Soldiers' mother: Stop Gaza doctor's propaganda
Dudi cohen
Published: 17.01.09, 16:49
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31. #12
Jeff ,   Germany   (01.17.09)
Yes it is a human tragedy, instigated by the same Palestinian fanatics for the past 60 years that take their people as hostages and human shields to fight Israel. Those people will never agree to a Jewish State, so it is as simple as Olmert said: It`s them or us. No mercy!!!
32. Doctor
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.17.09)
In war, like in war.
33. SHE IS RIGHT! Israel has gone nuts.
Dan ,   USA   (01.17.09)
Send him back to Gaza!
34. The mother for the PM of Israel! She is smart!
David ,   USA   (01.17.09)
35. The Israeli craziness and guilt is limitless
Israel is right ,   USA   (01.17.09)
36. The Palestinian media spin/warfare continues unabated.
Charles ,   USA   (01.17.09)
F.R. IN ISRAEL   (01.17.09)
38. question
israeli ,   israel   (01.17.09)
i understand the good doctor lives in a large building, not in a small house. If he saw Israeli tanks outise his window, why didn't he take his family to a different room, to a different part of the house, where there were no tanks outside the window?
39. Dangerous outbreak o
H.H.M. ,   Jerusalem   (01.17.09)
Dangerous outbreak of hate To Levana Stern your anguish concerning the faith of yours 3 sons in the army is human but as human being you should be able to control yourself and not mix human tragedy like the Dr. Ezzeldeen Abu al-Aish fate, of 3 killed, finally dead daughter plus 2 additional wounded daughters now at Tel Hashomer hospital and another killed niece. - One only can wish you of your sons coming out of IDF’s Cast Lead without scratch. When this hopefully will happen soon you should apologize publicly and personally for your completely unjustified outbreak and accusation taken on from official pointed propaganda. - Your “…belated humanitarian interview …” is to be considered as a public crocodile tear, readjustment after having trampled on human being at his deepest sorrows – I’m sorry to use this plain language to avoid any further misunderstanding or misinterpretation possible. Here we simply deal with a unusual large h u m a n tragedy only.
40. #3 Not only strict, but also protectionist
Wanda ,   Montreal   (01.17.09)
Canadian professional standards are in place for many reasons. I know so many highly educated immigrants, from places such as the UK, Ireland, France, Spain, Australia etc. who have their accreditation spurned when they get here. I'm not sure it's solely because Canadian professional regulatory boards are maintaining a high level of 'quality'...
41. The good doctor and others like him....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (01.17.09)
need to take to the streets IN GAZA. Let THEM tell the Hamas to issue a cease fire. We'll take care of our own policies thank you very much.
42. The Hamas is responsible for his greif...not Israel...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (01.17.09)
we held our fire for years while our cities were rocketed. He's complaining to the wrong crowd and Stern is right.
43. "civlians in gaza must rid themselves of hamas
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (01.17.09)
or this will continue. Israel cannot accept attacks or kidnappings.. What does it take for the world to get it, a nuclear war? Proportionality is irrelevant when Israel faces global enemies. Civilians are irrelevant when they elect murderous terrorists to represent them.
44. The Americans and British bombed Nazi Germany without worry
Jon ,   Ramat Aviv   (01.17.09)
We are at war and every man, woman, and child is fair game. Their children carry guns from a young age. Sure it is not their fault, but they are still not civilians. Even if they were, did the Americans or the British care about the bombings of innocent Germans during WW2? Of course not. They bombed and bombed until they won because there were only a handful of nazis left and they surrendered! We must do the same. Level Gaza until they surrender, and then move onto the destruction of the Iranian nuclear project. Just imagine if America or England had a large number of germans living in their cities, who had voted in the nazis to be in charge of them, and launched rocket attacks from within the countries on innocent civilians! Just imagine. It would have resulted in the killing of every nazi. We have to fight back against the terrorists who threaten our future and the future of our children. If the government is not up to the task remember it in the next elections
45. who are the real victims here?
oded   (01.17.09)
and the answer is... israelis... who have been terorised, butchered, bombed, and murdered by rampaging arabs for 100 +years now... and when we fight back, the world in general and the arabs in paricular scream in angst-- disproportinal! rabish, while i feel for the dco's loss, i agree with mrs. stern- let's not give them any more stages to propgate their ""victimhodo"!
46. to #22
R ,   TA Israel   (01.17.09)
Maybe I did not express my opion properly...perhaps "Angry" was a poor choice of words. I am not doubting that he wants peace do many people on all sides, and that life in Gaza can not be easy, however why did he choose such a location for his press conf. This does not come across as a peaceful gesture...rather a very offensive, hurtful one. I just do not see why in speach he neglegted to condem Hamas. The IDF does not push the Gazans to Hamas. That is their choice to use them as a solution...they did vote for them didn't they? and for the record the South also has its share of rockets falling from the sky. I find it amazing that you feel Israel has such a good life with no suffering of loss. Ahhh I guess Ignorance IS bliss...
