Hamas, Jihad cease fire in Gaza
Ali Waked and Reuters
Published: 18.01.09, 14:41
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1. dont worry hamas can fore 100 a day and we will do nothing
zionist forever   (01.18.09)
The war is over as far as our government is concerned now we just sit and play good guy while Hamas get a telling off and start working to rebuild the damage we have done to them. The treacherous trio have well and truly screwed up this war. We had just days left anyway to finish the job because as soon as Obama takes office he would have put on the preasure Bush didn't. He will be looking for a quick and easy end that would allow Hamas to save face basicly not asking much of them and alot from us. Now we have blown it even as long as Hamas can hold out till after the inaguration then we won't even return fire if they start sending 100 rockets a day becase the new guy is all diplomacy no fight. When the fine details are worked out we will get at best a 1 year hudna which Hamas need to rearm anyway. Gilad Shalit won't be coming home alive or dead unless we release over 1000 terrorists including killers like Kuntar or worse. Once the fighting is over all the promises made by Egypt and the international community to stop it new tunnels will be built the world will be concentarting on making Israel make more concesions to Abbas and Assad and Hamas as long as they keep their head down and work on their smuggling until they feel they are strong enough for the next round then nobody will do anything. This government needs to be removed from office same way Hamas must have all their weapons removed.. What had potential to be a great victory which would make all terrorists think twice before attacking again has been turned into another humiliating defeat because of our politcal solutions which help the terrorists at our expense.
2. Pandering to Hamas and the World
Marcel ,   Florida   (01.18.09)
Why after the call up of IDF reserves and almost moving to stage 3 after surrounding Gaza did the Israeli leadership settle on a sure to fail unilateral ceasefire ? The answer is because Israel has no leadership ,only serial panderers. They serve 'other' interests than Israel's. If their masters tell them to halt operations they obey and to hell with the Isrsaeli pulic,there are more important people to please is what these arrogant idol worshipers believe deep down in their dark souls. They pander to the next king of Babylon in a far away land and his inaguration spectacle. They do honor their gods well these panderers of Israel. But where are the leaders who serve the Israel first and foremost ? There are none. from a buried news report ; Israel appears keen to halt Gaza hostilities before Barack Obama is sworn in as U.S. president on Tuesday, to avoid clouding a historic day for its main ally. Israelis mostly back the war, but much of the world wants the bloodshed to stop.
3. Not going nowhere
Linda ,   Israel   (01.18.09)
until we have Gilad Shalit BACK!
4. Another proof the IDF has won
Daniel   (01.18.09)
5. It's a Joke
Shimshon ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.18.09)
Well, it looks like Hamas is making the conditions. Next thing will be that they declare that they won the war... Don't let them fool us!
6. Way to victory
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.18.09)
Israel will win the day she rebuilds the Jewish villages. Until then, does Hamas care if 10 or 1000 die?
7. Cease Fire !!?
mr ,   israel   (01.18.09)
The missiles continue to be fired into Israel - and we should continue with our mission to locate the sources - and wipe them out. We cannot and must not go on with this horrible situation. It's time to put an end to the enemy's tactics once and for all.
8. Waiting for the palestinian civilians reactions
PAZ ,   Latin America   (01.18.09)
If palestinian civilians don't react to the stupidity of Hamas they might have to start preparing for more operations in Gaza, and next time I won't think that the international communty will be on their side, becuase we are feed up with this conflict and the stupidity of the radical muslims.
9. A ceasefire declared by Hamas means that Israel won.
SBK ,   HK   (01.18.09)
10. Same Israeli leaders of 2th lebanon war = the same result
Gabi ,   Haifa   (01.18.09)
what a stupid victory.... The same stupid leaders then we should get the same result , why should it be different.... Olmert and Livni were there, and barak which is not very different then peretz. The problem is that I can't see any leader that can lead our country to a victory, and I began to be afraid on the future of my children and their existence in this country.
11. Hamas leaders a bunch of immature kids
gm ,   South Africa   (01.18.09)
They think they are calling the shots and if the say what they want to believe that it actually is the case. I feel sorry for ham-ass. They live in a dream world. Firstly, for not wanting to hide their casualties they are trying to, but are doing a very bad job of it. Secondly, Israel asked for a ceasefire, but because Israel asked, they said no. Then these 'rocket scientists' decide there will be a ceasefire because they said so. (oh and by the way, they also outlined similar terms to what Israel suggested). Not only do they want to steal Israel's land, but also her ideas. Very mature ham-ass!!!
12. al-masri:"The Zionists have fled"
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.18.09)
Perhaps he and his fellow terror leaders should exit their roach holes and look around: those Merkavas, APCs, and other vehicles are carrying ISRAELI flags! So come on out, if you dare.
13. WHY?
Sally Struthers ,   Edinburgh, Scotland   (01.18.09)
You fools why did you stop? Is it because of the USA elections? Crazy Hamas only understand one thing and that is force heavy force. You should continue and stop only when they beg you to stop waving a white flag....Maybe its time to bring back Bibi?
14. The byline says it all
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.18.09)
ali waked and reuters - perfect together! reuters has repeatedly had to admit it fabricates articles and pictures to demonize Israel. waked goes to the next level, having believed it not possible, by writing only in favour of islamist extremists!
