European leaders to help stop Gaza smuggling
Roni Sofer
Published: 17.01.09, 20:23
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1. Lebanon take #2
Frank ,   Canada   (01.17.09)
This stupid Israeli leadership is reproducing what has failed in Lebanon. It has no reason to work. Destroying Hamas is the solution.
2. help- give it a chance
Lisa ,   Spain   (01.17.09)
guys, do you think you know it all because it is on Ynet? Give this a chance. I know, everybody here is a politician and expert- right now Israel has neither won nor lost the war- .. But I doubt very much it could go on indefinitely- European politicians want to help- it might be a good idea to give it a try. With the entire Middle East against Israel from the looks of it, being stubborn and abrasive is probably not the way to end this. You need European help whether you like it or not. There is none coming from the East!
3. Do not trust them or Egypt, all corrupt liars!
Sandi ,   US   (01.17.09)
4. This is a stupid joke
Nick ,   London, UK   (01.17.09)
If Israel believes even one word of this then Israel will suffer as well as Jews around the world. Stop believing stupid jokes. Rockets are send by Egypt (EGYPT). Forget Hamas-smamas. Egypt is doing the war and nobody will guard the boder with Egypt.
5. Save your money and use it for resettlement
meir elazar   (01.17.09)
The is absolutely no justification for the continued existance of Gaza. The terrorists destroyed the hothouses we left behind that were to provide jobs and millions of dollars to the PAL economy. The the exploitation of tactical information at the Park Hotel in Netanya and the bombing of the Heb. University Cafeteria along with all the other suicide bombings, we sealed Gaza and they no longer get employment in Israel. They do not produce anything of value and their only product and export is TERROR. Gaza has become a burden on international society sucking up aid and charity which is largely stolen by the terrorists. Therefore the immediate challenges are: 1. Prevent arms smuggling to terrorist organizations at all costs 2. Make sure that aid goes ONLY to civilians and is not stolen by the terrorists. Since HAMAS as voiced by their official CHARTER calls uncompromisingly for the Destruction of Israel and Murder of ALL Jews and Israelis, they have forfeited their right to exist within target range of our innocent civilians and must be killed or forcibly removed. There is not a single word from the Gaza terrorists about peace or any form of coexistance. Their rhetoric about fighting to the last drop of blood is crytal clear and they should be given the opportunity to realize this aspiration or simply leave. They started the terror against us nearly 100 years ago and there is no point in continuing the terror another 100 years. Let's get it over once and for all. Kill or expel all terrorists and their supporters in Gaza once and for all and show Iran the beginning of the fall of their regime and nuclear aspirations to terrorize and conquer the world.
6. Euro-wimp conmen ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.17.09)
They'll say anything, promise anything, come visit & make nice speeches - then stab us in the back diplomatically ..... This promise, like all the others, is worth absolutely nothing. Once they ''con'' us into a ceasefire, they'll forget all about their phoney promises.
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.17.09)
Egypt! all those tunnels lead to egypt. If egypt had wanted to avoid this, they would have sealed those tunnels long ago. hamass is as much a tool of mubarak as they are of ahmadinejad. Gives the egyptians the ability to PRETEND they are on the side of good while feeding the appetite of the devils.
8. terry mon frere ,,,,,
haim ,   mtl canada   (01.17.09)
this is the truth and we all know it this is another big mistake by our corrupts leaders how can we trust the brits or the french afer all we ve seen on the news for the last 3 weeks just listening to france2 and the bbc i got so mad from all the bs je sais pas si on va s en sortir chalom bro
9. To Lisa in Spain:We know it because we are HERE!
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.17.09)
Getting advice from Spain where the Spanish PM has openly engaged in acts of anti-semitic rhetoric is rather moronic at best. When the islamonazis blew up the Spanish trains - you immediately surrendered to them! You are the land of the Inquisition and Franco, where murdering Jews en masse is almost as popular as the bull fights! The euro politicians coming to help us? From where?The UK , always at the forfront of condemnations;france, that hasn't won a war in 200 years and is the Western home of the PA, helping hide billions of arafat's stolen loot; Italy, where they so willfully emptied the Rome ghetto to feed hitler's ovens. What we need from Europe is to allow us to defend ourselves. We know, given your history, you are overwhelmingly opposed to that, but the Jew of the ghetto is gone and the Jew that fights back is here and will remain!
Alon Frank ,   Beth Shemesh,Israel   (01.17.09)
You better NOT!! It's the beginning of the end. See Lebanon after the war.
11. No balance...
Alen ,   uk   (01.17.09)
Something not be undestood why Hamas and Palastenian group fighter for thier land can't get weapons but Israel can!!!! this is a bosheeeeeet...Israel can get in clear news ilegal weapon like it's has used in Gaza, but this is have to be stop for Hamas and others group!!!!freee palastine and yes for sending weapons for Hamas and I will suport this by £3.000 given to hamas group Al-kasam to get a weapons! and no UK OR OTHERS CAN STOP THIS!!!
12. Nobody can stop arms needed for Gaza Defence
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (01.17.09)
It will pass any naval control or elswhere each and every day Hamas will get better guns. Hamas should produce arms first importing some machine tools and chemical production facilities.
13. Oops!...And Pigs Will Fly!
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (01.17.09)
#5, 6, 7 right. This naval blockade offer is nonsense. What we need is an Israeli government which will address the issue headon, not this current government.
