Defining war crimes
Anav Silverman
Published: 21.01.09, 18:24
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1. double standard
Robert ,   italy   (01.21.09)
it is antisemitism... it is cowardise of int'l community... it is inaction and naivty of Israel governement...
2. Simple: Because We're Jews
emanon ,   USA   (01.21.09)
The majority of the world is anti-Jew. It's that simple. On the practical side, the majority of the world is afraid of having their throats cut like Pearlman.
3. So, why not prosecute Hamas?
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (01.21.09)
Oh, because we would have to also prosecute it's brother in crime, Fatah, our so-called "Peace Partner". And that would make the Europeans and ObAmerica mad. And good little Dhimmis can't make anybody mad, now, can they?
4. Thank You
ET ,   Milwaukee WI   (01.21.09)
That's true, defending yourself after 8 years of endless terror cannot in any way be called a war crime, and anyone who calls it that, well, YOU try living in Sderot, put yourself in our situation, WHAT WOULD YOU DO??
5. Look At You ... !!!Shedding Crocodile Tears
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (01.21.09)
Palestinian militant groups are now doing exactly as the Jews did before 1948.Remember your terror organizations : Palmach,Haganah,Stern,Irgun Zvi Leumi,Lehi,Hashomer,etc...??? Jewish pre-1948 terror groups blew up the King David Hotel in 1946, & massacred the civilian poppulation of "Deir Yassin" (Giv'at Shaul) in 1948. Even after the creation of Israel in 1948 the IDF committed the "Qibya" massacre in 1951,the "Kufr Qassem" massacre in 1956,& the "Samu' " arab village massacre in November 1966. And in wartimes, the Israeli apparent deliberate attacks against civilians are almost countless.IDF & IAF destroyed many civilian,industrial,and economic targets in Egypt during the March 1968-August 1970 War of Attrition. Remember the IAF bombed & destroyed "Bahr Baqar" school, and "Abu Za'bal Factory" in Egypt besides destroying oil refinery & oil storage tanks in Suez city, & the electrical powerplant in "Naja' Hamadi" town in Upper Egypt ? Remember that Israeli,heliborne paratroopers landed in Beirut International Airport in December 1968 & took their time to blow up thirteen civilian jet airliners that belonged to Middle East Airlines(MEA), & Lebanon International Airways(LIA)??? As for the Geneva Convention, Israel should certainly be held responsible because it is already a full-fledged,independent,sovereign state while HAMAS & HIZBULLAH are still considered dissident,outlawed organizations by international standards.Both organizations are not officially recognized by the international community. Once there is a Palestinian State you may have the full right to complain officiallay against it if it carries out slaughters,genocides,or other forms of war crimes. I hope it is clear to you now...
6. Straw man argument alert...
BBSNews ,   http://bbsnews.net   (01.21.09)
The authors premise is the false claim that Hamas is not and has not been accused of war crimes for firing rockets indiscriminately at civilians. Yedioth editors should have pulled this article because a quick look at every major news outlet and human rights organization and the UN have shows ALL have said that Hamas commits war crimes with the rockets. Israel needs to learn that Hamas' war crimes do not absolve Israel from responsibility for the war crimes it has long been associated with, most recently in the War on Gaza.
7. Capture terror leaders, send them to The Hague
Zion   (01.21.09)
Oh - that's in Europe...
8. because - to qoute my least favorite...
oferdesade ,   israel   (01.21.09)
... of prime ministers: hem me-fa-ha-dim. easier to accuse someone you know gives a shit than someone who may bomb you.
9. Simply because 1300 were killed by Isreal and 3 by Hamas!
Indigenous ,   statless   (01.21.09)
10. Because Israel killed 100 times more people
Brett ,   New York, NY   (01.21.09)
Killing ten civilians is not a war crime. Killing 1000 is. Not sure what's complicated about that.
11. Hamas isn't a Western-style pragmatic organization.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (01.21.09)
Peace and quiet is its enemy not only because of its ideology—the deity commands it to destroy Israel—or its self-image—as heroic martyrs—but also because battle is needed to recruit the masses for permanent war and unite the population around it. Hamas has no program of improving the well-being of the people or educating children to be doctors, teachers, and engineers. Its platform has but one plank: war, war, endless war, sacrifice, heroism, and martyrdom until total victory is achieved. Consult : http://xrl.us/bea6kx
12. prosecute hamas
dlh ,   ny   (01.21.09)
because then you would have to prosecute the world as a whole and that you can not do.all so they partners with Fatah and Hamas to destroy the jewish state .they see jews and israel as the same.
