Travel advisory issued for top IDF officers
Tova Tzimuki
Published: 19.01.09, 18:05
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61. War Crimes Charges
Steven Croft ,   Toronto Canada   (01.19.09)
I think that people all over the world should then launch War crimes charges against the organiuzations that file against Israelis. Maybe if you have an organization file in Madrid, people can file against the organization and individuals in every capital that would accept it. Those groups must be complicit if they did or said nothing about the Hamas terrorists attaching Israeli civilians with rockets and bombs... Remember, Hamas and Hezbollah only want to kill Israelis and Jews, It does not matter if they are military or civilian and that is a WAR CRIME on it's own...
62. Shooting rocket/bombs at civilians IS a war crime
Leah ,   Israel   (01.19.09)
Unless they are Jews of course.
63. #35
coming from somebody from a country that has harbored and still harbors German war criminals, that is really relevant.
64. GREAT LINKS 45 !!
USA   (01.20.09)
the truth needs to come out.... all these hidden crimes.
65. How about
Judith ,   Brooklyn, NY   (01.20.09)
How about the International Court of Justice at the Hague focus on the war crimes perpetuated by: Sri Lanka, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Congo, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Republic of South Africa, North Korea... Where in each of these countries, Millions of civilians are killed, raped, and pillaged.
66. to #49: It's from Iraq not Palestine
Observer ,   Ramallah, Palestine   (01.20.09)
The video has nothing to do with Palestine or Israel's war crimes. Read the text in Arabic under the image, it is for an Iraqi military group, as well as the music and song.
67. to #64 great link, ha?
Observer   (01.20.09)
do you believe everything you see? Well, morons just swallow whatever seems to be in line with what they believe in. This video shared by #45 has nothing to do with Palestine. It is from Iraq: an Iraqi military group excuting a group of Iraqis accused of working with the Americans - PERIOD.
68. Lets see how many of these make it to court
Danny   (01.20.09)
Here's a prediction, none of them do. They make alot of noise and quietly all of the cases will be thrown out as per usual. What Israel should be doing is filing against Hamas, filing libel again "human rights" organisations and news companies and demanding that any case brought either comes to trial or that a prominent apology is issued. But of course we won't. We'll be on the defensive, apologise, try to avoid a scene whilst our press at home will scream.
69. #65
kel ,   nyc   (01.20.09)
the diff is that those countries dont keep shoving down our throats that they are a democratic country. you do, hence the position you are in.
70. #8 - Excellent respnse!
Eric ,   Montreal   (01.20.09)
Most of Canad and its government is with you Israel!
71. #25
mark ,   ca   (01.20.09)
Must be the twilight zone,imbecile...:->
72. Israel must take foreign hostages .......
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (01.20.09)
.....of any country who seeks to "arrest" israeli citizens. It is an act of war by these groups, they are as much an enemy and should be dealt with in clandestine operations.
73. WANTED !!
mark rabinow ,   london uk   (01.20.09)
74. #45 #64 bringing evidence from 1948? palestine wasn't
r.f.   (01.20.09)
a country then, or ever, but never mind that, what do you think has happened to the jews in the cities of the west bank in the last 2000 years? the jewish community was butchered, many times, as we have a very long experience at living with our neighbours. still jews lived here 3700 years, and as there was no state here before british mandate, jews had same rights over this land as the arabs that call themselves palestinians in the last few decades.
75. Defending Israel is a crime??
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.20.09)
Time to bring these groups into the light and investigate who funds them.
76. US President Bush is in the same boat. A news show said
Rivkah   (01.20.09)
yesterday that there are 45 countries Mr. Bush and some in his administration have been advised not to visit since they could be arrested on international warrants for allegedly torturing prisoners. There is even an arrest warrant for him in Vermont in the USA; so he cannot go there, either. He kept America safe for seven years at great expense. That is something Obama will not be able to do since the ELS Bible codes say the Lord is against him. "President Obama" intersects with "The Lord will bring a nation against you from afar, from the ends of the earth." Other codes in the Obama matrix are "Barak Muslim" and "Traitor".
77. Judging by #25's English level, he's an immigrant
Tahl ,   Israel   (01.20.09)
And probably an Arab one.
78. Covering for war-crimes, is a crime Too
¨According to political sources, the situation may take another turn for the worst after the foreign media will be allowed back into Gaza Strip, and the devastation in Gaza becomes more evident.¨ All that was hidden will be revealed Israelis know that many War-crimes were committed, you either Judge the guilty criminals responsible or the World will hold ALL Israelis guilty of covering up War crimes
79. Very Good - Add Olmert, Livni, Barak To List
Aaron   (01.21.09)
The credit on the holocaust guilt is running out. It's time the international community stopped Israel and made it pay for its crimes. I know Israelis were brainwashed with lies "that they started it" and "IDF is the most moral army in the world" - nonsense. The following are war crimes, if you didn't know: 1. Destroying civilian infrastructure. 2. Preventing medical care to wounded. 3. Collective punishment of civilian population. 4. Using White Phosphorus in populated areas. 5. Targeting civilians 6. Use of disproportionate force Israel is guilty of all of the above and then some and the people responsible should be brought to justice like other war criminals.
80. as they should be. isreal using human shields
Don Stokes ,   London   (01.21.09)
as they should be. isreal using human shields and chemical weapons.
