Travel advisory issued for top IDF officers
Tova Tzimuki
Published: 19.01.09, 18:05
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AMENOPHIS ,   CA   (01.19.09)
Israel will have to put these ignoramouses in IGNORE! And hamas is insisting they will rearm. Then Israel will have no choice but to go in there and completely wipe these persistent thugs out of existence. The fact they did not this time proves Israel never finished the job and are being condemned just the same.
2. Its about time
Lennybruce ,   amsterdam, NL   (01.19.09)
If none were committed nothing to worry about. If some were committed then its time to treat them like all the other criminals. But dont worry, none will be treated like Israel treats many of her political prisoners - held indefinitely without charge. At least these guys will be able to fight their charges in a normal judicial system.
3. hey IDF, dont worry!
john   (01.19.09)
if you havent committed any war crimes, you have nothing to fear! travel at your leisure... are you afraid of something? something to hide maybe?... if not, then why the advisory?
Steve ,   NYC, USA   (01.19.09)
5. nothing but pure unadulterated anti-semitism
Randi ,   Jerusalem   (01.19.09)
Israel is the only country in the world that is not legally allowed to defend herself. There has been no other war where military officers were threatened for defending their homeland against attack, no matter how much damage was done. Israel has become "the Jew" among nations.
6. Free world
payback time ,   Free world   (01.19.09)
They can not escape their war crimes. Next time they should think before kiling children and women. even their justifications are war crimes.
7. the so called cultured Europeans
susan ,   Jerusalem   (01.19.09)
are quiet for years as we have suffered from rocket attacks on innocent citizens. when they denounce this as forceably as they denounce our military action which was long overdue-then we can hear their criticisms. it all comes down to: Eisav so-ne Yackov.
8. The UN: 5000 Dead Rebels in Sri Lanka!
I Accuse the UN ,   Israel   (01.19.09)
But the UN and others want to prosecute Israelis for "War Crimes"! The following is a quote from the Mail & Guardian Online today 19 Jan 2009: "Sri Lanka's Defence Ministry said on Sunday it has killed dozens more Tamil Tigers in the latest ground and sea clashes, bringing a tally of reported rebel deaths so far this year to more than 5 000." Ban Ki-Moon we demand your immediate condemnation of the Sri Lankan Government! There are crimes against humanity being committed in Zimbabwe and Darfur every day northing has been done! And we are to be charged with War Crimes? What about the War Crime of 8 years of bombarding Israeli civilians? Where are the Human Rights of the Israelis who, in spite of being protected by shelters, have been traumatized possible for the rest of their lives! Charges of War Crimes MUST be filed against Hamas, Hezbollah and ALL that support them. War Crime charges MUST be filed against the Turkish Government for crimes against the Iraqi Kurds! Quite frankly we are gettung sick and tired of threats which are based on pured anti_Semitism by people who would have done well under the Nazis. If your were reatlly concerned about war crimes then what about Russia in Chechnia - 1994 to 1996 160,000 dead, and the Iraq War 2003 to present about 98,000 civilian dead? Again these allegations are fueled by hatred and jealousy of the Jewish people. No doubt the instigators of these libelous charges are the principle shareholders of Auschwitz II!
10. The Hague impotent joke
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (01.19.09)
Please, let's first try the British for deliberately bombing civilians in Dresden. Such a court, even unable to prove crimes to Miloshevich and Seselj has nothing to say to us.
11. War crimes
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (01.19.09)
Israel did not commit war crimes in fighting Hamas, Hizballah or any other terrorist organization. Israel has shown years of restraint when dealing with these groups, and should have attacked them all way before now. However, if the terrorists supporters want to try to bring charges, then bring them on. The U.N and European Union should look at their own track record before issuing arrest warrants because they have committed many crimes themselves.
12. these morons need to learn something about international law
Randi ,   Jerusalem   (01.19.09)
international law says that when someone fires on you from a building, you are allowed to fire back at that building, whether women and children are there or not. all of you Israel bashers come from countries who have done much worse than the IDF ever did, and for less reason! I am sure you have never been bombed daily (sometimes 50 or 60 times a day) for 8 yrs, without your government responding.
13. Using human shields is a war crime.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (01.19.09)
When a murderer takes a hostage and fires from behind his human shield, and a policeman, in an effort to stop the shooting accidentally kills the hostage, the law of every country holds the hostage taker guilty of murder even though the policeman fired the fatal shot. The same is true of the law of war. The use of human shields, in the way Hamas uses the civilian population of Gaza, is a war crime--as is its firing of rockets at Israeli civilians. Every human shield that is killed by Israeli self defense measures is the responsibility of Hamas. More at :
14. Stop funding UN
Paolo Ortenzi ,   Rome, Italy   (01.19.09)
... and this insanity will disappear. Stop funding UN... al this double standard has been created by United Nation. And the spineless EU followed, swallowing the bait... Stop funding UN, and Israel will be able to defend herself.
avner ,   buenos aires   (01.19.09)
is this the same continent that 60 years ago they killed us for being jewish???
