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The Cucuy family: From Canada to Israel
Nadav Man
Published: 19.01.09, 09:03
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1. Thanks Ynet, as an ex-Canadian this was very interesting
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (01.19.09)
2. Cuicui
Pierre ,   Quebec, Canada   (01.19.09)
Thanks Ynet, I'll send this article to some people who don't believe me of the achievements of Jewish people in Canada. As far as I'm concerned, you're always wecome here. Long live Israel!
3. look at
these hard working jews, hard working, industrious, acheivers and doers without the help of the un, anrwa, eu money, arab oil, resources, etc... now compare their acheivements to those of the palestinians till today or the total of all arab nations till today. 100% to 0% kol haKAVOD TO ALL THE JEWS THAT BUILD ISRAEL AND MADE IT THE BEAUTY AND SUCCESS IT IS NOWDAYS! arabs are so envious of you.
4. my spot
Khaled ,   Jordan   (01.20.09)
I am palestinian and I live in jordan - temporarly. I do believe this family that came from Canada, and many other families that came from God Knows where are occupying my spot in paletine. Can you please leave and let me back into my country. I mean the fact that you had a country here 3000 years ago, doesn't mean you can kick people out of their country. Please leave
5. khaled number 4
simple man, usa ,   usa   (01.20.09)
dear khaled number 4 as long as you are sticking to the ideology that made many cultures to be eliminated in middle east, you bear a big responsibility, unless you denounce that ideology do you know who were the people that elimincated zoroasterianism in iran, assyrians in iraq, coptics in egypt, the hindus in india, and now fighting ( jihading ) in philipins, thiland, china... are you aware of the misery that your ideology have brougnt upon the people of the world? before any bogus claim please offer you sincere apology, and try to put aside the dominating mind, and accept all the human beings as equal believe me the first beneficiery of this mind set would be your own childrene and wife, and then the dhimmi people regards
6. #4 Khaled
Hekmat ,   Los Angeles   (01.20.09)
Mr. Khaled both of us know what is in your mind, the problem is that you do not want to live, you want the "jews" not to live. that is thru in Medina you were successful, but it was 14 centuries ago, Welcome to the 21st century, try to wash away those myths of "khybar", and jihad ideology otherwise you step in the path of doom, in age of information "Taqieh" does not work, every body knows the hidden agenda, sorry dude thanks to computer and information system
7. Khaled # 4
someone ,   somewhere   (01.20.09)
Are you functionaly stupid? Why don't you wake up and smell the coffee? How long you want to stay sleep, 1400 years?\ open your eyes, and accept the realities on the ground, the age of sword is over, thanks to the "knowledge and technology"
8. For Mr Khaled # 4 , if you want to know
Dear Mr. Khaled Thank you for admitting the fact that 3000 years ago it has been a jewish kingdom in that land, still your fellowmen denying that fact by the way during all those long 3000 years, we have not forgotten that land, always have been standing toward it and prying for the time that "the land be freed" three times daily, for three tousand years, can you believe that? does not say something to you? would you please take a moment and thing about it, Sincerely Yours
hadrian ,   NY USA   (01.20.09)
During the 1905 Russian Revolution and there after Canada was one of the few places that Jews could immgrate to. Ny family and prospered in Montreal. I would love to see pictures of Jewish life in Montreal before WW1
10. to khaled #4
israeli   (02.07.09)
you forgot to mention the massive immigration of arabs to palestine due to new jobs offered by jews, u can see in israel today that many israeli big cities have around arab towns that were established afterwards. Salah-A-Din was the one to push even more arabs into palestine in order to prevent the jews of spreading in the land. that's one of the reasons different palestinians in Israel speak different dialects of arabic.
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