US journalists call Livni a 'terrorist'
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 17.01.09, 10:12
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1. she got what she deserves
observer ,   Jerusalem   (01.17.09)
2. reporters
colin   (01.17.09)
These same reporters call Bush a terrorist for the war in Iraq,???Oops maybe Bush is a terrorist because he is at war in Afganistan with al quido?? Are these same lying reporters the ones who praised the terrorists that blew up the UN buildings?? Why has America allowed this rubbish to get reporters licence????
Petra ,   usa   (01.17.09)
And where .... in America .... it's like the shoes of Bush but this time inside America .... in another place she could be arrested the world is getting awake .
5. They are terrorist supporters not journalists!
Palestiniansareamyth ,   USA   (01.17.09)
So-called reporters from Arab and Muslim countries should be barred from America since they're basically mouthpieces for terrorist organizations.
6. War with Iran facists started already
gil ,   city of david Israel   (01.17.09)
All readers need to see the whole picture Gaza war against hamastan is a proof that war with big evil Iran facists started in 2006 when hizbullah armed with iran missiles started to pound galil and big north israel cities. Haifa civilians jews and arabs were terrorized Now Iran tried to repeat it in south Israel . Ayatollahs are using their money to spread cahos in the world and preparing a far biggest atomic boom and missiles that can terrorize more millions civilians in the world its time for all to understand that they iranians are using palestinians blood for their imperialist ambitions Their are using Israel crazy hate to leverage all islam to slam moderate and modern countries to expand their facism Story is repeating itself yesterday was nazism,today its facists of extremists islamists everywhere , algeria , yemen , soudan , libanon , EUROPE Time for the free world to shutdown iranian facists Its not israel only issue
7. Yitzhak Benhorin might provide more information
Steve   (01.17.09)
US journalists call Livni a 'terrorist' Who is this US journalist? What media outlet does he (?) or she (?) work for. Is this journalist a caucasian or other ethnicity? Is the accuser a Jew? Is the accuser an Arab? Why doesn't Mr. Benhorin provide more information?
8. Livni I am with you
Albert ,   Buenos Aires Arg   (01.17.09)
do more of this, I am with you
9. Wierd the BBC managed to get someone in via Rafah
Danny   (01.17.09)
Almost like they could have gone in at anytime..... Note the hard-hitting report we have come to rely on the BBC to write!!
10. Did the reporter Complain about Mumbai?
ambrosine shitrit ,   uk   (01.17.09)
I wonder if his reporter along with his co hawks in the journalisti cesspool of "freedom", actually took his time to write the same things about the Islamic cold blooded murder in Mumbai a few weeks ago? It would be interesting to find out a little about this reporter and turn the investigating enquiry onto him and his belifs.
11. Sorry but....
Alithapologist   (01.17.09)
Israel IS in dire straights,,,, Only because of the likes of you. People who LOVE ISRAEL, Love you, are deprived of their Democratic right to write and express a view, when that view is Pro-Israel. You ARE on the side of the enemies of Israel? Must be.... All the vacuously inane pro-Israel views are published.... No censorship on the anti-Israel views... When someone writes something of substance, -ALWAYS Pro-Israel Intelligent posts- it's either, not published, for no reason, or is it too long or...... That's fine...But why can we not even have a facility , a way to print it? After all we spend quite a bit of time in an attempt to write it, to allow your readers to see views, not normally seen here (or elsewhere, for that matter)..... Methinks....Israel is ...Is..... thanks to "nice, good Patriots" like you!...... One wonders , however.....What's the point of having such a supposedly "Patriotic" side? Obviously, you ain't on the side of the Truth. On the side of ISRAEL!
12. to#7
john ,   jerusalem   (01.17.09)
looks like a white American may be a Jew but definitely not an Arab
13. I saw the footage
Jayfree3 ,   Israel   (01.17.09)
Livni, the queen of surrender, was completely pathetic....she is an embarrassment to Israel and used the press conference more to push her bogus contention that Fatah are moderate and HAmass extremist. Why cant Israel get people that speak proper english and look articulate to represent us in front of the media?
14. Disgusted, But Not Surprised
Christy ,   Boston, US   (01.17.09)
If you listen to various news reports on US TV, and/or read reports in the US press ... you'll note that many (NOT all) members of the US Press seem to have anti-US & anti-Israel agendas to push. The suffering of Palestinians caused by the BIG BULLY Israel seems to be one agenda that can clearly be seen if you watch US TV news, or read US newspapers for long enough. There's some reporting on Israeli's suffering, but it is vastly eclipsed by Israel being shown as the BIG BULLY. Sad&funny when you realize some people believe that Jews control the US/World news media.
15. livni looooooooooser
livni lost 2 battles one in Gaza the other in Washington. bad luck " zibbi"
16. Defending Oneself Against TERROR.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (01.17.09)
Quote :” US journalists call (FM Tzipi) Livni a 'terrorist'” Hamas et al fired 3,000+ Kassam rockets and mortars (since beginning 2008 till December 26th) from Gaza Strip onto UNARMED civilians of Sderot, other places in Israel -- and thus endangering the lives of about one million Israelis. SO, because FM Tzipi Livni is defending those one million Israelis against the terror emanating from the Gaza Strip (i.e. the 3,000+ Kassam rockets and mortars fired from Gaza Strip) -- you (i.e. those journalists) consider Mrs. Livni to be a terrorist ? I would like to ask those journalists where they have learned that kind of logic -- that defending oneself (against TERROR) makes one a terrorist ? I think that those journalists are either defenders of terror activities or mentally ill.
