Hamas down but not out
Ronny Shaked
Published: 19.01.09, 00:13
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1. Hamas rule in Gaza is a thing of the past
Jennifer   (01.19.09)
Now its a Palestinian authority rule and Hamas will have to fall into line.
2. Hamas
Mark ,   USA   (01.19.09)
I do not understand Israel's decisions any longer. The author correctly states that leaving Hamas in power strengthens Hamas' hand, and makes them look like they won this conflict. They won by not completely losing. Israel is so afraid of US and world pressure that they are completely caving in before their objectives were reached. I used to dream of making aliyah, but Israel has become nothing more than a banana republic to the United States. Grow up and grow a spine!
3. They deserve to pay the price
Mike ,   USA   (01.19.09)
The Pals voted in a terrorist organization to rule them. You reap what you sow...
Simha ,   Toronto   (01.19.09)
..............DACON9   (01.19.09)
6. they won
m ,   jerusalem   (01.19.09)
well although israel could have flatened all of gaza in one hour, their mission to destroy hamas backfired on them, hamas even though a lot of their fighters were killed they managed to survive and grow stronger. this is a problem because the original plan that israel constructed did nothing except raise concerns abroad for all israeli living in europe, africa , and the far east.
7. War against terrorism.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (01.19.09)
Israel is at the forefront of the struggle against terrorism and will continue to defend its citizens, who are exposed to this threat on a daily basis. Israel expects the nations of the world to support it in its war against those who murder women and children, by any means and with respect for neither place nor target. The murderers have no place among civilized peoples and shocks the conscience of all peace-loving nations. There is no cause that could ever justify this action. All the claims of the Arabs on The Land of Israel should be rejected as explained at : http://xrl.us/bjch4
8. Hamas only to become stronger from this point...
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (01.19.09)
on. As it happend with Hezbollah. For more uncensored information please visit: http://israelactnow.blogspot.com/
9. Israel won, BECAUSE Hamas is still in Gaza
daniel ,   holland   (01.19.09)
Did nobody notice that Hezbollah did not lift a finger? I have a secret for you, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. Israel won the 2nd Lebanon war which is why Hezbollah doesn't want a 2nd ass whooping. Now Hamas won't dare to fire missiles either. They'll shout victory, but everybody will notice them holding their fire. That's an Israeli victory by all means. And if not, they know what's coming and nobody will be surprised. The rules have changed. So don't fool yourself a second time. You won the Lebanon war, and you won this round.
10. It isn't over until hamas is eliminated.
Ypip ,   Canada   (01.19.09)
11. Impressive
Mohammed ,   Jordan   (01.19.09)
This is the best article i have read in Ynet for a very long time. Hamas will grow stronger than ever, and Israel is responsible for that. Short sighted analyst who based their views on the current situation forgot that in guerrilla war, resistance always withdraw in the begining. We all remember seeing the statue of Saddam falling, and in Afghanstan when the terrorists fled to the mountins, and look at both countries now! Such operations acheive nothing except increasing people's sympathy and support to such groups.
12. Israel's war goals were deliberately vague
Jake   (01.19.09)
These were the declared objectives of Operation Cast Lead on its first day: The Israel Defense Forces would "attack high-trajectory weapons infrastructure, strike terror operatives and infrastructure, prevent hostile terrorist activity from the Gaza Strip, prepare for an expansion of activity with firepower and maneuverability, aid the home front and prevent deterioration on other fronts, all in an effort to improve deterrence and create a better security reality over the long term." Not one word about toppling or destroying Hamas. Not one word about Gilad Shalit. Israel was deliberately modest in its war goals, to its own benefit. On the other hand, Hamas dropped the ceasefire, but is now forced to declare a ceasefire, even before the withdrawal of the IDF from Gaza.
13. Learn well the lesson from 2006
Ihud ,   Ishdood   (01.19.09)
Yes, no body would say that Isreal did not hurt hamas. However, this is not the point. The point is: Hamas still rule Gaza. Hamas is still able to shoot rockets. Hamas is still able to smuggle arms. Hamas next year can detter Isreal and rule West bank
14. Gazans voted for schools & got slavery and jungenreich,
Twas better20yrs ago   (01.19.09)
15. to the people of gaza...
Rob ,   orangevale USA   (01.19.09)
You are now forced to reconcile with your vote. When you use your precious vote next time, it is imparative you really think of your children. You are defiant, so was Ghandi. Your ways, are of a time long past. You have wasted billions, and the lives of so many of your children.Your leaders are cowards and have lost the right to represent you. I have the right to protest on your behalf, but you used your vote for death. You laughed and danced when our people were killed by cowardly terrorists who flew into our buildings.Wonder why the world is blind to your tears and deaf to your cries for mercy? You will have a chance to vote again. This time think of your children, like a HUMAN BEING. I will not protest for you. I will protest for your children. Your own God is very angry with you. He knows what you've done. Look at the losses. Go to your knees and pray for forgiveness. THINK!!! THINK!!!