13. Hamas is not bound by the Geneva Convention
Joe ,   Israel   (01.21.09)
It is recongnized internationaly only as a terrorist organization and as Livni recently found out, even the Red Cross cannot demand visiting rights to Gilad Shalit. And they say that Israel has an unfair advantage!?
14. double standard for war crimes
elliot ,   usa   (01.21.09)
one billion moslems and how many jews they never liked anyway?...all they have to do is read the israeli press or the new york times to find lots of unfair criticism of a jewish state by israelis-mostly from left.
15. #6 what Israeli war crimes?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.21.09)
Do you mean the war crime when Israel bombed a bridge in Varvarin on a busy shopping day, knowing that it would cause only civilian deaths? Or do you mean the war crime when Israel attacked the rescue forces after the initial attack? Except that these proven and indisputable war crimes: indiscriminate attacks on unarmed and clearly marked civilians in broad daylight, were performed by "heroic" British pilots on Sunday 30 May 1999. No wonder you support Hamas
16. new definition
smith   (01.21.09)
War crime; every thing do by jew or Israel. Exemple; if a jew fart, it's a war crime (chemical weapon).
17. #5 Abdel Karim
Arik ,   Haifa   (01.21.09)
You are the perfect example of why we still have to deal with primitive cavemen such as Hamas. To every cause there is an effect. And to every Israeli action you mentioned - the cause was Palestinian and Arab rejection of an UNOCCUPIED Israeli state. Dont be mad because you lost in 48 after you tried to destroy us - get a better army. Oh and here are some facts for you Mr. Sour grapes. Following the Roman destruction of the second Temple of Jerusalem in AD 70, the Roman army completely drove the Jews out of their land. This was the beginning of the Diaspora. Notably, the Romans renamed the land “Palestina” (known today as Palestine) after the Philistines who were former enemies of Israel. This was an attempt by the Romans to obliterate any sign of Jewish attachment to Israel. Beginning in the spring of 1920 and lasting until the summer of 1929 and beyond, the Arab population who were opposed to the Balfour declaration initiated riots and pogroms against Jews in Jerusalem, Hebron, Jaffa and Haifa. The violence led to the formation of the Haganah Jewish self-defense organization in 1920. The riots of 1920 and 1921 reflected opposition to the Balfour declaration and opposition to a Jewish state in Palestine, well before a single Arab had been displaced or territorially threatened. The major instigators were Hajj Amin El Husseini, later Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and eventually a Nazi collaborator, and Arif -El Arif, a prominent Palestinian journalist. Husseini was a virulent anti-Semite whose hatred of Jews was both religious and racial. He was eventually to become a close ally and advisor to Adolph Hitler, and an active supporter of the “final solution” – the mass murder of European Jewry. In 1940 he asked the axis powers to settle the Jewish problem in Palestine in accordance with the “racial interest of the Arabs and along lines similar to those used to solve the Jewish question in Germany. He urged Hitler to extend the final solution to the Jewish refugees who had reached Palestine, and he advised Hitler, in 1943 – when it was well known what was happening in Poland’s death camps – to send the Jews to Poland. During this period of violence, British military authorities gave the Arabs a free hand, while simultaneously arresting and detaining the Jewish defenders, led by Vladimir Jabotinsky, who were imprisoned for long periods of time. Lesson - Instead of trying to eliminate Israel who never threatened you - you should have let us live in peace. It is your ideology that killed the children of Gaza.
18. Anat, Kol Hakavod!
Asaf Golan ,   Sugar Land   (01.21.09)
Exactly. Good for you.
19. #6 - BBSNews, Straw man talkback alert...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (01.21.09)
Your premise is that Israel views its actions in Gaza as not being war crimes because Hamas' actions absolve Israel of responsibility. This, in and of itself, is a straw man which you stuffed and then knocked down. The true premise of this article is to merely pose this simple question: Why is Israel singled out for potentially commiting war crimes whereas Hamas is not? Whether Israel did or did not commit war crimes is for a court that unbiasedly looks at both all pertinent evidence and the law to decide. Nevertheless, in the interest of justice, this very same court must also probe the actions of Hamas and subject them to the same rigor Israel's actions were subjected to.
