Barak: IDF forces to remain deployed in Gaza
Roni Sofer
Published: 17.01.09, 23:47
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1. Gift to Nobama/America? Where is loyalty to IDF & ISRAELIS?!
Alex   (01.17.09)
2. Unilateral suicide
future1   (01.17.09)
Dear Barak, Dont appease the international community just so you can vacation to Europe without being extradited for war crimes. It will do no good..they will still arrest you. Dont put the IDF in danger with a unilateral ceasefire when clearly the goals HAVE NOT BEEN MET. 1. Where is Shalit? If one soldier is killed due to an IDF defensive posture in Gaza for a unilateral ceasefire against an enemy that doesnt want one...if one soldier is wounded.....Your time in the government is over. Netanyahu take a bow, Barak just handed you the premiership.
mmm ,   IRAQ   (01.18.09)
4. Trophy, Iron Fist, Metal Storm, C-RAM Phalanx know to Barak
observer   (01.18.09)
was Gaza massacre a part of election campaign:
5. You can never be...
William ,   USA   (01.18.09)
...half pregnant... it is either you are or you are not... You either vanquish the ennemy or declare defeat or inability to win... And to hell with the rest of the world... Their citizens are not the ones being decimated by rockets and living in bomb shelters... Israeli citizens are... Where are the war heroes of israel that took no prisoners and conquered... Where is Sharon, Dayan, Rabin, etc...? It took the Hebrew tribes 2000 years to regain their homeland and some of their new leaders are losing it again... King David is not so proud of you leaders of israel tonight...
6. unilateral cease fire
MC ,   Uk   (01.18.09)
If this doesn't prove to the Israeli public that Kadima and Labour must go and never return, what else will it take?! All who have the right to vote are obliged to do so. High turnout is essential. Get rid of these cowards and bring in a govenment who rewards the IDF for their galant efforts to overcome terror
7. WHAT GOES UP MUST come down !
Human   (01.18.09)
You had the power to fly up, high up, and bomb hundreds of innocent children, women and elderly with the most developed machines of death. You had no mercy and no humanity You are now cursed by the very blood you shed. The curse will follow you until you are rightly punished. You backed a coward leadership that trusted a coward army, so coward to confront amateur guerella with primitive weaponry. SHAME ON YOU, and may you be cursed for eternity.
8. #4 utube video is a fake, no common sense at all?
Alex ,   US   (01.18.09)
I heard the Brooklynn bridge is for sale. Would you like to buy it?
9. #4 fake a $2 bill... THINK!
Sue ,   TX   (01.18.09)
Why would it be in English, dah.......... Think before you write!
10. Yahud Barach
Michael ,   Moscow, US   (01.18.09)
Just by looking on Y-Net news headlines one can assume that Yahud Barach and left our troops to figure out the outcome of the campaign - Olmert: Op objectives completely met - Olmert: We're still working to bring Gilad Shalit home - Barak: We may expand Gaza op if rocket fire continues - Rocket lands near Beersheba; no injuries - Hamas says will fight on in Gaza - 8 rockets land in Beersheba Troops are also left off to prop up Yahud's political agenda
11. Kol Hakovd Ehud Barak!
Noam   (01.18.09)
well done sir
12. Restraint Shown By Israel and Moral Fortitude
JN ,   Northborough, Ma USA   (01.18.09)
Israel has dealt a blow to the terrorist Hamas Organization. Time for Hamas to spare the Palastinian People, stop firing in Israel and allow the creation of a peaceful Palastinian state next to Israel. Time for the Palestinian people to reject Hamas and chose a government that will care about its people......... The people of America and the free world applaud your bravery Israel in weakening the Terrorist Hamas Organization- Hopefully many peace loving and democratic nations will learn from your lead.
13. Israel slow withdrawal from Gaza
Nick   (01.18.09)
Israel should not make a hasty withdrawal from gaza lest they leave a power vaccum for remaining Hamas fighters who they still have to draw out slowly and who will undubteedly try to engage israeli troops who will be obliged to respond decisively. Also the full with drawal should nopt occur until situaion is stabilised and border controls and aedministration controlsare in place AND then get exchange arranged of Israeli withdrawal fror Gilad Shalit. Every day IDF is in Gaza is another day of defeat for Hamas. But IDF shouldwithdraw inderr the right conditions and circumstances prevailing and hostage release.
