Last IDF troops leave Gaza Strip
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 21.01.09, 09:21
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1. History repeats
Normal Person ,   Anywhere   (01.21.09)
When will Israel learn force will not help. Bigger bombs is all they will get. And now the whole world is against them, they won't be so easy to stop.
2. #1 Yes, history repeats itself
Cynthia ,   USA   (01.21.09)
When will the Arabs learn to stop attacking Israel? How many wars does it take to convince them that Israel will continue to exist? When they insist on war, we see it is at their expense. History reflects the Palestinians have been marching backwards for decades.
3. You should have finished Hamas
Ahmad   (01.21.09)
In 12 hours since the cease fire, hamas has murdered over 100 Fatah members and tortured or abducted thousands more. Surprise, they're using schools and hospitals to "interrogate" people. Methods include, shooting suspects in the knees and/or hands and tearing people's eyes from their faces. What brave darlings.
4. left honor in Gaza
observer   (01.21.09)
5. #1
eli ,   jerusalem   (01.21.09)
What will help in your opinion? -to wait 8 years, if they stop fireing rockets-we did; -to keep quiet during a so called cease fire by receiving rockets on a daily base half a year-we did; -to withdraw from the strip unilateral-we did; or to disapear-we have to do?
6. History DOES repeat:
Those idiots ,   pandering to Obama   (01.21.09)
Just like the 2nd Lebanon war. They went in, they wimped out (the idiotic government, not our boys). THEY DIDN'T LET THEM FINISH THE JOB. They didn't wipe out Hamas, leaving them motivated and ready to build a bigger and stronger arsenal. Now they know what they need (shopping list for Iran: more anti-aircraft weaponry) they'll be sneakier in their smuggling and work harder to increase their rocket-range. They won't strike again until they're ready to hit Tel Aviv by surprise and have everything ready and in place for an Israeli response. "IDF sources estimated that calm would prevail in Gaza in the near future, while Hamas is busy...rebuilding its organization." You better believe it, baby.
7. left honor in Gaza
observer   (01.21.09)
8. GING and GUNNES wont call for enquiry into truck looting!
Alan ,   SA   (01.21.09)
9. Not all troops are out
Shosh ,   Israel   (01.21.09)
They left one behind Where is Gilad?
10. State terrorism.
Hany ,   Egypt Cairo   (01.21.09)
Unless peoples of the ‘world community’ hold the perpetrators accountable for war crimes – and the evidence is overwhelming – peoples will continue to betray their moral conscience and principles.
11. Gilad Shalit?!?
Flo   (01.21.09)
12. The big victory for Hamas
Hamas managed to expose your ugly faces to the whole world.IDIOTS.
13. Obama is going to screw you soon.
14. You seem to have forgotten one
Lurker ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.21.09)
"Operation Cast Lead officially concluded Tuesday night after the last IDF troops in the Gaza Strip returned to Israel." What about Gilad Shalit?
15. The Palestinians should be pleased.
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (01.21.09)
Their are going to be lots of jobs rebuilding homes for a long period of time.
16. #2
Dave ,   TX   (01.21.09)
I am really doubting Israel intentions, and this war changed my mind completely. I think Israel does not want peace. If Israel accepts the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as a special case, I see no problems from the Arab side, including Hamas and their Lebanese colleagues! Now, someone will say: But Arabs attacked us in 1967. Well, they did because we took the land out of the blue in 1948 in an irreversible process (don't give me weird bible codes now, this is true). G-d damn it, just pull out from the occupied territories to the UN borders, make peace with all of them, and finish this mess. Of course, now I'll be called a traitor and naive and bla bla bla. How could we even talk of poor Gilad and the IDF/IAF operations killed 400 children. The world does not listen anymore, Israel is not just.
17. No, the last troop has not left
Sammy ,   Tel Aviv   (01.21.09)
Gilad Shalit is still there. How can we have done this? How can we have left him there? It is totally unacceptable!
18. pullout complete
Lenny ,   NC USA   (01.21.09)
Well, let's hide and watch. Why was it so important for IDF to be out before the dismal day of US took place? What signal, (command), did Israel receive from US to suddenly cause this to happen? Didn't he say he was going to restore the muslim relations in US? What's all this muslim thing all of a sudden, what about that little red book he had his hand on yesterday that his wife brought out? I'll bet in Israel too? Israel will get a PAL state sooner than you think? Look out Israel, watch your back, don't trust US, do what you have to do from your heart, not some US dictator. Thanks, Lenny
19. livni and smuggling
alesxi   (01.21.09)
I mean is livni a dumb dora or what. Europeans will stop smugging-ya!!!! They are the biggest arab asskissers around. Tunnels will be stopped. Sure. Bull. Tunnels proceed and egypt , us, eu will do nothing. IDF should have retaken phialdelphia and dug a moat and finished. She wants to be PM and she is trying to fool us with her monopoly games. No one says to retake gaza but philadelphia yes. Hamas, fatah what does it matter, 2 state is olmert spin, it will never work, arabs a bunch of thieving liars. All you can do is long term truces and finished. If Olmert had contiinued we would have missiles from golan, jeruslame and west bank, lebanon and gaza. What a bunch of morons. Livni and olmert are totally unqualified to be PM.
20. until next time mother******s
JL ,   israel   (01.21.09)
21. #17
J. ,   Anywhere   (01.21.09)
you're right, it's a shame...
22. The Word of The Lord to Defense Minister Ehud Barak
Patricia Hagemann ,   Paisley USA   (01.23.09)
"Gather together the musicians, singers and worshippers. Let them fast, pray and consecrate themselves unto me the G-d of Abraham, The G-d of Issac and of Jacob, let them go before the army worshipping Me as they go and I your G-d shall set ambushments before them, I shall destroy your enemy and make a show of the openly in front of the world who is watching and mocking my people!! FOR I SAY ENOUGH!!!
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