Gazan doctor says death toll inflated
Ynet reporters
Published: 22.01.09, 15:18
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1. bad news or good news?
lw ,   London   (01.22.09)
I think it's bad news. We only killed a few hundred terrorists in Gaza when we know there are thousands there. a very small minority might think "huh. Hamas aren' that trustowrthy", btu the majority will still call us deliberate baby-killers.
2. this doc will be shot dead by hamas in no time
3. Why am I not surprised?
Ehud ,   TA   (01.22.09)
"These new figures must be treated with caution especially in light of the fact that various official sources in the Gaza Strip, including United Nations and Red Cross officials, have reported that more than 1,300 people were killed and some 5,000 wounded" The local "UN officials" are all Palestinians who work under Hamas rule - just like the good doctor, and unlike the doctor, they cannot stay anonymous!
4. Olmert holds back the IDF again!
JAyj3 ,   ISrael   (01.22.09)
There should of been thousands of these terrorists killed, bit again, like in Lebanon, olmert held the IDF back again. What a disgusting self centered oiece of excrement!
5. Bravo to a true newspaper
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (01.22.09)
Living in Rome, I read the Corriere della Sera daily, and it has been far more pro-Israel than some Israeli writers. I am sure that the so-called Gaza "massacre" will be one more example of Arab PR manipulation, as they did with Jenin. It will also come out that the terrorist regime killed many non-Hamas civilians just to inflate the body count for the drooling anti-Israel crowd in the UN and EU and their cronies in the anti-Jewish Red Cross and BBC. The UN reps are not to be trusted, as they pocket their swollen tax-free salaries by exploiting the self-induced misery of the Arabs. Without being able to sell "palestinian" suffering to the world, the wonks of the UNRWA would be without a lucrative job. In fact, the UN is a major reason that people have been kept as political pawns for decades in refugee camps, instead of allowing them to be absorbed by their host countries - excuse me, by their "Muslim brethren" who supposedly love them so much. As a major European newspaper, Corriere della Sera continues to show great courage by reporting actual facts and not the standard biased hearsay. Bravo!
6. interesting
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.22.09)
I would be surprised, but could it be that the Hamas outsmarted Ehud Barak? Hamas could have set up the booby traps and sent the youth to fight, while the bulk of real Hamas soldiers waited to see what happens. If the youth and booby traps were to cause Israel damage, that would be great. If not, Hamas still gets paid $2 billion and the world still condemns Olmert, Livni and Barak as war criminals. The price of 600 or even 2000 dead is very acceptable to any Arab regime.
7. Thanks for the "brave" IDF .
8. And there you have it, Folks!
Israel is Real!   (01.22.09)
9. of course they are!
oded   (01.22.09)
just like the battle in jenin a ferw years back , where cameras cought the arabs red- handed dragging corps from graves(!) in order to portray , falsely, a higher body count. paliwood is at work, still, and the world is eating it up!
10. pictures say it all
paulo2005 ,   lisbon,portugal   (01.22.09)
israelis want to believe they did nothing to the Gazans. All you have to do is to watch the pictures of dozens of buildings destroyed..,pictures of civilians killed. A truce was possible with Hamas. Actually Hamas abide by the cease fire between june and 4 november 2008. Israel choose to attack Hamas. Shame on Israel.If the issue were the qassam why israel did not agree in a truce with Hamas? Israel deliberately chocked Gaza..,imposed blockade and next claimed to be a victim justifying Gaza onslaught. Unforgivable
11. death-toll
colin   (01.22.09)
And the truth will out The cowardly Barak.the corrupt Olmert and the flussie livni fell for the hamas hoax.They allowed the world to sound flabbergasted and folded under pressure Thank to all things precise elecions will eliminate these groveling idiots.Israel will again stand proud without them.
12. to #5
Fabio ,   Rome, Italy   (01.22.09)
I totally agree w/ you Roscio!
14. To #10
Between the start and finish of the "ceasefire", more than 40 rockets and mortars were fired at Israel. Hamas at the end rejected prolonging the 6 month "ceasefire", then started a massive barrage of rockets against Israeli towns. You need some revising before flaunting such nonsense.
15. The dr wished to remain unidentified out offear for his life
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (01.22.09)
in gaza, tell the truth and you'll be murdered. yes, give them a state.
16. "They fired at our houses to blame Israel for war crimes"
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.22.09)
This sentence says it all, folks.
17. lies lies and more lies
jason ,   joburg south africa   (01.22.09)
Amazing how israel tries to deceive its own people and the world of their wrongdoings with false information or distortion on truth and facts. Unfortunately this time with the world watching over its shoulders as the invasion and killing went on, many people with half a brain to think and with eyes to see will not be taken in by the deception. Then again some people will only believe what they want to hear . It doesnt matter if the whole world thinks differently. Unortunately for the idf the world has seen that even the might of the idf and its weopons of mass destruction could not crush the will of hamas or the palestinian resistance. Thus leaving israel and the idf with the proverbial egg on its face and a 22 day war that accomplished nothing besides showing the world the brutal and savage nature of the idf and israel. shame.