47. #8 Why Is He Working At Your Hospital?
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (01.17.09)
Why is he living in Gaza? Why does he insist on peace during a war action? Why does he insist on his own divided loyalties? Hamas has used unutterable subterfuges, such as sending arms in ambulances. As a doctor, what does he think of that? Why is he still living among them? His viewpoint is abhorrent and senseless, and if his daughters had been killed because they sat in a car on a railroad track would he have blamed the engineer? It is too bad his daughters were killed but his demands are not realistic. He is demanding that we not defend ourselves in favor of his family. No way, doctor. Mrs Stern is right. Her sons should not give up one hair on their heads. Everybody makes choices. The Arabs don't want to live with them. They figure that if they complain long enough and loudly enough someone will appease them. So don't let them complain. Don't give them a soapbox. Their losses don't mean more than ours. And further, as compared to him, of the horrible tragedy of our own soldiers being killed by our own during friendly fire, do you see an article about the parents complaining? Just the opposite.
48. dr. Abu al-Aish
Eva ,   Jerusalem   (01.17.09)
I know dr. Abu al-Aish and he is a good and honest peace activist and I think it is only fair to let him show his grief at the cruel death of his daughters. I also understand the Israeli woman's paranoia, but it is really paranoia - Abu al-Aish is a peaceloving man, with many Israeli friends and I only hope he can stay a peace activist after this horrible event
49. Mrs. Stern
Rosie   (01.17.09)
I totally agree with Mrs. Stern. I feel for the doctor but if he was so concerned for the safety of his family he should have called a press conference in Gaza and instructed Hamas to stop their acts of terror to their own peple and the innocent citizens of Israel. If the doctor stores missles in his house or has terrorists shooting from near his house or from his house then there will be death to those that are innocent. Mrs. Stern is correct to say that the doctor is getting from the Israeli media a platform to launch complains about Israel. Would HAMAS allow him to have a press conference????
50. Where is the humanity?
Israeli   (01.17.09)
This guy did something brave- he spoke to Israelis about his children being killed by Israelis. If my children were killed by Palestinians, I would be filled with hate. And we all make excuses for the deaths of children. both sides have lost their humanity.
51. This is a war in a heavily populated area.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.17.09)
He should be on television in Gaza telling all the idiots there, that their attacks on another country..... caused the deaths of his children from the response. His buddies in Gaza started the least he can have enough balls to tell them to stop getting innocent people killed, by their war cult culture. He needs to address why his cult lets Arabs and Persians kill Jews.. and why his Koran has written passages... telling them to kill Jews. If Jewish blood is so important to the Arabs and Persians.....then they ought to shut up about the consequences of their actions and the results.
52. #50 Shame on you! What kind if Israeli are you?
Sandi ,   US   (01.17.09)
Are you even Israeli?
53. @48 Eva, What's Your Last Name: Braun?
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (01.17.09)
How dare you call Mrs Stern's response paranoia. What a dirty fighter you are. Just because you use the word "Peace" it means nothing. What she said was totally justified. He was in such grief that he immediately called a press conference. My my. Why is someone so antagonistic to Israel working in an Israeli hospital? You "peace" people need to understand that you actually have to practice peace, not just mouth it. Your mask slips too often.
54. come to Canada
sable ,   canada   (01.17.09)
Come to Canada with your family. Canada is not perfect and our governments make mistakes, but we try to value everyone, no matter what their religion, ethnicity, race, or where they came from.
55. #48 You know terrorists, hmmm, Braun indeed
Alex ,   US   (01.17.09)
56. #54 Take them all, enjoy terrorists
Sandi ,   US   (01.17.09)
57. Poor man
daniel   (01.17.09)
I support the operation in Gaza. But my heart goes out to him. What a tragedy, what a tragedy. Idiots of Hamas, with their stupid war against Israel. Idiots of the Israeli goverment who waited 3 years before acting. If they had acted after the first missiles were fired in 2005, nothing of this scale would have been needed.
58. Answer to # 38
Ava ,   New York, USA   (01.17.09)
... the same reason so many Jews in concentration camps did not run and hide when the Nazis came to get them. Please show others the sympathy and the sensitivity that you expect from the world.
59. So much hatred
Truthseeker ,   USA   (01.17.09)
As I read the comments in this talkback I am horrified at the complete ignorance and lack of compassion shown by so many. It is truly sickening. Don't you realize that what Israel is doing is very possibly going to cost more Israeli lives and infinitely more hatred against you. Thank goodness there are some Israelis who are not blinded by the hatred that many of you show. It is those Israelis who give some hope for the future. If the rest of you are like many of the posters you have shown the world that you are filled with hate and ignorance.
60. I think Bob #5 lives in gaza NOT Tel Aviv
jason white ,   afula,israel   (01.17.09)
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