Brigade commander: Hamas will draw lessons, grow stronger
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 23.01.09, 16:16
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1. Shouldn't his name be censored?
Matt ,   UK   (01.23.09)
I thought the army was censoring the names of commanders whose brigades fought in Gaza.
2. Europe
Ilana   (01.23.09)
Go IDF!!! Soon no one will want to go to Europe... It will be like going to Afghanistan
3. me too :)
4. Compare this man to our politicians.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.23.09)
Really makes you think about a military coup, doesn't it? It sounds better every day.
5. IDF - the most human army in the world
Gabor ,   Budapest, Hungary   (01.23.09)
Israel's Foreign Ministry should show to the world public how human in fact the Israeli Defense Forces were in Gaza. Under those evil circumstances created by Hamas, Israeli soldiers were as human as possible with the civilan population. Hamas terrorist at the other hand merited what they got. It was a big failure form PM Olmert to step back at the gate of final victory and defeat of Hamas. Israel cares too much of foreign objections. Israel's existence as a free Jewish state is more important than the dangers of a boycott organized by the British... On Facebook you can find a group called "Let's boycott Britain ..." as a justifiable answer to the numerous anti-Semitic British reactions coming from BBC, The Guardian etc...
6. Outstanding!
David ,   Montpelier, USA   (01.23.09)
Good work Colonel Slovik!
7. criminals
ramallah ,   ram,allah   (01.23.09)
add his name to the lsit of criminals , with Barak , Olmert, and zipi
8. Everyone of the commanders in Gaza is a hero.
Cynic ,   USA   (01.23.09)
Not just because they are willing to fight evil and defend the Jewish people but, more importantly, because they do not fear the anti-semites of the world who threaten them with bogus claims of war crimes.
9. the flower leavess game is
sarah ,   israil   (01.23.09)
yes -yes =yes ---- . why to play they think it will be always yes ... so why to play
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (01.23.09)
If the same IDF contigent that caused untold misery to the ordinary citizens were to witness their acts in a movie,ALL of them would lower their face in shame.Leave aside that,the next round will ensure total loss of morale that was already depleted long time back.
11. be a man Terry #4
Yunan ,   Israel   (01.23.09)
Go for it!
12. Any normal person would be proud
The 11th Man ,   London   (01.23.09)
to serve in such an army, under such officers. LIVE FOREVER, ISRAEL! Please note where I'm from. We're not all idiots here.
13. soldiers are human victims
marti ,   hamburg /germany   (01.23.09)
for me as a non soldier,its impossible to know how the feelings are during a battle like this.I think soldiers must do what they have to do: to protect themselves and to fight the must be incredible difficult to do the right thing every time,in a war fought among civilians,where not only soldiers are on the opposite.I hope for IDF soliers,that you have been coming out of this without having nightmares or other psychic or physic diseases.Stay human and let the politicans of both sides find a solution.
14. isn"t the blockade the reason for the rockets
khaled ,   Jordan   (01.23.09)
Many American senators were defending Israel's right to disproportional revenge for Hamas rockets by making an anology that the use would respond with military force if misiles were fired from Mexico on the US. The way I see it is that this ignores the role that the Blocakade has played in causing this conflict to continue and escilate. Any views?
Orao Stranka. ,   Tsarigrad u Srbia.   (01.23.09)
Brigade commander: Hamas will draw lessons, grow stronger THIS MAN IS ABSOLUTE RIGHT !. There must now become a second round of fighting, since the Government did not obey -THE WORD OF GOD - !. Jes.chap.11.,vers 14., -But they shall fly uppon the shoulders of the pilisenes toward the west - THAT IS TO PUT ONES RULE UPON THEM. Orao.
