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Japanese author Murakami wins Jerusalem Prize
Published: 21.01.09, 21:25
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1. Mazal tov
Maks ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.21.09)
He really deserves it and more prizes. Hopefully he will come and read from his works.
2. Mazel tov , Haruki-san!
israeli ,   israel   (01.22.09)
I enjoy his works immensely!
3. Great author. Great man! (end)
Joo ,   Eurabia   (01.22.09)
4. never heard of him
Rami ,   UK   (01.25.09)
something only read by the leftist elites?
5. Rami: No, He's Read By Educated People
emanon ,   USA   (01.28.09)
No wonder you never heard of him.
6. Jerusalem Prize
Fuji ,   Japan   (02.06.09)
I will feel ashamed if Mr, Murakami receives the award after Israeli killing of 1,400 Palestinians and ongoing starvation policy on Gaza.
7. to rami
soso ,   jerusalem   (02.14.09)
i like what i read he is good but i like more what i am writing it is execelent but it is in arabic .do you like to read what i write in arabic .say yes i do not write for any prize or for any one but i like to write and i like my writing more than this japanees simply becouse i write it in araby
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