20. What were we to do?
Adam ,   New York City, USA   (01.21.09)
So, after 1,400 dead, mostly women and children, 5,000 wounded and 20,000 demolished buildings, the Israelis with an ounce of conscience ask, “what were we to do? Q- What were we to do? Hamas militants were targeting southern Israel with thousands of missiles over an eight year period. None of the missiles were “targeted.” Hamas pointed these home-made rockets in the general direction of Israel with no idea where they would land. (only one person was killed over that period of time) Excuse Hamas? NO. Similarly, do not excuse the Israeli government. The Israelis who allow a right wing government to hijack morality and brainwash its citizens are responsible for the siege of Gaza, the river of blood and the numerous missed opportunities to pursue peace without oppression. What were you to do? Elect politicians, who negotiate. Negotiate without preconceived notions that it is futile, without preconceived notions that Palestinians are not human and must be crushed underfoot like ants. Stop seeking excuses to justify innocent bloodletting. Q – What were we to do? Hamas used women and children as human shields. Gaza packs 1.5 million people onto a piece of land the size of a postage stamp. About 15K Hamas militants blend in naturally with 1,485,000 innocents. There is no need to create human shields when the entire Gaza strip is a human shield for Hamas. IDF can not drop a single bomb on Hamas without killing civilians. The IDF says that a shot fired from a Gaza neighborhood requires the leveling of the entire neighborhood. There is no school, mosque or hospital that is Hamas free. Rather than saying honestly, “We do not really care about civilian casualties”, Israel says Hamas forced us to kill women and children by using them as human shields. What were we to do? Scream bloody murder when it became clear that UN schools, hospitals, Red Cross Ambulances were being bombed. Scream bloody murder when innocent children were exterminated. Scream bloody murder when the IDF refuses to allow Red Cross ambulances to evacuate the wounded and dying to hospitals. Stop seeking excuses to justify innocent bloodletting
21. Every Israeli Soldier A Mengele
World Citizen ,   the world   (01.21.09)
I mean if a ninety year old German camp guard can be held accountable for war crimes then surely an Israeli soldier who deliberately shoots a three year old Palestinian child is guilty. Who could disagree with that?
22. Spare civilians and civilian structures
William ,   Israel   (01.21.09)
Hamas broke all laws when they took off their uniforms and blended into the civilian population. The not only built tunnels under civilian homes, but rigged them with explosives to kill soldiers with...not caring if Gazans were inside. Infact, they hoped for it - killing a soldier and saddling Israel with civilian deaths is great PR. Using civilian areas to fire rockets and store explosives. ALL of it is the most massive breach of war crimes seen in recent history, besides from the Nazis. If the world ignores this, they damn Palestinians and humanity to a future of such horror one cannot even describe it.
23. Abdel#5 - don't forget Arabs in 1920, 1929
William ,   Israel   (01.21.09)
The Palmach and other groups were born from necessity after Arabs began massacring innocent Jews in 1920, 1929 and onward. They did nothing more than re-visit upon you what Arabs have been doing to Jews before 1948..and to all infidels since 642 AD. After hearing the rallying cry of the Arab League in 1948 - a call to Jewish genocide that rivals anything the mongols did, adn the Arabs' attempt to reach that goal....well, that more than justifies Israel's actions until now. What is funny is how Arabs like you call for Jewish blood, kill innocents in their beds (Jews and Muslims), then cry as the victim wanting "peace". Today, the only genocide that is happening is that in Darfur...at the hands of...Arabs!
24. #6 - You're certainly full of it...BS
William ,   Israel   (01.21.09)
"every major news outlet and human rights organization and the UN have shows ALL have said that Hamas commits war crimes with the rockets." There's a big difference in mentioning it to bring it to light and doing so to look balanced. Those articles spend 90% of their time on Israel, and add one sentence at the end saying "Hamas' rockets are also a grave crime". That's not enough. Not after 8 years of placing innocent Israeli and Palestinian civilians in harms way. One could right a full book of Hamas' atrocities, yet none dare tread that line. We'll see Israel absolved of war crimes, not because of Hamas' actions, but because Israel adhered to Intl law to the letter. whether you like it or not.
