Lieberman: Ceasefires are deathtraps
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 18.01.09, 02:15
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1. unilateral
colin   (01.18.09)
There will be no peace from gaza.The normal cowardly speeches are already heard from the politician IF HAMAS FIRES A ROCKET WE WILL RESPOND tHOSE WORDS WERE THE CENTRE THYME OF THIS COWARDLY GOVERNMENT .Fortunately the election will dispose of these failures and the responsibility will be on brave people.who care for the people.
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.18.09)
ENOUGH! Half way measures do NOT suffice. The ONLY language the islamonazi terrorists understand is force. FINISH THE JOB. Let Tzahal do what it needs to do and neutralize hamass! The two goals of the operation were not met:the hamass leadership should be in their graves, and Gilad shalit MUST be freed (if he is alive). anything short of that is a deathblow to kadima and labour!
3. postpone elections
MC   (01.18.09)
'Postponing the elections!' yes it's all about the elections. Another desparate move by Kadima. Kadima have shot themselves in the foot, as it is. How can they keep troups in Gaza and call a unilateral cease fire at the same time! The other parties can't let the elections be postponed. They must be on time and Olmert Livni and Barak must go..Not a moment too soon. They are totally blinded and confused and not fit to be in power.
4. Go for it Lieberman!
Alex ,   US   (01.18.09)
5. Lessons from Gulf War 1
meir elazar   (01.18.09)
Papa Bush declared his objective in Gulf War 1 as to kicking Iraq out of Kuwait. Saddam's goal was to survive the assault of a coalition of 29 countries. Papa Bush made the same stupid mistake as our 3 Stooges and stopped in the middle at 100 hours allowing the Republican Guard (Saddam's power base) to escape. The end was that Bush was that USA lost, Papa Bush was thrown out of office by USA voters, and Saddam survived as the winner in Gulf War 1. After the lessons of Lebanon 2, the 3 stooges still don't get it. After the next elections Kadima, Labor, Olmert, Livni, and Barak will all be history and discarded to Tel Aviv's garbage dump never to have a place in Israeli politics again. Likud will have a landslide win just like happened at the beginning of Intifada 2 in 2000 when the Terrorists help put Arik and Kadima in govt. Unfortunately, G-d gave Arik the stroke and left us with incompetent Olmert. G-d, why couldn't you have given Olmert the heart attack and kept up safe and secure under Arik? Fortunately the damage to HAMAS and Gaza will be so extensive that they will not be able to recover by the time we discard our Olmert, Livni, and Barak trash and install a new resolute govt. that will finish what they start.
6. Elections MUST NOT be potponed!
Jjay3 ,   ISrael   (01.18.09)
Is this what theis whole war is about? An opportunity for dirty low lifes at Kadima to postpone the elections so Olmert can be kept in power for 6 more months??? America, fact no other country has ever postponed an election because of a war! I knew this was coming and have been telling people for weeks.....Kadima are so obvious in their evil unconstitutional actions!
7. Lieberman belongs behind bars ...
Stan ,   US   (01.18.09)
8. Hamas isn't a Western-style pragmatic organization.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (01.18.09)
Peace and quiet is its enemy not only because of its ideology—the deity commands it to destroy Israel—or its self-image—as heroic martyrs—but also because battle is needed to recruit the masses for permanent war and unite the population around it. Hamas has no program of improving the well-being of the people or educating children to be doctors, teachers, and engineers. Its platform has but one plank: war, war, endless war, sacrifice, heroism, and martyrdom until total victory is achieved. Consult :
9. Ceasefire and the continued rocket fire
Yosef Eytan ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.18.09)
The only way to deal with the continued rocket fire is to notify all of Gaza that a continuation of rocket fire into Isreal will be met with returned fire and a leveling of an area in and around the launch site irregardless of its location. Israel has the ability to pinpoint the site and return accurate fire. Start with a diameter of ten yards and expand the area to fifteen then twenty yards in a timetable and as their intransigence continues. Launched from next to a home(s)then level the home(s). Fired from next to a Mosque then level the Mosque. In medicine this is called titrating to effect and is very productive in reaching the desired goals. The returned fire must be immediate and unambiguous. The civilians in the immediate area of the lauched rockets will have the same time to leave the area as Israeli civilians have to seek shelter when notified of incoming fire.
10. To Stan #7
Y.B. ,   herzelia   (01.18.09)
If lieberman belongs behind bars then you belong in the ground. WHAT RIGHT DO YOU THINK YOU HAVE TO SIT IN AMERICA AND CRITISIZE US YOU LITTLE PAHDAN METUNAF?? Stay in america, where your opinion is as useful as....well...a y-net talkback... pi!!
