Arab media: A new era has begun
Roee Nahmias
Published: 21.01.09, 14:45
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1. for once I agree with arab propoganda
zionist forever   (01.21.09)
First thing Obama did was make a speech reaching out to muslims. He has invited Ahmadinijad to the White House for unconditional talks. Despite the fact that Assad on the record says he sees no reason not to stop Hizbullah & Hamas arming and whilst the rest of the arab world has commited money to rebuilding Gaza he has commited money and weapons to Hamas for them to rebuild the damage Israel has done to them. Obama though wants him to be part of the peace process .. in english he see no reason why Israel should not give him the Golan. When he was on the campaign trail one day he said Jerusalem should be the undivided captital of Israel some muslims complaiined so next day he backtracked on that statement. All the signs show Obama is going to be a friend to the islamic world and as usual when America wants to be friends with the arabs or muslims the price must be paid by Israel. Time to start looking for new allies for at lest the next 4 years because we know we can't rely on America anymore. We have 1 million Russians lets use that to try get Russia on our side. China wants to be our friend but its American objections thats stopping that. India is prossibly our best friend ( better than America ) we have always been equals with India not puppets on a string and we do billions of dollars of trade together. In the 50s and early 60s we thought Europe would always be there for us when we needed them and all our weapons were either built domesticly or European. Then we won the 6 day war and then our European friends turned on us but suddenly America wanted to know us, they had a potential ally in the Soviet dominated Middle East. Today there is no more cold war but there is a threat from islamic terror so the new American thinking under Obama is probably going to be turn on Israel the muslims wont want to hijack anymore planes and crash them into buildings. Oslo came about because `Bush senior wanted an arab coalition to justify America invading Iraq to get Saddam out of Kuwait. The arab price was Israel recognise the PLO and create a palestinian state. So Bush agred. Now Obama wants the muslims to like America so Israel will be ordered to pay the price again. THE BAD TIMES ARE HERE AGAIN
2. Only Islamists could claim simultaneous victory and massacre
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (01.21.09)
3. Martin Luther King was a strong supporter of Israel
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.21.09)
Obama should read what Martin Luther King said about supporting the Jewish State, including his comment that anti-Zionism was just another form of anti-Semitism.
4. ''A New Era Has Begun.''
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.21.09)
The problems of the Arab & Muslim world are INTERNAL & have little to do with anyone's foreign policy, including that of the U.S. Obama's rhetoric aside, what will change in the Arab world? Will democracy suddenly replace dictatorship? Will religious intolerence suddenly be replaced by respect for religions other than Islam? Will the disgraceful treatment of minorities, women, homosexuals, & religious dissidents suddenly vanish? Will the conflict between Sunni & ShiĆ­a turn into brotherly love? Suddenly, the illiteracy, poverty, & ruthless exploitation will just disappear. Jihadi lunatics will suddenly become peace advocates. You could hope a new era has begun ONLY if Muslims began a little objective introspection on the real causes of their failed societies. This has not happened & looking to an Obama presidency is just another way to avoid responsibility.
5. to Zionest #1
American Jew ,   usa   (01.21.09)
what you do not understand (or refuse to understand, or are incapable of understanding:) Obama was elected by a majority of Americans - jewish and non jewish His support for Israel is a product of the majority that support him,. That has not changed. Please do not pepper us with talk about "looking for a new ally". There is no reason for it, and talk like that will only undermine the support you continue to receive from us, by alienating us and by giving excuse to the vocal minority of Americans who are your detractors. As long as Israel is interested in some sort of solution for peace (unlike your Palestinian and Arab neighbors), than Israel will continue to occupy the moral high ground.
6. A REAL New Era
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (01.21.09)
Does that mean the Arabs will actually get off their duplicitous rear ends and eradicate the fundamentalist cancer that has invaded their midst and destroyed Islam's image? Don't hold your breath.
7. Arabs want high oil prices+ forced Israeli withdrawals
Sam ,   Canada   (01.21.09)
What Obama needs to do is follow through on lessening American dependence on Muslim oil so as to avoid blackmail and confrontation. He also needs to make it clear that America will not tolerate the destruction of Israel. Arabs are hoping that by America forcing Israeli withdrawals it will make it easier to finish Israel off. That's their idea of a 'balanced' American approach.
8. Arabs lauding Obama ? Why not
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (01.21.09)
They are trying to distance Obama from Israel.
9. Obama is using his skin color for politics
zionist forever   (01.21.09)
He used his skin color to go after the black vote during the election campaign. This Martin Luther King & Abraham Lincon business, I wonder how much of that is real hero worship and how much is politics .. the black mans heros being champion of fighting racism and the president who fought slavery. Watch him use the race card much more often he is going to play that for everything he can. He has been promising to be all things to all people which is one of the reasons why he is liked so much but when it comes to delivering all these problems then I think we will see a very different Obama.
10. to Terry #4
Michael ,   New York, USA   (01.21.09)
I couldn't agree with you more. The extremist fanatics in and out of Israel are predicting major changes with Obama as our president. I don't think there will be major changes, perhaps nuances, but the Arab and Muslim countries and societies will not change unless they change from within.
11. Yeah, y'all trust Obama
US citizen ,   Atlanta, US   (01.21.09)
Go ahead and ramp up your jihad and trust Obama to provide your cover. I know not what Obama will do but I do know that no one will destroy Israel. We can have a global nuclear conflagration but Israel will remain. Not because Israel trusts and is depending on the Creator but because the God of Abraham cares for Israel. God is coming and the situation we will find ourselves in before He arrives is dire.
12. Pathetic Arab press!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.21.09)
Look who's talking about "junta" and "atrocities" - a culture which praises death and preaches genocide against ANY non-Muslim. A culture which maintained racism for centuries and revived it once again 150 years ago. How many "juntas" do we have in the Arab world? Let's see: in Teheran which has transformed Iran into a bastion of terrorism, racism. In a country whcih murders even its own citizens only because they are different! Saudi Arabia: while a few Sheiks live in depravated opulence, their citizens live in poverty and backwardness, and whose women and non-Muslims are treated like animals - all under the terror of an inhumane Islamic Law. Sudan - where a military junta has been butchering millions non-Muslims. Syria : well, about the Assad family grip on Syria and Lebanon there is no need to remind the political crimes and internal genocide of the Sunnis and Druze comunities, not to mention the terror and drug sponsorship. Jordan: Hashemite family grip on Jordan. Need I mention Black September? Yemen: a hotbed for terrorism and discrimination against non-Muslims. Lybia: Pan-Am/Lockerbee, Nuclear Plans, one-man lifetime dictatorship. And the list goes on... So again, WHO IS TALKING ABOUT JUNTAS AND ATROCITIES?
13. 5
zionist forever   (01.21.09)
American jew I agree with you 100% Obama was elected by the majority of Americans but thats not the issue here. He is the legitimate president but that doesn't mean he will be a good president for Israel and all the signs point towards him not being much of a friend of Israel. I don't say that we should just ditch America that would be stupid but it can't hurt to hedge your bets make more friends so Israel always has an ally even if the US does start to take the side of the enemy politicly.
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