18. it is not true believe me
rashid ,   palistinian   (01.22.09)
i myself counted 50 thousand dead and 400 thousand injurded and all of them shildren just shildren and all this i just counted on one hand believe me
19. Pals inflate casualtie to attract Western boycotts of Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (01.22.09)
The Palestinians on their own cannot bring Israel down. So, they have to inflame the Arab street through Palestinian casualties to demand of their governments to send Arab armies to help. The other way is for Palestinians to inflame people in the West through their casualties to boycott Israel and bring it down. I'm not denying that there are some real casualties but Palestinians use the issue as a propaganda tool.
20. #10 paulo
cynthia ,   u.k.   (01.22.09)
Oh poor Hamas such lovely kind people. The same people that threw their bretheren Fatah from building roofs to their deaths. The same people that have been killing Fatah for "collaborating" with Israel. The same lovely people that have been shooting Fatah in their knee caps from behind to inflict more pain. Come on Paulo if they had a chance they would slaughter every man woman and child in Israel. Stop living in Cloud cuckoo land and get real. I am now waiting to hear that all the wealthy Arab countries will rebuild Gaza so their brothers can live a decent life but maybe I am living in Cloud cuckoo land!!!!! sx
21. The outcome of this truth?
Arie ,   BaGolan   (01.22.09)
The arabist media, including the BBC, Reuters, Guardian, France 2, CNN, al Jazeera, and haaretz will all suppress the story outright or edit it in such a fashion as to obfuscate its reality. What we can also expect is a "no comment" and "no reaction" from Ban and his cronies at the UN
22. to #14: you forgot to add,
jerusalem   (01.22.09)
Between the start and finish of the "ceasefire" (lets just keep it at that time frame for the sake of israel's reputation) how many times have IDF raided the territories, for one "reason" or another? How many times have israel assassinated their targets? How many times has israel killed even? Unlike you and your measly 40, I cant even keep track. The aggression done to Gaza is not even a surprise to Palestinians anymore. why prolong ceasefire when there was no ceasefire from the start in reality? keep your stinking "ceasefire." I guess you seem to forget that israel didnt want to stop its aggression in Gaza, openly flaunting itself to the world. i guess you dont see the reason why the "massive barrage" as you exaggerate, I will translate: You have declared war upon us Gazans with the reasons of stopping our rocket fire (lets keep it rated G for the sake of the western media), have you gotten what you have come for? look who's talking take your own advice before giving others it. thank God for stations like al Jazeera. they were smart in starting an English version.
23. #13 People from Gaza were saying???
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (01.22.09)
Which people??? They are saying what Hamas is telling them to say. The only brave one is that doctor and others who are willing to stand up to the terrorists. Hamas is willing to sacrifice thousands in order to make Israel look bad.
24. Israeli propaganda, no credibility
Jefferson ,   Houston   (01.22.09)
What a pathetic attempt by Israel to try and make people ignore what they did. Of course, many Israeli programmed robots will believe it. But it is over for Israel. They are a criminal state, pure and simple. Your days of tricking and deceiving are at an end. Obama should pull the plug on Israel's weapons. Let them fight with sticks and stones, too. Then there will be less deaths.
25. To 17
Did you even read the article? idiota
26. Unidentified
Tommy ,   boulder, usa   (01.22.09)
You report an anonymous source, and you report this as fact. Wake up!
27. #22 are you one of them or something?
Maria ,   MD   (01.22.09)
Al Jazeera is not a good one,they're biased.Thanks to them the Palestinians won world best actors and actresses.
28. Gazan doctor says death toll inflated
David ,   Arnhem - Holland   (01.22.09)
Most of us know that Arabs never tell the truth and always got a very big mouth.. Eventhough they lost many of their own, suffering heavy casualties, still they said the won the battle, claiming at the beginning of the war of heaving killed or captured dozens of IDF soldiers. The same situation also happened during the 2006 Hizbullah war, they lost total control of south Lebanon and they still claimed victory. They never lost a single war, always win. What a joke.
29. Inflated death toll
Alpha1six ,   Killington, USA   (01.22.09)
I am not surprised that the death toll was inflated. I'm also not surprised to hear that most of the dead were actually Hamas terrorists. You claim that this was denied by the Palistinian Govt. Did you mean Hamas or the Palistinian Authority? It does make a huge difference who is feeding you the information. Hope fully Hamas has learned that if you kick a dog you are very likely to be bitten. I notice that the brave leader of Hamas is still hiding in Syria. He has the nerve to recruit young boys to be killed but he hides.
30. #24 weapons
mike ,   hadera israel   (01.22.09)
We make our oun weapons moron, and america buys them, we dont have to buy them from you. but thanx god most of america does not think like u.
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