11. You want an even better unilateral action?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.18.09)
Throw Kadima & Labour out of Gov't. ........unilaterally.
12. He's right
Michael Chaim ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.18.09)
#1 - THe job must be finished. We here in Canada support you, but at the very least, finish the job!!! #2 - It is time to kick all the stooges from the israeli government out!! Maybe even give Shas a chance?!! At least i know with them, none of Israels land will be lost #3 - Anyone who even stands for Hamas should be killed.
13. Lieberman: Ceasefires are deathtraps
David Scott ,   Bet Shemesh Israel   (01.18.09)
The fact that they are so quick to mention that elections may need to be postponed "if" fighting continues is a joke. This is nothing bu a cynical ploy by Kadima to postpone elections. How utterly disgusting. I thought Kadima and Barak had sunk as low as possible, I guess I was wrong.
14. #7 "Lieberman belongs behind bars
David Scott ,   Bet Shemesh Israel   (01.18.09)
15. Say hello to our next PM!
The Business   (01.18.09)
Or more likely the Shadow PM, as he will be directly capable of controlling Bibi due to the vast shift to the right in the next Knesset. Livni and Barak we will not forgive this betrayal and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory!
THE REVOLUTION HAS ,   BEGUN!   (01.18.09)
!   (01.18.09)
18. Yisrael Beitanu will do better once the government is punish
zionist forever   (01.18.09)
Currently the polls show Likud, Kadima, Yisrael Beitanu. Punish this Kadima / Labour government and it will be Likud & Yisrael Beitanu first and second. Bibi the public face the west likes, Liberman the man that Russia likes and will keep Bibi along the straight and narrow as a right wing PM. Liberman is one of the few senior politicians willing to stand up for the right in Israel and a man to admire.
19. #18 Amen
Sandi ,   US   (01.18.09)
20. #5 Too Optimistic #18 What About Our Land?
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (01.18.09)
#5--Unfortunately the history of Medinat Yisroel shows that tacky politicans recycle themselves again and again, so I wouldn't count any of these losers out if I were you. We need a media with more sechel and accuracy, an electorate which can get and stay informed of the truth, and a rebuilt govt and judiciary. Aside from that, since we have just discovered a huge reservoir of natural gas (other than our politicians)--see A7-- we are in pretty good shape. #18 I too have had a lot of admiration for Lieberman until I read that he has advocated splitting Jerusalem and quoted in a hard to understand comment about getting a 99 year lease on the Golan from Syria. I find it hard to connect someone who seems so savvy and tough (maybe he's just tough?) with someone who would give away our precious's ours and it does not belong to any politician to dispose of, it is in trust for the whole Jewish people. So I suggest that anyone who agrees with me (and undoubtedly many others)let Lieberman know this, loud and clear.
21. 5
zionist forever   (01.18.09)
Oslo is a direct result of Gulf War 1. Pappa Bush needed an arab coalition to politicaly justify the war to drive Saddam out of Kuwait. the arab price was Israels recognition of the PLO and talks on the creation of a palestinian state. No Iraq would have meant no oslo and no oslo would have meant no large scale terror problems or international preasure on Israel to make political & territorial concesions. When Obama comes to power he is going to put all the preasure onto Israel for the sake of achieving a legacy so his presidency can live up to the hype surounding it and to help him get out of Iraq. The thinking is if the US turns on Israel in favour of the arabs then the rest of the arab world Iraq included will be more accepting of the US and make it easier to get out of Iraq. The Bush family US / Iraq wars have been one of the things most responsible for causing Israel problems in the past 20 years.
22. ELECTION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sandi   (01.18.09)
23. Israeli democracy
yamit ,   Tel-Aviv israel   (01.18.09)
This time I truly feel that I will have no faith in Israeli democracy if there is no referendum on the military operation in Gaza. Why should the "leaders" decide when to start and when to stop to cater to their own interests? I am sure a referendum will show that well over 70% of us want the military operation completed, not discontinued in the middle.
24. Postponing elections, was that the _real_ aim of Cast Lead?
Rod ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.18.09)
...and keeping Bibi out? That gives the Kadima good-old-boys time to award more bid-free IT contracts to their outsourcing buddies in Bangalore.
25.  Bitter pill but must be taken
Egyptian3569   (01.21.09)
It’s true all of us want Hamas gone. But the goal of any war is either one of 2 options: total destruction of Hamas and that will include total destruction of civilians, OR partial destruction of Hamas and teaching them a lesson. The second option is what IDF was after. After all many of GAZANS support Hamas. Hamas coward terorrists hide behind civilians to shoot their pathetic rockets. Did they gain anything from it?
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