14. Why do these europeans care sooo much to keep gazans in that
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (01.17.09)
tiny strip?Can somebody explain to me? Isn´t it cheaper and much more reasonable to buy them lands in one of the 22 very big arab countries(or even in their own Europe) and provide them with a beautifull living ,if they care so much? What the hell are these europeans so interested in keep both Israelis and gazans in hell?Why? Are they so primitives?As primitives as arabs ,who are unable to think rationaly but are only driven by their ugly hate for Jews,a hate drumed in their heads either by Church and Islam. They don´t see? Why not let Jews in our land living in peace?What are they so afraid of? Would it may be the spiritual and intelectual power of Jews that their doctrines strive so fervently to steal from us and make everybody in the world believe belong to them? If they are so sure about their superiority ,why do they fear so much Jews? This insane theater must end. This devilish mentality of trampling those one fear in order to feel an artificial superiority must finally end.Must! Let us Jews in peace,please,and just go to HELL,where you will end up anyway , if you keep yet too long in your stinky acts toward us!!!
15. arms to Gaza
solo man ,   israel   (01.17.09)
They will limit the resupply of arms to Gaza,as they have already done in Lebanon, to a mere 400% increase over what gaza started with.
16. Can't egypt stop smuggling and tunnels to Gaza
Joel Bainerman ,   IGush Etzion   (01.17.09)
I don't understand. If Egypt wanted to- couldn't it stop smuggling from Iran into Gaza? How come Israel never bombed the tunnels before? How come Egypt lets them start the tunnels on their territory? Is it just me- or doesn't anyone else think this is strange?
17. EU only stop Israeli navy by patrolling gaza like lebanon
Jason ,   tel aviv israel   (01.17.09)
But that is why Kadima is in favor of this policy. They keep repeating the same policies. EU doesn't stop terrorists boats in lebanon but they stop israeli navy boats. EU is doing this to restrict israel. In the future when hamas fires rockets israeli navy won't be able to bring troops onshore or fire shells because EU is there. Kadima loves selling out israel's security to EU.
18. EU patrolling gaza shores will only stop israeli navy
Seth ,   ashdod israel   (01.18.09)
But of course olmert and the rest of kadima and labor are for it. Kadima and Labor are trying to do as much damage as possible before they are out of power. They did this operation now so they could sell out our security to the EU. Kadima loves having others do our security for us and restricting the IDF.
19. EU has really stopped the smuggling in Lebanon
jason ,   tel aviv israel   (01.18.09)
France almost shot down an IAF plane. Their weapons are aimed at Israeli aircraft and navy. Kadima loves selling Israeli's security out.
20. France almost shot an IAF plane down
Dan ,   haifa israel   (01.18.09)
EU weapons in lebanon are aimed at israel not hezbollah. They don't stop hezbollah. Kadima trying to sell out israel's security really fast before the election. Olmert is a caretaker and yet is busy giving away israel's security.
21. Tayfun #12:Turkey still engaging in genocide
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.18.09)
While the Turks come here to complain about our protecting ourselves, they engage in another genocide:last time it was the Armenians, today it is the Kurds. And like muslims attacking Jews, the world is silent as Turkey again carries out hat it does best :Mass murder Your WESTERN armed air force routinely flies sorties against Kurd civilians;your WESTERN supplied tanks and artillery routinely attack civilians in their homes. So, to assuage your muslim guilt, you attack us! So, permit me to illucidate for your tayfun: A-R-M-E-N-I-A. SPELLS IT ALL!
22. smuggling arms
colin   (01.18.09)
Outright lies The Europeand will do everything possible to rearm hamas.There is millions in profits Who cares about the jews or Israel Livni signed a death warrant with Rice allowing the UN and the EU to enter the race Arms running will be rampert and in very large consignments.
23. To Keren #14. YAHWEH is Supremely Independent.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (01.18.09)
You say :” This devilish mentality of trampling those one fear in order to feel an artificial superiority must finally end.” Keren, the Jewish People should always DEPEND for their security on YAHWEH, the Supreme Lord. Those who have an artificial superiority mindset (busy trampling those one fear) will be dealt with severely by YAHWEH, the Supreme Lord. Although one may not be able to see YAHWEH the Supreme Lord, although one may reject the existence of YAHWEH the Supreme Lord -- HE is there, HE is present, HE is existing, HE is seeing everything, HE is hearing everything, and HE has HIS plans. And the time-factor reveals HIS plans -- whether we agree with it (i.e. HIS plans) or NOT. YAHWEH, the Supreme Lord, is supremely independent. The supreme goal of life is to know YAHWEH, the Supreme Lord. IF one wants to know HIM one should just DESIRE to know HIM. Just by desiring HIM everyday intensely -- HE will make arrangements for you, and thus you will gradually know HIM. Why will HE make arrangements for you ? Because HE is all-powerful, because HE is almighty HE is able to do anything HE wants. BTW the Jewish People should not become sloppy in defending their own country and inhabitants.
24. Yeah, right
Sammy ,   Tel Aviv   (01.18.09)
So all those projectiles in the air will now be what, flying pigs? Gimme a break!
25. Haim mon frere
Sammy ,   Tel Aviv   (01.18.09)
C'est tout de la foutaise. Tout le monde s'en fout si nous vivons ou nous mourons, mais ils preferent que nous mourions.
26. Tayfun #12
Sammy ,   Tel Aviv   (01.18.09)
Hello, where have you been for the last decade? Hamas does make its own weapons, but there aren't nearly as powerful as the ones they get from Iran. I will listen to the criticism from the first Turk who gets up publicly and says "My country is guilty of the genocide of 2 million Armenians." When he gets out of jail, if he gets out of jail, and if they haven't torn his tongue out, then we can talk.
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