Government to provide full legal backing for IDF soldiers
Roni Sofer
Published: 23.01.09, 16:46
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1. IDF
Bob O'Really ,   Australia   (01.23.09)
Barack makes me sick! The Indiscimanent Destruction Fools (IDF) of operation Can't Lead should be hounded for the rest of their lives, and brought to trial for crimes against humanity. Shame Israel! I wish eternal misery to Livni Barack and Olmert, as well as that stupid bitch Major, who defended the miliatary!
Yoni   (01.23.09)
Because Jew haters and Jew killers are in a mutual admiration society. The entire world blames all Jews all the time for any trouble and how dare Jews actually go after people who attack them? The arabs occupying Israel are the enemy of all Jews like their brothers an sisters surrounding Israel. Jews do not need peace treaties, that has been proven a false hope. The Jews of Israel just need a strong to take arab land for peace. Yes, every time arabs attack take their land and keep it. That is the only way Jews in Israel will live in peace.
3. Looks like Barak is taking Posing Lessons from Olmert
meir elazar   (01.23.09)
Anyone notice how Barak is looking as stupid as Olmert in his photos?
GET REAL ,   USA   (01.23.09)
5. Stupid to talk of war crimes. ,   Nashville, USA   (01.23.09)
Hamas fired rockets only at civilians. That is a war crime.
6. high moral values on the ground & underground
observer   (01.23.09)
IDF behaved according to its high moral values during Cast Lead, in spite of the fact that Hamas gunmen fired on IDF troops from areas heavily populated with civilians, in clear violation of international law. Gaza is all about crowded civilians, and underground movements are not regular armies. They live within their people. Stemming from high moral ground is ID Attorney for every IDF with the objectives of manipulation of evidence and hiding of criminals' (names).
7. IDF betrayed it's own values in Gaza
yossi   (01.23.09)
Acording to "The Spirit of the IDF", The IDF code of ethics: Human Life The soldier will do his utmost to preserve human life, with an awareness of its supreme importance, and will endanger himself and his colleagues only to the extent necessary for implementation of the mission. The sanctity of life in the eyes of IDF troops will be manifest in all of their actions, in thoughtful and precise planning, in astute and safely conducted exercises and in proper implementation, in accordance with the mission, with the appropriate level of risk and caution, and with continual effort to restrict the loss of human life to the extent required by the mission. Purity of Arms The soldier will use his weapon and his power to vanquish the enemy only to the degree required, and will exercise self-restraint in order to prevent unnecessary harm to human life, body, honor and property. Purity of arms among IDF troops means the restrained use they make of their weapons and their power in the implementation of missions, only to the extent necessary for their attainment, without unnecessary harm to human life, body, honor and property, whether to troops or civilians (especially the defenseless), during war and security operations as well as during times of peace and tranquility. Do you think these values were kept during operation "Cast Lead" ?
8. Govt legally backs IDF
DT ,   Ta Isr   (01.23.09)
Israel must treat those supposed "Rights" organizations and the Internationla community with the utter contempt it deserves over such absurd accusations
9. Re #5, No sir...
Mark Darsemann ,   Aberdeen   (01.23.09)
No sir, they moslty didn't know where the rockets were going, that's why never had big casualties ans such big number. Otherwise, IDF bombings killed a huge number og children. The proportion is so high that is unacceptable that it was even by chance. That was intentional. We know Israel modus' and, it will take time but IDF will have to pay for these coward crimes.
10. Re: Barak's Statements,....
Gideon Reader   (01.23.09)
....needs more Cowbell.
11. Lawsuits
Brad ,   USA   (01.24.09)
Hey Israel, you say you will back and defend your soldiers from lawsuits. Why? Why give credibility to the lawsuits? Israeli soldiers, and their representatives are much too good for this. Why should you have to answer to these cockroaches. This is just more evidence that Muslims, and internationalist elites won't be happy until you die. That's what they want, and they will hate you and give you as much crap as they can until then. So, to hell with them. Continue to defend yourselves, only make sure you make the Muslims die in greater numbers. That's the only thing that gets their attention, and makes them want to leave you be.
12. Re #9
Brad ,   USA   (01.24.09)
You make dumb-asses look like Rhodes scholars.
13. Bob O. #1
Brad ,   USA   (01.24.09)
Hey Bob, quit letting Muslims use your face for a toilet seat. You look silly.
14. #9 No sir.
