Thank you, soldiers
Hanoch Daum
Published: 19.01.09, 11:02
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1. Our soldiers, our sons
Linda ,   Israel   (01.19.09)
You are our precious darlings. Well done you did an amazing job risking yourselfs. No words can truly express this emotion so thank you will have to do. I love you guys!
2. Kol HaKavod L'Tzahal! Hi fivin' & butt slappin' all round!!!
Job well done boys & ,   girls of IDF!!!!   (01.19.09)
3. like the silly song says: "I want to hug the whole army!...
Sally Forth   (01.19.09)
from the "touri" (new recruit) to the RAMATCAL (Chief of Staff)!" and let's not forget the Minister of Defense! Well done boys and girls of the IDF! and we do not forget for one moment those who made the ultimate sacrifice. and we do not forget for one moment that we want Gilad Home Now!!!
4. Our troops
David Yashar ,   Jerusalem   (01.19.09)
As for your comments, "meah achuz."
5. Our soldiers
Jonathan ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.19.09)
Thank you to each and every one of you. You are magnificent.
6. we are proud of you!
mb ,   brazil   (01.19.09)
They are not just soldiers! they are angels who combat the evil force and won. Welcome to your house, your family and a G's wish a good and nice life. Who didnt came home well and good, our solidarity, and may the lord give you the force needed. I never saw Israel do such good work, even in 1967! We are dealing with existencial treat from Iran. And with guys like you, it s better to Iran choose another country to bully. Tnk you guys.
7. Thanks!
b nelson ,   beitar israel   (01.19.09)
Thank you for the excellent article! Exactly what we need to hear now.
8. Our brave soldiers make me proud to be an Israeli. Thank-you
Safta ,   Netivot   (01.19.09)
9. thank you soldiers
Dutchy ,   The Netherlands   (01.19.09)
Words cant express what you all did for your country. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.. Have a safe trip home guys
10. Someone tell Gabi that he had another division called Nahal
AB ,   Gdud 50 Nahal   (01.19.09)
Someone please tell Gabi Ashkenazi that he had another division in the north that goes by the name of Nahal.
13. Thank G-d!
Gabi ,   Israel   (01.19.09)
Despite the massive propaganda which is swallowed by the UN, Hamas is obviously well-aware that Israel respects life, because the primary strategy of Hamas is to attack Israelis civilians from behind their own children in Gaza as human shields, and then lie to the media that Israel is targetting the children of Gaza when Israel defends itself. Anti-Israelis define themselves by murderous hatred and distinguish themselves from others by treating the truth with contempt.
14. Remember the Midrash about the Egyptians who perished
Bruno ,   Haifa   (01.19.09)
When the Children of Israel rejoiced that Pharoah's men were drowned in the Red Sea, the angels admonished them: how can you rejoice when God's creations are dying ...? How can we be proud of what we did in Gaza? we killed and maimed men, women and children, and destroyed lives and property. What's there to be proud of? Even if, as some suggest, "we had no choice" - an empty statement. I fundamentally disagree with, there's no place for rejoicing - we should be ashamed of ourselves.
15. Personal best? Everyone.
Gideon Reader   (01.19.09)
IDF. Ya' done good! Regulars and reserves. The "Security Establishment" as well. Nicely, nicely.
16. Well done Israel
Kieran CF ,   England   (01.19.09)
Well done Israel your soilders have performed with great courage and commitment. May the L-ORD bless you.
17. Good job
Hicham ,   France   (01.19.09)
Killing unprotected Gaza children and women is what you call 'a brave act and a great job' - I just wonder how you define bravery and cowardice... Poor dreamers
18. Thank you God
Zalman Velvel ,   Zichron Yaakov, Isra   (01.19.09)
Thank you God for protecting the Jewish people and allowing our sons and daughters to be victorious. And thank you God for watching over us in spite of the worst leaders and most corrupt politicians that are an embarassment to Jews everywhere. Thank you God for loving your people, Am Yisrael, even after their leaders act like cowards and tuchus kissers to a Gentile world that wants nothing more than the destruction of Jews. A cowardly one sided truce as a present to an American President? Let us all say Baruch Hashem - this is proof of a loving God.
19. #12 Thank You
Walter ,   Boston, MA   (01.19.09)
Thank you response #12! I must have missed that picture of the brave IDF warriors wearing dipers. Can you provide a link? Err, what exactly IS a "diper", and why do the soldiers need it? (Achmed, bring me my brown uniform bottoms). Walt
20. #7: that is what you "want" to hear not you "need" to hear
Hanz ,   Ireland   (01.19.09)
21. You are 100% correct - THANK YOU SOLDIERS
Andrew ,   England   (01.19.09)
for risking your very lives to protect our homeland... for risking your very lives so we Jews in the disapora have a safe haven to go to. You did an AMAZING JOB and fought the Hamas cowards with perfection. WELL DONE and THANK YOU SO MUCH,
22. Personal Wurst
Gideon Reader   (01.19.09)
IPE : Israel Political Echelon Ya' screwed the pooch. Again. A personal Wurst to each of ya'. (That means you turned the hard work and victory of the IDF, into sausage) Itchy underwear and tight collars to all of you. Amidak (Kadima going backwards)
23. Are you pride of Kiling Children:400 children killed by IDF
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (01.19.09)
contrary to 50 Hamas fighters! No pride for Hamas either despite they killed no Israeli children they do not have a right to victory Sorry but that looked like a fight of two street prostitutes trying to do worst harm to each other but cannot do anything other than big noise(except one of prostitute's killing other side's children) Are you realy pride of Israeli politicians commanding war, IDF etc.?
24. Thank you IDF, I owe my life to you. Well written Hanoch!
A proud Israeli, Jew ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.19.09)
25. Nappy headed
Gideon Reader   (01.19.09)
#12. Your's wear the Diapers on their heads!
26. My thanks aren't enough
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (01.19.09)
I want to put my arms around every one of you and tell you how much you are dear to me.
27. Kol hakavod l'Tsaha"l
AJ ,   Tel Aviv   (01.19.09)
Thank you, young men and women of the IDF for protecting us.
28. Kol Hakavod
Asaf Golan, ,   Sugar Land   (01.19.09)
You are our heroes!
29. regained Israel’s pride ?
Jay ,   MI, USA   (01.19.09)
A pride lost against a well armed army (Hezbolah) cannot be regained by slaughtering few hundred defenseless civilians. But it might give you a boost at the next election!
30. #14 - you do not know the text
Bob ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.19.09)
It doesn't say that God admonished the Jews because Egyptians died. It says he admonished the angels when they broke into song. The Jews were not only allowed to rejoice but their song has come down to us in the Torah (shirat hayam) and is recited every morning during prayers. And even God couldn't save the Israelites without Egyptians dying. We should regret and shed tears over every innocent who was harmed, but we still have a right and even a duty to celebrate our victory over Hamas. Kol haKavod LeTzahal!
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