95 more bodies uncovered in Gaza
Ali Waked
Published: 18.01.09, 13:45
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1. Hate and Cruelty!
World Observer!   (01.18.09)
Hamas is known for torture and cruelty to their own people. Everything they get,they deserve! Israel is here for ever and ever. Check your bible.
2. Don't mess with Israel and you will have peace
Menachem ,   Israel   (01.18.09)
3. Shame on Hamas
Levi ,   Karmiel, Israel   (01.18.09)
Shame on Hamas and the Muslim radicals for their blind and "unwavering support of using these children for humane shields for propaganda" committing war crimes by firing rockets into Israel, suicide bombing coffee shops, busses and showing a total disregard for human life. To the citizens of radical Muslim nations and Hamas in Gaza, there's blood on your hands for support of your government's actions, either explicitly or through your silence and apathy.
4. 95 more bodies - and they're still firing rockets ..
Islamophobe   (01.18.09)
They're Loving It.
5. "The devil has left"??
The 11th Man ,   London   (01.18.09)
I presume she's referring to Hamas! But probably not. THE REAL TRUTH: What a pity for the decent Gazans that the Israelis will be leaving: their only real hope. Only a miracle will stop them sinking ever deeper into the hole they've dug.
atilla karagözoğlu   (01.18.09)
and we didnt even hear 10 israli civilian stayed against to this israel. this is shame too. WHO WILL SAVE WORLD JEWS IF TOMORROWS BRING HARD DAYS FOR THEM ?
7. palestinian=hamas are worse than Al Queda
Sandi ,   US   (01.18.09)
They have been a problem for Jordan, Lebanon. They were kicked out and the arab world has made them Israel's problem. Send them to Egypt, the enabler. Egypt is as guilty as Iran and Syria. Egypt makes money off the rockets smuggled thru the tunnels. Israel, DO NOT TRUST EGYPT!
8. Shame!
Rafael   (01.18.09)
Shame on you Israel. Bragging after killing women and children. The land you live belongs to those you killed and intent to kill. They are sending the projectiles to their own land. how come u r there where u shouldn't been!
9. to Rafael
yamit ,   Tel-Aviv Israel   (01.18.09)
Dear Rafael, it is always useful to go back to school. What did you have in your history exams, dear?
10. People in glass houses shoulnt' throw stones
Kidon 77   (01.18.09)
Among the victims are a great amount of Hamas and Islmaic jihad terrorists. The rest are their families. Hamas and Islamic Jihad find no problem to kill Israeli civilians. Now they got their money back on them and on their families. This is the result of the death culture to be found among fundamentalist islamists. They started the war, they should not come up and cry a river with their paththic deaths afterwards.
11. #10-People in Hamas Ammo houses shouldnt launch Rockets
Alan ,   SA   (01.18.09)
The problem is that they are still not satisfied -they want more War with Israel
12. #1 Love & Peace
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (01.18.09)
Israel is known for its democracy & human rights (ask Arab, Druz and Ethiopians inside Israel) , everything they do (killing arab children, occupation, the wall and checkpoints) they do because of their love and humanity and to show that they in Israel do not understand why are they so hated ???? read it in your bible. pathetic idiot.
KB   (01.18.09)
14. Libya is the protector of human rights and freedom
Ze'ev ,   Haifa   (01.18.09)
Have you been to Israel? Have you spoken to the mentioned Druz and Ethiopians?
stude ham   (01.18.09)
grossly inflated casualty counts from hamas... like the jenin casualty counts... best part for hamas... noone can or will actually verify those counts... of course hamas will never reveal the true count of its terrorist brigade casualty counts.
16. Israel cares more about these casualties than Hamas
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.18.09)
The numbers on Gaza's side are comparable to those in Lebanon in 2006, but better intelligence means that an even higher proportion of those killed were militants. But as Hamas struggles to rebuild those smuggling tunnels and continues to fire rockets, inviting yet more destruction, it's clear Hamas sees these casualties in instrumental terms. They keep reminding us how much they "love death". Israel isn't boasting, or taking any pleasure, in the death and destruction. But it should serve as a warning to Israel's enemies: "Don't mess with us."
17. Any more questions? All agree
Hicham el Guerrouj   (01.18.09)
this was a massacre by the IDF?
18. #17
Yaron ,   USA   (01.18.09)
It was a massacre alright but you should direct your vitriol toward Hamas and Iran idiot! It amazes me the stupid and disingenous posts by the left-wing neo fascists that go out of their way to ignore the facts...8 years of missles fired at civilians and finally the overdue response to a terror group attempting to kill as many innocent as possible. If the idiots of Gaza were responsible, they would have heeded the warnings. It is only Hamas that should be blamed for the ensuing "massacre". It is as much a massacre by the IDF as Jenin was. Hamas and the electorate who voted them into power is the address the blame should be sent to....ok ?
19. #6 Shame on you atilla
Big mouth in Turkey cheers terrorists against US and Israel.
20. #17 Hicham
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.18.09)
You have a problem accepting the fact that Hamas terrorized Israel while hiding behind civilians. They are cowards who consciously sacrificed Palestinians for jihad. Hezbullah did the same in 2006. You cannot condemn another Arab/Muslim no matter how dispicable are their acts.
21. #12 Love & Peace
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.18.09)
We are waiting for Arabs/Muslims and 1/2 Libyans to understand and live by these concepts. Israel treats people in a human manner when they behave this way. They are no different than anyone else. Palestinians sustain the occupation with acts of terror. They sacrifice their children for jihad and the security fence and checkpoints are a direct response to Palestinian terror. Try it in Italy and you will see the Italian's build walls and checkpoints to protect themselves from you.
22. How many of them are Fatah families butchered by Hamas?
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (01.20.09)
French TV - always very anti-Israel - aired filmed interviews with Fatah survivors of Hamas assassinations and mutilations that occurred during the conflict. Instead of doing anything to protect their civilian population, Hamas scum were busy slaughtering whole Muslim families that were not party members. Now the terrorists and their apologists will use these dead to inflate the body count and claim them as "more civilian victims of the Jews". Do not let this part of the story disappear!
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