16. Travel to Europe
Dave ,   Rochester Hills USA   (01.19.09)
As an American who's been to Europe at least a dozen times in as many years I will not go to any country where these warrants originate.
17. Israel should issue its own arrest warrants.
Cynic ,   USA   (01.19.09)
For European leaders who aid and abet terrorist organizations and who are complicit with Muslim countries who advocate genocide of the Jewish people.
18. Let this be a LESSON to all of you who.....
Steve   (01.19.09)
invoke so-called "international law" to make the case for Israel; to make the case for Israel's right to exist. This is the fundamental reason I try to never invoke international law. Israel exists and she has the right to defend herself. Period! International law is fluid, biased and it has a Jew-hating axe to grind.
19. again loser israeli gov't
wise   (01.19.09)
the israeli gov't should just advice israelis that if they are kidnapped for the purpose of trail, in any country that colibirates will immediately and without warning suffer from a nuclear attack. that would be a warning to those groups that their individuals seeking prosecution would be hunted down and hung from whatever local tree is available. if the israeli gov't would for once act powerful. they would not need to warn the citizens. oh i forgot the israeli gov't is just full of weasels.
20. Charges
PW ,   Virginia USA   (01.19.09)
Israel should file war crimes against all Hamas leadership, also Amenendjab in Iran for sending the weapons. But mainly charges should be placed against all NGO's that support terrorists," giving material support to terrorists"...Try them and put them in jail...I am sure that this NGO behavior in the USA would easily get an indictment.
21. #3
Tim ,   London   (01.19.09)
Hey Lenny, why don't you read the article again and then you can answer your own stupid question. Maybe pay a bit more attention next time?
22. Unrwa's crimes against humanity
william ,   U.K   (01.19.09)
it is unrwa should be investigated for crimes against humanity for allowing terrorists use of their facilities , when did we ever hear condemnation from unrwa when hamas sends rockets to Israeli towns for 8 long years from the refugee camps under their supervision?
23. Simply blows my mind...
Concerned Israeli   (01.19.09)
That we don't hear of a similar growing legal front from these same "human rights" (aka anti-Israel groups) to bring Hamas to the Hague for war crimes. It's the pinnacle of hypocrisy and the result of anti-Semitism coming back stronger than ever.
24. response to Free world
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (01.19.09)
Why don't you show some guts and sign your name to your statement. You won't do it because you know you are wrong and some dumb ass leftest bleeding heart
25. Not welcome in my zone
USA ,   USA   (01.19.09)
If I see one of those IDF people in my neighborhood, I definately wont be welcoming to them.. USA is over you.
26. "Universal jurisdiction" is nothing but a legal crock
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (01.19.09)
Oh, how the whole notion of "international law" has fallen since the days of Brierly's "Law of Nations", the human rights movement since the 1977 Convention. It's been totally corrupted by well meaning "human rights" ideologues. Israel has nothing to answer for, and the whole "If you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about" theme just shows the moral arrogance of its proponents. Israel will not be "judged" by these hypocrites.
27. #8: point those fingers...
Lennybruce ,   amsterdam, NL   (01.19.09)
You do realize the fact that others have also committed war crimes isn't quite a moral or legal excuse for the crimes that some others have committed? Or is Israel's new standard, "Hey, we're okay as long as there are those who have are worse." I like it, NOT.
28. who said only the IDFs?
observer   (01.19.09)
29. Human Rights my foot
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (01.19.09)
These human rights org. gets their funding from Iran, the main human rights abuser. They are corrupted to the core just like the UN and its subsidiaries. What about the crime against those who fire rockets into Israel for fun. The Hell with The Hague
30. What a hysterical news report- study the Belgian case
hilonia   (01.19.09)
I have no idea why your reporter forgot to take his.hers anti anxiety pills, but really, when Belgium started such an initiative, very quickly it canceled the ruling that allowed it to try cases that have no direct relation to them.Like Arik Sharon. We should simply file a slew of files at these same european countries against Hamas leaders. there is also no standing to saying the Israel's claim "never took". In court there is either a crime or no crime.according to intl law, the Hamas is responsible to the shooting of civilians because his fighters took refuge there. Also to prove people were killed by direct Israeli fire, bodies would have to be exhumed. I am sure such a medical exam will prove that most casualties were caused by Hamas. Calm down and take a deep breath.
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