Large quantities of natural gas found off Haifa coast
Published: 18.01.09, 12:45
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1. Israel next Dubai?
David ,   Norway   (01.18.09)
Is this the beginning of a new Dubai?
2. hmmm, does this means equality ?
avi   (01.18.09)
no more poors ?
3. Switch your vehicles over to natural gas.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.18.09)
Leave the Arab oil companies in the dust.
4. WOWSY!!!!
Heather Czerniak ,   Milwaukee, USA   (01.18.09)
Let's buy some stock! Better days ahead! OPEC, who needs 'em?!
5.  Gas Powered
Rocky ,   US   (01.18.09)
Money for education, research, health care, infrastructure development, trains ...AND diplomatic economic power with gas exports as Europe and others demand it from Israel without having to deal with Russia and Arabia. Wonder if there is oil around the area also
6. Israel will become the most prosperous nation on earth.
Rivkah   (01.19.09)
Its agriculture, this natural gas find and other industries, possibly oil revenues in future discoveries, etc. will fulfill Bible predictions of God's plan for Israel.
7. Dirt cheap electricity! Electric cars!
David ,   Hartford USA   (01.19.09)
While the Arab countries choke on their oil pollution, Israel will breath clean air. Build those desalinization plants! Let Israel have plentiful fresh water! It's still very preliminary, but it's nice to imagine! Now we can only hope those companies don't just sell the gas to the highest bidder and Israel never sees any benefit from it. Israel may want to buy these companies if the gas is really there.
8. Oil and Gas industry
Natoil ,   Kristiansand   (01.19.09)
Norway has the leading expertrice you need to pull this Gas out. Search the net for industries that make this kind of equiment here in Norway.
9. Great timing...
Now that the world is trying to convert away from fossil fuels. Like, what took them so long to find this?
10. Fantastic find!
Eli ,   Boston   (01.20.09)
Security for Israel... it's a God thing!
11. Noe Egipt must think twice, we don't need theiras anymore
AARON ,   JERUSALEM   (01.20.09)
12. Nice but not much
gasman ,   USA   (03.30.09)
While any gas is nice espeicalyl if ketp for Israel, but this is really a small amout in the global scheme. see
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