..............DACON9   (01.23.09)
THEY NEED SECURITY AN PROTECTION THEY NEED A LASTING OR AT LEAST A LONG TIME OF SECURITY,measured in years not days or months. how ISRAEL FEELS is exactly how JEWSall over the world feel. in spite of left wing Israelis that say we cant speak unless we live in Israel.. WE ARE NOT BY LOCATION ' 'ONE NATION'.. BUT BY TORAH AND G'Ds WORD. 'ONE NATION' SPREAD OVER THE 4 CORNERS OF THE EARTH. CEASE FIRE HAS TAUGHT THE ENEMY.. SO MANY CRITIQUES HAVE SAID THIS, this is not enlightening to anyone. this war and cease fire has created a 3RD state BECAUSE of all the unaudited unchecked aid 2 billion dollars going to hamas.LETS NOT KID OURSELFS.HAMAS WILL BE GETTING MOST OF IT.. The media will take a picture of a UN truck unloading and everyone will feel good but that aint the truth. MY PROOF? Why a few hours after the cease fire, qassams and tunnel recontruction has begun. WHEN WILL JEWS GROW UP. WHEN WILL WE DROP THE FANTASIES. Never has ever been peace with arabs.Never wil be peace. The arab doctrine is to take Israel The xian doctrine is to capture our soul from yishael to esau AND YOU CANT SAY IN ISRAEL THAT KAHANE IS STILL RIGHT THANKS DACON9 OH YOU ASK ME WHATS MY SOLUTION? sure one state everry citizen know hatikvah in hebrew no visiting enemy enclaves or countries arabs out of knesset until they vow to uphold the identity of a JEWISH COUNTRY and salute the ISRAELI FLAG AND no such thing as a JEW is forbidden or endangered by visiting traveling roads that may lead into ''arab neighborhoods. AND STOP USING THE LABEL PALISITINIAN,THEY ARE arabs in israel
17. #14, so between 2001 and 2006 what was the excuse?
Danny   (01.23.09)
Can't be the "blockade" because it wasn't in place. Can't be the "occupation" because Israel pulled out in 2005. Maybe you can tell me what the excuse is...
18. Who are them?
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (01.23.09)
Who are these observers that will draw lessons? Who are these experts? Identify them and kill them before they draw any lesson!
19. #14, I have not seen one rocket shot into Egypt.
Cynic ,   USA   (01.23.09)
What about the Egyptian "blockade"?Please save us the BS. They have been shooting rockets and blowing themselves up in buses, restaurants etc., for years.
20. Good job, IDF. ,   Nashville, USA   (01.23.09)
I think they should have eliminated Hamas, but this was a great victory.
21. brigidere General"s Words
Milo Perez ,   Tijeras/usa   (01.23.09)
These of words of wisdom brought to the Israeli Brothers and Sisters who stood-fast and fought valantly on the homefront. It takes character and strength when you are a superior leader for the cause of freedom. May God's eyes and Hands be ever so protective of our Israeli people.
22. Slovik honors us all
Asaf Golan ,   Sugar Land   (01.23.09)
thank God we have commanders like this.
23. # 14 Khaled
Sagi ,   Israel   (01.23.09)
Other way around my friend. The rockets are the reason for the blockade.
24. How to avoid next round of fighting
zeev ,   switzerland   (01.23.09)
Peace will be the fruit of justice (Isaiah 32:17). It is very easy to do war, to destroy houses and kill people. But what is the aim? to prove that the Israeli army and politicians are more and more stupid. If they are not, they will propose immediately the creation of one democratic state with equal rights for all. This the best garantee for peace in the Middle-East and against fanaticism. Are Israelis ready for that? No. Why? Because they are stupid people governed by stupid politicians and stupid generals
25. my deepest respect, Colonel !
Raymond ,   France   (01.23.09)
26. sick minds like u are the reason for war in every part of th
marti ,   germany   (01.23.09)
27. Mawmoo-od you talking about # 7 right ?
we get you... ,   right on!   (01.23.09)
28. It is insulting
Mark Darsemann ,   Aberdeen UK   (01.23.09)
... that after banning international press, now israeli journals sell their 'glorious' version of the war. Easy is to do so after such air strikes. If they had been so concerneds about not killing civilians and just Hamas, would have invaded Gaza first. Instead, blown civiilians in a 'suspicious' number and when only the dogs remain give us the fancy story of being so well-hearted of feeding the animals. Why not talking about the Gazans if you care so much?
29. #14 Khaled
Felix ,   Khaled   (01.23.09)
Khaled, the blockade is a problem. But how would you deal with a government whose stated objective is an Islamic state from sea to sea if you were Israel? If someone says he wants to kill you, you give him the key to the store where the weapon is? Besides, Egypt blockaded them too. Why not shoot Kassams at Egypt? I tell you why: because Egypt's response would make Israel's Gaza War look like a picnic. Salaam
30. Idf is not scared
Proud? ,   jewishstan   (01.23.09)
Ya, next time hamas will be stronger, it might not be like killing unarmed babies.
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