25. #10 Brett - It's called "intention"
William ,   Israel   (01.21.09)
If you intend to kill 1000 people but you got killed after you killed 10 people, no one will say your crime was not that great. Indeed, they will thank G-d they stopped you. Just because Hamas only killed 10 people is not because they didn't try...daily. It's a testament to Israel's determination to protect the innocent, and Hamas' intent to use innocents as shields. The numbers you cite alone are grounds for Hamas' war crime trials. Hamas used all civilians in Gaza as shields - their homes, their mosques, etc. I bet most homes that are still standing in Gaza are rigged to the hilt with explosives...wow, a war crime. Perhaps you need to have your home blown up in NYC to understand better.
26. #10 Because Hamas used civilians as Human Shield!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.21.09)
First, we won't apologize that we did not have enough dead to satisfy your and other racists’ lust for Jewish blood. I will point out one thing however: we had "only" 10 dead not because Hamas wasn't trying, but because we were lucky. How do you call only 10 dead while Hamas has been bombing our towns with more than 6000 rockets for 10 years? I won't call it "pity" or "humanity" on Hamas' part. I call it pure luck! That does not make Hamas' crimes any less "crimes against humanity"! Second point to remember: we have thousands of clinically terrorized children and other civilians following these 8 years of torture! I wish YOU and YOYR family live in these conditions for 8 years - while terrorists play "Russian Roulette" with you and your family's life! Until that happens, scram to your hole in the ground and stop exposing your racism and imbecility online!
27. #5 Nice try Karim but full of flaws!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.21.09)
Ignoring the libel behind the obscure allegations of "apparent deliberate attacks against civilians", how exactly does "blowing up [EMPTY] airliners and [EMPTY] factories constitute" war crimes"? The fact that Hamas and other terrorist organizations are not "officially recognized" and Israel is, does not constitute a reason to demonize Israel. ALL Israel actions must be regarded IN CONTEXT! But following your vicious and racist logic: if Hamas and Hezbollah are NOT recognized and you claim they are not accountable for their terrorist actions, then why should they enjoy the protection of the civilized world? Lack of accountability goes hand in hand with lack of protection! You don't need to be a country to be bound by international law and responsible for Crimes against Humanity! In considering Crimes against Humanity, the International Tribunal looks at WHAT somebody did - NOT whether that somebody is a country, private person or terrorist organization. So Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda and the scores of other terrorist organizations worldwide, are guilty of Crimes Against Humanity So Israel is free to do what it needs to be done with Hamas and Hezbollah since these organizations are not under the protection of any international organization or international treaty! You cannot have the whole cake and eat it too!
28. #6 More libel and allegations - no proof and no substance!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (01.21.09)
What a farce! You are saying "...war crimes it [Israel] has long been associated with,..." but you omit to say "associated with " BY WHOM? By the ultra leftist media, Islamo-Fascists and the racist thugs populating many western countries (not to mention Arab/Muslim states)! So "associating" something with somebody does not make it TRUE! It is still an allegation, a libel in this case and exposes you for the fraud you are. And please tell us what is the percentage Terrorists have been blamed and Israel was absolved? How many times Israel REACTED to terror? How many wars have Muslims waged against Israel? How many lies have you told recently? Yes, I know. You won't even try to answer because this will reveal your hatred and rampant racism against Jews and Israel. Your words are worthless because they only consist of empty libels and lies. Thank you for sharing with us yet another propaganda imbecility straight from a radical and terror-supporting website!
29. Hamas=Hell
Salvador ,   USA   (01.21.09)
Hamas are missioners from satan to lied, kill and destroy and their reward ia a lake of fire. Iran, Syria and Lebanon are demoniac spirits.
30. Paris belongs to Italy and Madrid too.
oscar ,   buenos aires   (01.21.09)
One of the jewish arguments to claim for the possesion of Palestine is that they occupied the land 2000 years ago. This is ridiculous in colloquial terms and absurd in the legal aspect. If we were to accept such a right, we would have to redraw the entire world map.
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