Iranian cleric calls for shooting Livni
Dudi Cohen and AP
Published: 17.01.09, 13:18
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1. Does This Get World-Wide Headlines?
Christy ,   Boston, US   (01.17.09)
I would expect this to be front-page news around the world, with heads of state denouncing this threat. (I'm not holding my breath.)
2. religious cleric of the religion of peace
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.17.09)
in order to understand what peace really is, you must examine everything these people say and do and you'll find that "peace" is the exact opposite.
3. LMAO - The joke's on YOU, ignoramus loser
5th generation ,   Israel   (01.17.09)
4. To The Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.17.09)
I promise you that the wish is totally reciprocal but in your case it would be putting down a rabid dog infected with the disease of hatred and the desire to see your own "people" suffer in your war against Jews! The same goes for that lunatic miscreant of the human race President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who is also a certifiable raving lunatic. You war is not against Israel or for the good of the Palestinians. You war is to inflict the disease of Islamic Fundamentalism against non-Muslim and "moderate" Muslim countries and you are allowing the so called "innocent" people of Gaza, who without any shadow of a doubt, support Hamas, made their beds with Hamas and now must lie in those beds, to be used as human shields and to die for your insane cause! Actually, if your rhetoric wasn’t so sick it could be used in a cartoon portraying you as the “cleric gone mad”!
5. This holly man was just preaching in a mosque.
Paz ,   Latin america   (01.17.09)
6. old men
Ede udochukwu ,   Nigeria,Lagos   (01.17.09)
how can people actually follow senile people like this.i think he has the hots for her but she's way above his league.i promise him that if he comes 2 my country,i'll do him that favor n expend a bullet for him,so that he can release that stranglehold he has on his country.senile old men makin d world turning in2.nah,not the world,arab nations n maybe the moronic uk.
7. The Ayatollahs are Terrorists
Brod ,   USA   (01.17.09)
Iran is governed by Ayatollahs who are Islamist-Jihadist Terrorists. They have the same agenda as Bin Laden. Their modus operandi can be seen through their tentacles-Hamas and Hezbollah. No civilized countries will talk and deal with terrorists. It is time Obama's advisers and Obama understand this fundamental principle. It is time Russia and China understand it.
8. El Matador, iran style
Jan   (01.17.09)
Ayashmatollah ahmad jannati ; you are not worth even a bullet. For a worthless and despicable caracter of your stature, the end of a rope would be a beffiting END.,a la Saddam. Of course it woul be nice if ,on the same rope (I am against waste), we could add your pal , the pygmy of iran, ahmadino.
9. Iran's leadership at his BEST
Jan   (01.17.09)
To no. 4, David of Karmiel: The cleric gone mad ?.No, no, The mad gone cleric......A muslim story !
10. I think not voting for her is sufficient.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.17.09)
She's certainly incompetent, inept, & doesn't have much in the way of strategic thinking or common sense, but that's not a very good reason to shoot her. If the above criteria were sufficient reason, we would have to shoot half the gov't., most journalists, & a great many intellectuals & academics. When it comes to Islamic clerics, however ...........
11. A Mad Dog Barks In Tehran
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (01.17.09)
No surprise here from a demented representative of fundamentalist Islam. As we well know, this is a primitive belief system whose backward viewpoint is rooted in violence, oppression, misogyny and rabid anti-Semitism. The sight of a strong Jewish woman must drive this maggot crazy.
12. #5-"The holy man just preaching in a mosque"
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.17.09)
Your right - just preaching the quran from a mosque - not dangerous. The best analogy is the way the vatican priets used to preach the extermination of the Jews from the pulpits of their local churches
13. he's jus jealous
Dennis ,   Chicago, USA   (01.17.09)
This cleric jannati is envious that a woman (and a Jewish woman at that) is western soceity can wheel so much power. Is this not sacriligious to moslems ?
14. lairjani and mottaki marked
mohson   (01.17.09)
These 2 along with jannati are dead men. They have been marked. These shia infidels have caused the death of sunni gazans. Gazans rise up and kill the shia infidels, the fake regime of jannati and ahamdinejad who the persian people. One thing is for sure. The ayattollahs will be executed publically, all of them and the entire city of Qum will be laid waste.