Tahl ,   Ashdod, Israel   (01.24.09)
For the millionth time, I see this batted old death-toll "proportion" argument against the IDF. When would you Israel-haters give it a rest? The death proportion is a rather meaningless number, by itself. What really matters is INTENTION. Hamas shot rockets at Israeli cities with the clear intent to kill Israeli civilians. Does the fact that Israelis knew how to protect themselves in shelters, and only a few got killed, absolves Hamas' actions from being called war crimes? Like hell they are. The IDF, in contrast, fired only at armed terrorists. In many places though, these armed terrorists were hiding behind families - hence the high death toll of Palestinian women, elderlies, and children. So if you want to blame anyone for their deaths, blame Hamas. They were the ones who stashed houses full of explosives and forced the families to stay there at gun point. Hamas cares nothing about its fellow Palestinian citizens, it actually WANTS them dead, so that Israel could be blamed for "war crimes" by leftist Israel-haters from Eurabia like yourself.
15. to Bob O'bn Laden of Leb. or other arab hole
Leon ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.24.09)
shame on Hamastan in Gaza and on other islamists who wish no peace but destruction on Israel. may you all burn in hell.
16. civilian death toll in Gaza is LOW.
Leon ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.24.09)
any other army operatng in such an enviroment would do a lot worse. just look at Russians in Grozny, Chechniya or US in Bagdad. Grozny was pretty much destroyed and who knows what are the casualty figures in Bagdad.
17. a comparison between nato bombing in kosovo
jewboy   (01.24.09)
Date Location Nature of Incident Reported/Estimated Civilian Casualties April 5, 1999 Missile Attack on Aleksinac, Serbia NATO attack on a barracks on the town of Aleksinac . Resulted in missiles striking a residential area hitting apartments, an "emergency centre" and a medical dispensary 10 dead and at least another 30 injured April 12, 1999 Grdelica Gorge, Serbia NATO attack on a railway bridge hit a passenger train. 14 killed and 16 injured April 14, 1999 Road between Đakovica -Dečani NATO aircraft repeatedly bombed refugee movements over 19 km stretch in western Kosovo, 73 deaths and 36 injured April 23, 1999 Belgrade NATO attacked of the Serb Radio and Television headquarters in Belgrade. 16 civilian technicians killed and 16 wounded April 27, 1999 Missile Attack on Surdulica, Serbia NATO attack on residential area in the southern town of Surdulica. 16 civilians killed May 1, 1999 Attack on a civilian bus on Lužane Bridge North of Priština: A NATO missile aimed at the Lužane bridge hit a passenger bus. The vehicle was cut in two by the strike, near Lužane bridge, 20km (12 miles) north of Priština - one section plunged off the bridge into the river below, the other portion remained burning on the bridge for more than an hour An ambulance sent to the scene was reportedly hit in a second NATO strike. 39 people were killed May 7, 1999 Cluster bombing of Niš NATO confirmed that a cluster bomb aimed at an airfield in the Yugoslav city of Niš hit a hospital and a market. Unexploded cluster bombs left lying in gardens. 14 civilians killed, about 60 injured May 7, 1999 Missile Attack on Chinese Embassy in Belgrade The U.S. admitted that an out-of-date map used by its intelligence operations had led NATO to mistakenly launch missiles at the Chinese embassy 3 dead, 20 injured May 14, 1999 NATO bombing of Albanian refugees near Koriša, Kosovo NATO planes bombed of Albanian refugees near Korisa striking two convoys of ethnic Albanians trying to flee Kosovo, Over 100 killed May 19, 1999 Belgrade Hospital Struck A NATO bombing attack on the Dragiša Mišović hospital in Belgrade hospital. Parts of the hospital were reduced to rubble. NATO admitted a missile aimed at a nearby army barracks went astray 4 killed. several wounded May 30,1999 Bombing of Varvarin, SE Serbia NATO bombers mounted a daylight raid on a bridge in Varvarin , south-central Serbia when local residents were attending the town's market. The aged and narrow bridge was considered insignificant and no military installations were to be found within a radius of 20 km. Most of the casualties occurred in the second wave, when people had rushed to the bridge to help those wounded in the initial wave. 11 civilians were reported killed and 40 injured about 17 very seriously May 30, 1999 Missile Attack on Old Age Sanatorium in Surdulica, Serbia NATO planes hit an old age sanatorium in Surdulica in south-eastern Serbia, the second time civilian targets were hit in the town in just over a month. At least 11 people killed May 31, 1999 Novi Pazar, southwest Serbia. A NATO missile attack on an apartment building in Novi Pazar, southwest Serbia. At least 11 people and 23 injured
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