16. This is like removing half the Cancer....
Larry W ,   New York City, USA   (01.19.09)
Israel took the route of a dangerous surgery removed half the cancer…and now is hoping the reset can be controlled by chemotherapy? That sums up the result of Operation Lead Cast. The he patient lives for now... But how many times will can Israel do this? Israel had the opportunity to destroy Hamas and utterly embarrass Iran (making them think twice before investing in Hamas again). Hamas gave Israel every opportunity to continue this operation. Simply put, all Israel had to say the operation will continue unitl Hamas surrenders…it’s called war. There was no surrender, thus the war continues. Let me add one more thing:. To my fellow Jewish American countryman, elections have consequences 75% of you voted for Barack Hussein Obama, the man we just elected could not muster one word of support to the Jewish homeland hiding behind the notion of one President. Let me make this clear, if Obama agreed with the administration’s position that Hamas was to blame for this and Israel has a right to defend herself, make no mistake he could have said so. Simply put, Obama’s silence was deafening in Jerusalem! We are about to witness Carter’s second term, Israel is still paying heavily for his first! - Will we ever learn?
17. to danial holand
lili ,   jerusalem   (01.19.09)
sir hizballa and hamass are not people they are not terrorists .they are more than theory or way or rule it is believe it is religion . nothing about the safty of israil it is the safty of all their people the gazans the palastinians the arabs the middle east the moslemes and the safty of all the world . this is the fact take it or leave it
18. Mossad to start cleaning Hamas & Hezbollah abroad...
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.19.09)
19. to.rob usa
gazans ,   ....   (01.19.09)
yes i think america vote under the killing and destruction he is mr. bush .. but we can not vote under the cast lead or after it .happy day mr. x . yes all the people think that you are not more than mr. x can not advise only yourselfe in voting and help and whatever you want you are here only mr. x
20. Hamas: down but not out!
Bear ,   Zefat   (01.19.09)
In early America, they used to say, the only good Indian was a dead Indian. The only answer to hamas is to crush it into the dust!.
21. #12
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (01.19.09)
I think ,stinky ,corrupt Olmerd did his last favor to the most evil cretin of the world:Bush. I think Bush asked Olemerd this last favor in order to please some "reconstruction" industries in US.I think the late travels of olmerd to US were in order to close this last business deal.This war had nothing to do to with protecting Israel´s People-it was just a business between the mad dog olmerd and the mad dog bush!
22. shod vehamas
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.20.09)
It is unlikely that Europe will fund an islamic dictateship,with no free election,neither will the saudis, support an ally of Iran,will Iran feed a million people in Gaza?hamas will have to do some hard thinking.
23. #5
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.20.09)
Mohamed! wishful thinking.
24. #6 THEY WON!
Maria ,   MD   (01.20.09)
I believe also that Israel can pulverize Gaza Strip in just one hour if she wants to. She's tied by many reasons: first of all by the UN, the Arab world, the common people all over the world.Muslims attack Jews everywhere,but we can't attack Muslims everywhere because we pro-Israel have more mercy, I believe.I believe Israel won though. Long Live Israel!!!!!
25. Daniel....you're right!
Maria ,   MD   (01.20.09)
I believe Israel won the Lebanon and Gaza wars because Nazrallah and the Hamas leaders are still in hiding.Afraid to face the judge because of the war crimes they committed .
26. Hamas down but not out
Michael Grant ,   Jerusalem Israel   (01.20.09)
Where did the statistic 'more than half of Gaza residents no longer want a Hamas govt.' originate?Was a snap survey just conducted, or was this just wishful thinking?
27. its not just black and white
Stuart ,   israel   (01.20.09)
Israel never wanted hamas destroyed, life means nothing to them as has been proven by this war. Destroying there honor, pride and dignity cuts deeper and causes more damage than loosing lives to theses creatures (hamas) its just unfortunate that so many Palestinians had to die to do this. Israel has gained an international police force to patrol the shores and borders to prevent smuggling at no expence and no risk of israeli lives. Are you still sure they have lost ? Yes hamas may grow stronger from this but with the world watching it must now also 'grow up' or lose everything. When the public gets board with this story (as they always do) the governments will still be watching. The soldiers may have stopped but the nasty war is only just beggining, now the politicians start to fight.
28. israel war crime
sofiane ,   dublin   (01.27.09)
what happen in gaza ,it snot something israel will be proud of it snot succes ,all worl relise the truth that palestinian people they want free palestine ,and return refugit and be we give them respect than israel get respect back,it snot about hamas if it snot hamas will be nother group in my opinion,the truth is is time for israel to start negotiae with palestinian to give them back their land we are not talking hire about 1948,we are talking about 1967,because war will never end up in my opinion,as everone is title for his opinion,that the only way out from that huge probleme,
29. war crime in gaza
sofiane ,   dublin   (01.27.09)
we say israel is democratic country respect international law,if we look at over 400 children dead over 300 womans 3 journalist 19 ambulance workers ,destroying 45000 houses ,using bombs {mid under international law it s ilegal.destroying and killing over 45 people in refugit school onroi belong to un ,and more and more ,i think it s time for israel to be real and those unresponsible criminal of war face justice ,what those 400 children did to deseve to die ,don t blame hamas ,cause law is in place those who throw bombs big area with plenty resident he know they will be massacre if he drop this bomb,he is trained and responsible for his action,they have to face justice ,war crimes ,if he don t face it hire ,he will face it day of judjement no escape ,they are murders
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