81. war crime
Idiko ,   togo   (01.21.09)
That is not what International law said, your interpreting it upside down. Your ego, your bravado, I nearly vomit.
82. About time
Sam ,   Cleveland, OH   (01.21.09)
While this news is certainly welcome, it is mainly not the IDF officers' fault that the crimes were committed. It is the jingoist politicians who should be tried a-la Nuremberg. Holocaust aside, their crimes are surely comparable to the Nazis and the devastation their aggression has brought to places like Poland and the USSR. Need I remind anyone that those attacks also seemed justified to the German people at the time?
83. Filing in local courts
Nas ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.21.09)
It is disingenuous in the extreme to say that "[m]any of the European courts have taken it upon themselves to hear cases of alleged war crimes perpetrated in other countries, even if they themselves have no affinity to the case." This makes it sound like they are pushing their way into someone else's business, when under international agreements they are REQUIRED to criminally prosecute war crimes regardless of the nationality of the alleged offender or the location of the alleged offence.
84. Destroying the Antisemitism Argument
John ,   Raleigh NC USA   (01.22.09)
When you have Jews Against Zionism, Norman Finkelsten, Jewish Women for Peace, the Shministim, and Holocaust survivor Heddy Epstein stating that Israel has committed war crimes, I'm going to make a leap here and say that yes, Israel has indeed committed war crimes. These people have INFINITELY more credibility than Israeli government/IDF propaganda. Oh, and I will take this opportunity to remind everyone that it was Israel- NOT Hamas that broke the cease-fire. Israel refused to lower the blockades that was part of the agreement, committing the first violation of the agreement. Israel then violated the agreement for the second time with the killing of six Palestinian militants in Gaza by Israeli forces in a ground incursion and air strikes on November 4th 2008. Hamas retaliated with a barrage of rockets, which caused neither casualties nor damage. Any attempted refutation of these facts is simply denial. So what was this all about? Politics, land, and resources. Elections are coming up in Israel and perceived military strength plays a role in the campaigns of both Tzipi Livni and Ehud Barak. It can also not be forgotten that Gaza does not belong to Israel. Israel occupies Gaza. If they don't want the land then why don't they leave? And lastly, a vast deposit of natural gas under the waters off Gaza: Over 1 trillion cubic feet equal to 150 million barrels of oil was estimated to be there. The bottom line: Israel's corrupt and ruthless government is totally devoid of humanity and incapable of telling the truth. Oppressing and slaughtering Arab civilians is just a pragmatic political move, and it is very telling indeed. If anyone in the Israeli government has any soul they would issue a formal apology to the people of Gaza, and as an act of goodwill they would also commit to rebuilding the homes and schools they destroyed. It doesn't bring back a person's loved ones, but it is at least a step in the right direction.
85. Isreal's war crimes
Betty ,   Singapore   (01.22.09)
I used to believe the anti-semite charge but now I understand it's a propaganda weapon. Isreal uses European/Western guilt about the holocaust to justify it's ethnic cleansing of the palestinians. The rest of the world including, Asean, China, India, Africa etc wasn't responsible for the holocaust and can see more clearly the war crimes they commit ---- Shame on you!
86. ide travels in Europe
jean ,   paris France   (01.22.09)
hello, of course it would be a very good thing for international justice if there could be real lawsuits for the crimes of war in Gaza. Hopefully, the israelian citizens who have some sense of justice will collaborate.
Pesach ,   Tenafly, New Jersey   (01.22.09)
Bring out the big gun attorneys and charge every UNhuman rights group as criminals, and anyone else who tries to go after the HEROES of the IDF. Why don't these rabid Jew-Haters arrest and charge Hamas, and all diabloical extreme Islamic murderers who have spilled so much innocent civilian Jewish blood??? If we have to declare war on any of these Euopean courts, UNhuman rights groups, The ICJ or any one who tries to villify the HEROES of the IDF, then so be it. The days of Jews being led like sheep to their slaughter are OVER-- If we can not reason with our enemies, we WILL eliminate them--- legally or militarily, with Almighty G-ds help.
88. IDF showed restraint?
shalit ,   new york, usa   (01.23.09)
The IDF did not show restraint. Forget about the savageness of the assult. Why would regular IDF infantry defecate into cooking pots and on the floors of Palestinian homes they comandeered? Are they barn animals? Maybe. Are they war criminals? Maybe not, but their generals most definitely are.
89. Prosecution of War Criminals
Anna ,   UK   (01.23.09)
Do israelis ever read/view anything apart from their own governments propaganda? Everybody outside Israel sees daily images on their screens of Israeli forces bombing 20,000 civilian residences, destroying 30 mosques (nothing is sacred to these louts) firing on schools sheltering innocent civilians, destroying huge refugee camps leaving tens of thousands of civilians homeless.Families, doctors, paramedics, doctors, ambulances have been shelled in contravention to the Geneva Conventions. The Gazans have been starved - an example of collective punishment. The war crimes go on and on and on....let's hope these inhuman military and political criminals get what they deserve...lifelong prison sentences. Who needs them?
90. Rooting for Goliath?
CM ,   LA USA   (01.24.09)
Israelis have gone stark raving mad. The war criminals should be tried and we Americans should stop paying for illegal settlements and child murder. No more bulldozers, no more billions, let's just give up our land-based aircraft carrier and leave this shameless and criminal ally to fend for itself.
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