15. To grand Kakkatollah Jackassi
Kidon 77   (01.17.09)
By that declaration, you Ahmad Janati and all your family have become a legitimate target. Notice: you will never know when, and how, but our fellow Kidom are already on your trail Persian monkey !
16. Radical Islam aim - conquering the World
Voice of Truth   (01.17.09)
The truth should be said - the primary aim of radical Islam (politically correct named) is conquering the World - look at this -
17. We dont hear other religious leaders calling for killing
Islamophobe   (01.17.09)
The "religion of peace" - at it again.
18. Israel assassinates elected Palestinian leaders
Antiwar reader   (01.17.09)
So, according the intentionaly biased israeli translation, Iranian cleric is copying IDF language. Israel is trying again and again to drag Iran into a war befor January 20. Israel and it's evil dimona are doomed if there anothe war. it's the end of israel, exactly what billion people in the world are praying forl, as a resulted of its inhumanity toward Palestinians.
M ,   JERUSALEM   (01.17.09)
I think this guy has the hots for her. lol
20. is this iranian cleric working for israel?
chaim ,   brooklyn ny   (01.17.09)
livni -olmert-barak these three criminally insane traitorous leftist self hating pathetic cowards,are a bigger danger to israel's well being than all the terorist organizations combined. this cleric must be a agent working for israel,and eager to get rid of israels biggest threat to its existence.Tzippy Livni citizens of israel remmember on FEB 10 a vote for Livni is a vote for death and destruction of israel
21. Palestinian supporters are fulll of hatred!
Maria ,   MD   (01.17.09)
especially the Arabs.They don't really have peace even though they pray daily.
22. #14 &15 hotheads
Hamahdal ,   here & there   (01.17.09)
you sound both like arab loosers, go and have a life.
23. Iranian mongrel barking in the desert
Tzipi ,   Israel   (01.17.09)
The old persian pig seems upset that a Israeli lady is giving Tehran's lackey the lesson of their lives. We aren't impressed by your mad barkings old fart. But you should know each of your crooked "chief" Grand, or "president" are legitimate targets for elimination, and as in sex, it is those who speak the less that do the more !
24. Persian crap
HK Syndicate ,   Hong Kong   (01.17.09)
Wasn't Khomeini who wrote in his book a crap like that a girl at the age of 6 can be used for sex. A country directed by paedophile and mad maniacs have no lessons to give to the world. We should wipe Iran from the surface of earth. It is the greatest service we could do to mankind
25. Livni
Lisa ,   Switzerland   (01.17.09)
it is headlines in switzerland, #1 the grand ayotulla feels threatened by a woman, poor muslim cleric- I pity those bearded old insane men- they are showing just how demented they are. I hope someone helps them to an early death and one 72 year old virgin.
26. To Ayatollah A. Jannati. You Are NOT A Religious Person !!
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (01.17.09)
Mr. Jannati, Mosques (during Friday prayers) are NOT meant for politics. Mosques are NOT meant for stacking anti-tank guns, rocket missiles -- Koran books should be stacked in the Mosques. In the Mosque you SHOULD preach about the beauty, the intelligence, the fame, the wisdom, the might/ power, the kindness, the mercy of ALLAH, the Supreme Lord. Mr. Jannati, calling for FM Tzipi Livni to be killed -- you have shown that you are NOT a religious person, and thus NOT worthy to be called an Ayatollah !!!!! Mr. Jannati, you are a MEAN person in the garb of a religious person.
27. Mullahs, Ayatollahs & Monkeys! BEWARE of what you wish for!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.17.09)
28. He needs read the Bible and become a Yeshua believer and ble ,   Birmingham-usa   (01.17.09)
he needs read the bible and become a Yeshua believer and hence would bless israel as many have turned from mohammed to the hebrew Yeshua and now bless and support israel =========shalom=========augustine e johnson-usa
29. Tzipi Livni is a righteous woman that God has protected
Rivkah   (01.17.09)
and will continue to protect unless she offends the Lord which is not likely. If the radical Muslims could not take out a target as hated and as big as Ariel Sharon was when Prime Minister because of the protection of the Lord, how are they going to take out a smaller target like Livni? God's angels will deflect the bullets.
30. I wish someone would give this guy a jalepeno pepper enema
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