14. Deuteronom 24-16
Eric ,   Paris France   (01.18.09)
Fathers shall not be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their fathers; each is to die for his own sin. more than 300 palestinian chils died in Gaza !!!!!
15. #7 Israel just made hamas/gaza a non entity
Alex ,   US   (01.18.09)
Terrosists, homicide bombers have their own blood to worry about., but wait the 70 virgins are waiting. Enjoy them while you can, your end is here! We are in the 21th 21 century, cut the BS with the "curse". Watch out Israel, the palestinian/muslim voodoo curse, huhhhhhhhhhh
16. barak and his triumvirate must go
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.18.09)
IF Tzahal is to remain in gaza, then let them finish the job they were handed: finish hamass and free Gilad! Nothing short of that is success!
17. Eric in Paris:"300 killed in gaza"
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.18.09)
According to hamass and UNRWA 'using hamass sources'. Spare us the paliwood.
18. when this leadership is gone
shmu ,   unholyland   (01.18.09)
islam will look like a glass parking lot
19. Barak: IDF forces to remain deployed as easy target in Gaza
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (01.18.09)
There would me more casualties among our soldiers during this ceasation than during the operation. How can Barack who was supposedly a military genius to leave our you soldiers behind the enemy lines to become easy targets for Hamas. a.k.a. the rest of Gaza population. Stationary soldiers are the best targets. Only progress, thus victory and nothing else is the only solution. For more please visit
20. Losers!
Gur   (01.18.09)
Not only has Kadima/Labor set aliya back 25 years, but now hundreds of thousands of nice Israelis will leave - this is a "final straw". Of course that is Livni-Barak-Olmert-Peres goal : the destruction of the state of Israel - they are self-hating leftist LUNATICS.
21. #9 Sue - The video is fake but the $2 IS NOT FAKE
meir elazar   (01.18.09)
Actually I have several REAL $2 bills that I got in Los Vegas a long time ago. You may have to fix your metaphor.
YOAV ,   TEL AVIV   (01.18.09)
23. A new deterrence
Sam C ,   Tennessee   (01.18.09)
Actually, this was a victory for the IDF. A new deterrence has been accomplished that will deter Hezbollah from new adventures. If this IDF had used the same strategy in the '06 Lebanon war the result would be quite different - the IDF would have come out on top.
24. Absolute victory.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (01.18.09)
Based on theWorld War II experience, “absolute victory” has come to mean vanquishing the enemy – not merely defeating its army and effecting regime change, but forcing its acceptance that the vision that led to its aggression and the system that sustained it were at the end. Victory is needed to prove to the Muslims in general and the Arabs in particular that against their ethos of death stands the ethos of life, protected by the arms of democracies that are resolved to punish them where it hurts most as explained at :
25. #17 Arie
max ,   vienna   (01.18.09)
The truth is: Hamas killed their own children . After this statement from Mark Regev the "oral excrement meter" exploded!
26. Bernier ,#24
amazed ,   Lobnan   (01.18.09)
it is amazing how fast you claim victory,since you are hungry for one . oops you missed that one too . the germans were in the middle of russia before they get defeated ..all the way . your PM said that he used all his military might ..but your soldiers couldn't get passed the olive Gaza city . Livni had to go all the way to the US to get a paper that means nothing from a departing administration ,they were having big problem in the ground op ...what TV you are watching ?? . for the resistance ..this is the fun part now ...did you say you are staying in Gaza ..?? you showed our muslim kids all over the world who is their real enemy :..they have heard about you in our bed time stories and read about you in the Quran ..but a live show ...even a small kid in indonesia was holding a sign the other day wanting to wipe you off the map . she doesn't know where the Mideast is .. Olmert said that he loves the Gazans ..(they don't ) so what it would have been if he didn't ?? you are fighting a resistance movement Bernier ,stay in tel aviv my friend ,you may get hurt with flying stuff of your head from the north and the south ... remember that they called Livni in the white house a terrorist ...2 days ago maybe you are rooting sir for the wrong team .
27. #8,9,21 Israwood
28. #27 more in English/Israel
observer   (01.18.09)
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