IDF: Hamas forced us to act in civilian areas
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 19.01.09, 20:48
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GET REAL ,   USA   (01.19.09)
2. Delaying The Inevitable
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (01.19.09)
The problem is always Iran. Eliminate the problem and Hamas, Hizbollah and Syria will do as they are told.
3. Hamas must have been so strong to
observer   (01.19.09)
force the mighty army to fulfill Hamas' whims.
4. Haniyah: Israeli : EzzEdeen's casualties = 80 : 48
observer   (01.19.09)
Sandi ,   ex US   (01.19.09)
THANK YOU SO MUCH IDF. Will always be grateful to the bravest men in the world: the Israeli soldier, Good luck, we stand with you.
6. Hamas in civilian areas
Chuck ,   San Francisco   (01.19.09)
If the IDF has hard evidence of these facts, the Israeli government should be flooding the Western media with it, rather than just publicizing it locally.
7. You have to cut all ties with Gaza
Y ,   N   (01.19.09)
For your own sake Israel should cut all ties with Gaza. Let Egypt take over the area and rule it the way they want. Gaza is nothing but trouble for Israel. Leave it and forget it is my advice.
8. Congrats IDF Men and Women
GZLives   (01.19.09)
9. What next?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.19.09)
The IDF succeeded, but what next? Hamas has international legitimacy and increased popularity in the Arab world. Even though Hamas was the aggressor, anti-Israeli sentiment is greater than ever before. Inevitably, Israel will have such increasingly bloody wars every year or two. Israel must be sure that the Arab forces do not attack from Judea and Samaria in the next war. The Kadima/Labor plan to establish an Arab state in all of Judea and Samaria be stopped.
10. This PROVES that the Palestinians must FIRST guarantee PEACE
Coyote   (01.19.09)
Sharon: “The disengagement and unilateral withdrawal from Gaza places the Palestinians under tremendous pressure. It forces them into a corner that they hate to be in. It thrusts them into a situation in which they have to PROVE THEIR SERIOUSNESS for building a state. There are no more excuses. There are no more Israeli soldiers spoiling their day. And for the first time they have a slice of land with total continuity on which they can race from one end to the other. And the whole world is watching them - THEM, NOT US. The whole world is asking what the Palestinians intend to do with this slice of land, now a de facto state: Gaza." Sharon ~ Well we saw what they did. The rocket mortar and missile attacks increased and Hamas rearmed and committed the Palestinians to the destruction of the Jewish state. Israel has proven that ceding land WITHOUT first gaining a PEACE treaty does not work, as evidenced by their unilateral pullout of Gaza thus allowing the creation of a de facto Palestinian state. The attacks did not diminish and instead increased with Israel receiving of 3000-4500 rockets, mortars and missiles since; with the election of a terrorist government committed to the destruction of the Jewish state; and with the steady rearming of Hamas by I_ran, again a state committed to Israel's removal from the map. This PROVES that the Palestinians must FIRST guarantee PEACE and sign a TREATY before Israel will cede any more land.
12. #11 Tired of your moronic posts
13. Key of survival
Rami abu Ghalyion ,   Tulkarem-palestine   (01.20.09)
The issue is not cause of Destroyed homes nor cause of destroyed schools the main issue which its Unknown to many of the ppl in middle-east is that israel is trying to eliminate any Awareness to be based on resistance Israel knows danger of this issue on its homeland security and its Exist This strategy was clear during the war on Lebanon,we all still remember words of Defense Minister Amir Peretz when he said if you hit TEL-AVIV then we will destroy Beirut Israel has learned the lesson well especially After the war on Lebanon israel knew that the arab world have completly changed and the arabs ppl become more confident in themselves Not only because of the Arab-Israeli conflict,but also because of many problems, including economic problems, political problems,poverty, unemployment, dictatorial regimes and the list goes on however,In view of these changes in the Arab public opinion -the arabregimes have become looking about any way to stay in power and from thier ways(policy of fears) from price of war which it was clear from the Lebanes-israeli war and the last war in gaza strip Israel should have to forget (logic of the power) take agood look about the new system of axises b/w the countries in middle-east LETS BACK TO THE ISRAELI-LEBANES WAR we all know position of the jordinian government from the (islamic groups) and thats why its stood with israel in its war on Hezbollah you dont see any changes in Jordan's Government position? i think you do What about Saudi Arabia and Egypt? all u need to do just deepen in the internal situation of egypt then u will know there,s will be some thing diff Again israel you should forget logic of power,you should think twice about ur future,you should think twice b4 entering into any new war i know about ur demographic proplems you have Negev desert all u need to do just a development.. Honestley,the arab dictatorial regimes will not stay in power and if u stay on this policy you will become more hatered nation and you will not find anyone to put ur hands with Give palestinians thier Rights,remove the Settlements from west-bank,make green-line our boarders This is an offer now b/w ur hands who knows may it wouldnt back again i am not writing that couz i hate israelis noway i am Writen only to show u wt peace it means,to let u know that (key of peace its the Real guarantee 4 exist
14. "observer" here is an active Islamist propaganda writer
Oh you fooled us ,   stupid us   (01.20.09)
15. chuck in SF, can you publish whatever you want in the press?
don't work ,   that way...   (01.20.09)
16. Three weeks and only 80%
TK ,   USA   (01.20.09)
Just like in Lebanon, the IAF was the wrong tool for the job. If stopping arms smuggling was a primary war aim, why were ground forces only used in the north? Engineers could have destroyed 100% in two weeks if allowed to deploy along Philadelphi.
17. Human shields.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (01.20.09)
Israel cannot be blamed for hurting human shields. The key problem to be addressed is the way in which terrorists exploit their own civilians, forcing them against their will to serve as human shields or obtaining their agreement to serve as such. When human shields are used, those who agree to be used are combatants, and have chosen to die. As far as involuntary human shields are concerned, the terrorists are to blame for every civilian who is killed. As to the methods of the terrorists :
18. # 14
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.20.09)
Rami, I am trying to undertsand you;you say "give the Palestinians their rights,remove the settlements from the West Bank make green line our borders." Let us say this would happen, would your brothers give up all violence towards the Israeli citizens completely for the sake of peace? Would Hamas then recognize Israel?? The IDF has left Gaza & now it is your chance to stop the barrage of rockets falling on southern Israel. Lets see how true to your word you people are.
19. Of course they forced you to act in Civilian areas
Talula ,   Israel   (01.20.09)
We've all seen the footage and no-one blames you for protecting your country - you did what had to be done. And you did a GREAT job! You are WONDERFUL and AMAZING and we love you!
20. my mistake
Birdi ,   Israel   (01.20.09)
my post # 18 is not for # 14 but for # 13. Thanks Ynet for printing my post.
21. How do you like smell of death corps-Savoury?
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (01.20.09)
They reported one cannot breathe in Gaza because of smell of death corps, children, women, elder, remained in the air... but perhaps it is savoury appetizer in Morning for you
22. to #3 Chuck
Dee ,   Tel Aviv   (01.20.09)
You shouldn't confuse people by giving them FACTS, their minds are already made up!
23. #22 that is their problem
observer   (01.20.09)
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