PROBABLY NO OTHER NATION COULD DO. Chazak!
15. In Gaza, no one suffered from Israel
Historical Observer ,   NY   (01.16.09)
Unfortunately, the category of women, children, and civilians is impossible to determine. Many women and children are part of the fight, and not innocent bystanders. The palestinian occupiers (Jordanian refugees is their proper title since Jordan was created at the same time folks) of Gaza are either classified as supporters of Hamas and the destruction of Israel or they are victims of Hamas' struggle to steal back land they were never entitled to. Many of these children were on their way to grow up and become terrorists, truly sad Israel has to show the world what the arabs living there are doing.
16. Where was all the outrage?
Steve ,   Leeds, USA   (01.16.09)
Where was all this international grief and out rage when missals were flying into Israel? What a joke the international community has made of itself!! Go IDF!!
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