15. Our trio of ''geniuses'' out-maneuvered again.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.18.09)
No matter the facts on the ground, Hamas will claim victory, just like Hezbollah in the Lebanon fiasco. Our bunglers have done it again. Hamas will emerge stronger, with more support not just in Gaza but in the West Bank & through-out the Arab world. This will be ''sold'' as an Israeli defeat, another major blow to our deterrence, & a sure invitation to further aggression. Even if the objectives were limited by the political echelon, the IDF did an excellent job - only to be undermined by our incompetent politicians. These people only know how to lose. Let's hope they also lose the elections. We can't afford these bunglers in decision-making positions of authority any longer.
16. Comment from iran to all my best friend in Israel
sam ,   tehran,iran   (01.18.09)
As Iranian I am ready to come over there to support Israelis people We are Persian and we naturally and always love Israelis and Jewish because of so many thing they did for us we will never forget your favor just don't see this moment because our situation is not very good we are in limitation and under persecution as Islamic regime captured us but it doesn't matter we will best regard to people of Israelis But my best friend in Israel just I want remain all of you that we are thinking about you and worry so always pray for peace and your successfully We have same enemy and they are Hamas ,Iranian regime ,Hezbullah we need to be united for wiping them ,as we are sure that it is possible one day be sure that they are not relate to any religious matters so what ever they are doing is wrong and they are fake so necessary to defeat them
17. Mushir al masri = egyptian
Israeli   (01.18.09)
the palestinian's family name shows exactly where hes realy from , masri =egyptian (egypt=maser), shows the false palestinian case
18. What benefits has fighting brought Palestinians?
Sam ,   Canada   (01.18.09)
Where is the gain in fighting for Palestinians? The net result is destruction in Gaza and checkpoints,a wall \ fence and settlements in the West Bank. The world knows Palestinians are around but has no solutions for them unless they show a willingness to COMPROMISE. Contrary to their delusions Palestinians are in no position to DEMAND and are the makers of their own suffering.
19. Israel for ever
Jeff ,   Berlin   (01.18.09)
It’s a shame that a political leadership in Israel does not exist. But as long as Hizballah and Hamas win wars like in 2006 in Lebanon and now in Gaza I am not worried about the outcome of the next war with Iran. Let Israel’s enemies win all their wars like those already mentioned. Israel will exist for forever.
20. Hamas
A.Li ,   PJ   (01.18.09)
Hamas really knows how to contradict themselves. First they claim that their "resistance" will continue, now they declare a ceasefire. What a bunch of losers.
21. Hamas leadership
hadrian ,   montreal canada   (01.18.09)
Isarel must not leave until some of the leadership is captured and tried in Gaza. This is a limited opportunity. The rhetoric from the anti-semites in the world press paid for by the oil oligarchy has little sting when oil is below $40 dollars a barrel. At $100 a barrel the oil oligarchy gets traction. Isarel's options become limited. The stars have been lined up perfectly for the moment and thne opportunity will not last forever.
22. I reckon your wrong this time Terry
Reliable Source   (01.18.09)
(or I'll be..) KEEP WATCHING!!!
23. In a corner
Mark ,   Maale Adumim   (01.18.09)
Well it seems that Hamas have Israel in a corner. Israel will have to withdraw and open the crossings otherwise Israel will look the bad ones. But Israel must make it clear that if the missiles come over again or an attack happens with in Israel then Israel will strike with even bigger force than it has been doing.
24. Time for "victorious" Hamas to come out of their bunkers
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.18.09)
Nobody - not even the gullible press - believes Hamas' casualty numbers. But Hamas is welcome to come out of their bunkers. IDF intelligence units are preparing target packages for the provocation by Hamas.
25. what every Israeli must know
Jeff ,   Canada   (01.18.09)
No doubt, these strong well motivated Hamas fighters in Gaza street now are the generation of previous stone throwers. They used to have every day face to face, street to street confrontation with the Israeli army ,they over come the fear and horror of war actions ,of military uniform ,tanks , canons, they witnessed the killing of friends and brothers on front of their eyes , they grow up with blood purring on their faces.. .the stones in their young hands transformed to stone will to fight ,they believe to death in the justice of their cause .They are unbreakable no matter what. this must every Israeli know.
26. Shame on our leaders who don't to win!
uli ,   Jerusalem   (01.18.09)
Go in, to the last Hamas bunker and bring them to an end that our southand gaza can really start a life and our southern front be save for years. you just killed soldiers for nothing - just another round. SHAME ON US!
27. What is next for Israel?
Maurice ,   Montreal   (01.18.09)
Israel should NOT leave Gaza until the following two conditions are met: 1. Guaranteed anti-smuggling security for Egypt-Gaza crossings are in place. 2. Gilat Shalit (or his body if he was executed) is released. If Israel leaves before these conditions are met then Bibi should and will be elected as the next Prime Minister.
28. "The Zionits army fled "
DT ,   TA Isr   (01.18.09)
See what they are saying to this government ! Because you did not finish the job - and them - Hamas , as predicted , claim victory. So Mr Olmert you have made history and presided over two defeat in your PM'ship along with your Foreign Secy Livni.
29. to 27
Gregg ,   Haifa   (01.18.09)
I hope Bibi WONT take the elections !
30. Ali Hamas Rep
Rena ,   Rehovot   (01.18.09)
Again I ask why are you writing for an Israeli newspaper when you represent the Hamas not Israel
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