Livni's Belgium trip almost cancelled due to lawsuit concerns
Roni Sofer
Published: 21.01.09, 16:49
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1. Lawsuits
Brad ,   USA   (01.21.09)
Lawsuits? Where was the threat of lawsuits when the Arab terrorists rockets were falling on Israeli towns? Now that Israel has hit back, we need lawsuits, huh? All of a sudden the internationalist child molesters want lawsuits. Stick your lawsuits where the sun doesn't shine. You elite morons make me want to puke.
2. why r we accepting this bs
HAIM ,   mtl can$nada   (01.21.09)
from countries who sold jews for nothing, and countries tht bombed the hell out of nazi germany and japan ,do they think tht our atom bombs hurt less than theirs ? maybe they should start to think right ENOUGH IS ENOUGH get THE BIG ONE READY
3. Would be nice if the failure of these lawsuits
Danny   (01.21.09)
got the same amount of press as their announcement!
AMERICAN   (01.21.09)
you reap what you sow I guess...
5. lawsuits
elliot ,   usa   (01.22.09)
do not use the real names or show faces--enforce military censorship
6. such a shame she did not get arrested
Gisele ,   Lebanon   (01.22.09)
She has plenty of blood on her hands .
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