17. #15
Ede udochukwu ,   Nigeria   (01.17.09)
very,very foolish of u.maybe another sept 9/11 will happen wherever u are and your wife,mother,father and children will be wiped out.then u would know how it feels 2 live with terrorists.enuf is enuf,we cannot continue 2 tread lightly whenever it concerns muslims.if u attack a country,u must be prepared 4 a backlash.sorry for the dead women and children but if u let terrorists shoot from ur house then u must be prepared 2 face the consequences.or r they retards?4 the un,stop cryin murder and go 2 darfur,somalia and the drc.only then would the world take u seriously or where there not women and children in yugoslavia?have u heard them cryin.shut up.enough is enough.
18. To Gil #6. The Ayatollah-Menace.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (01.17.09)
You say :” Ayatollahs (i.e. Iran) are using their money to spread chaos in the world ..” You are right. And thus the world SHOULD take care of the Ayatollah-menace. WHY should Israel be asked to take care of the Ayatollah-menace ? IT is a problem of the world (i.e. USA, EU, Russia, China, UN) -- so, the world should take care of it. Israel should continue to protect its own country and civilians. Let the world take care of itself -- that is NOT Israel’s headache.
19. Al-Jazeera reporter asked the right question.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.17.09)
As for the rest of it, well, we know the media is biased & getting more so since Obama's election. It may also be the reason that much of mainstream media is in a financial crisis - many are turned of by the obvious lef-wing bias.
20. #1 observer: So did the hamas leaders
CEK ,   The US of A   (01.17.09)
They are visiting the virgins... in hell. lol Why don't you reveal your location? Are you ashamed?
21. Good English, strong accent
DG ,   UK   (01.17.09)
No. 13 - Livni was excellent. She kept her cool. Her English is very good although she has a strong foreign accent. Don't confuse a strong accent with poor command of the language. When Israel puts up native English speakers its only lends support to the accusation that Israel is a western colonial possession.
22. About the Reporters.
Saul ,   houston tx USA   (01.17.09)
First of all: Reporters in a press conference are to gather information not to insult. second: by doing that(insulting), they are supporting the terrorist, hamas @ Iran. I wonder if they are from al-jazeera. and third, a state power is about the press power, and i completely agree with the state of ISRAEL to ban all those bias reporters and news agencies from covering the conflict. Reporters do not report facts anymore, but personal opinions and belief. GOD ALMIGHTY bless Livni.
23. US journalists call Livni terrorist
Ben ,   Greenville, USA   (01.17.09)
Why is there no mention of the organizations that these journalists work for and why are their names not mentioned?
24. #22 I completely agree with you!
usa   (01.17.09)
Reporters ARE supposed to gather objective information ONLY. If they stoop to the level that these unprofessional hacks have, then they lose all credibility, (except in the Arab world, of course, where they'll believe ANYTHING al-Jazeera tells them.) If they want to express an opinion, let them stick to the proper forum and write editorials. Next time, Livni should take off her shoes and fling them at these "reporters" with the stupid, inane, biased questions!
25. journalists call livni terrorist
elliot ,   usa   (01.17.09)
these would be liberal and also moslem journalists--starting jan 20 the chorus will grow louder...if israel fails to defeat hamas it will grow louder still..the left is coming to power and it is pro-arab and anti- israel-why do US jews vote left????
26. Now I'm proud to be an American!
GUH   (01.17.09)
I realize now that the people, not the government, make America so great. FREE PALESTINE!!!
27. #22, 24 - Gentlemen, the days of objectivity are over
William ,   Israel   (01.17.09)
Ever since CNN added the comedian D.L. Hughley to read the news and give light-hearted comments to gain ratings from shows like the Daily Show and Colbert Report, their semblence of objectivity went out the window. No journalist or editor has objectivity anymore. As the editor of the NYT stated "we give people what they want"...which means, we provide slants on stories to force tension and hatred, to sell papers. Disgusting. No less disgusting is the Western reporter who cried at Arafat's funeral and the one from RAI (Italy) who apologized publicly for releasing video of the lynching of the IDF reservists.
28. #26 - Guh - So you consider journalists' opinions common??
William ,   Israel   (01.17.09)
According to latest polls, Americans overwhelmingly support Israel in this war and blame Hamas for starting the whole thing. Believing that journalists hold the opinion that is common of the population is both short-sighted and dangerous....and the very reason the media is allowed to skew facts for ratings. It's good to see that most Americans are not like you and do look deeper into a story than take it at face-value. America is great and always will be. Free Israel from Arab occupation!!
29. William
Nadia ,   Washington DC   (01.17.09)
You said: "It's good to see that most Americans are not like you and do look deeper into a story than take it at face-value. America is great and always will be." Are you kidding me? Sorry to say but most Americans are very geographically and politically ignorant when it comes to the rest of the world. The only other reason you get so much support (other than world ignorance) is because we have millions of evangelicals in this country. It's quite funny how much money they give you, and you readily accept it, even though their motives are quite dark for supporting Israel "until the end". The majority of us who have lived all over the world know better and do not support Israel politically. That does not mean all of us wish violence on its citizens but you only have your government's policies over the years to blame for your predicaments.
30. #15. Sure, sure, Hamas won the battle in Gaza
Jake   (01.17.09)
Just like Nasser won the 1967 war. Don't you know? The Arabs have never been defeated in war.
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