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Why do they hate us?
Haim Navon
Published: 30.01.09, 09:19
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1. Love Israel
Mat Nagatalevu ,   Suva, Fiji Is   (01.30.09)
Its not Israel they hate, its the G-d of Israel they hate because they are fuelled by Satan and they hate your G-d because He will set foot in Jerusalem and will rule the whole world! We in the Pacific Islands love Israel and your G-d!
2. Very sad indeed but true.
Shoshanah ,   New Zealand   (01.30.09)
We are hated by Christians because we are not Christians. We are hated by Muslims because we are not Muslims. That is what the history said. Christians told people we killed Jesus even tho it was the Romans who did it. and made up all the lies that we drink children blood. Oy vey! Since Christianity dominates the world. Islam would pick on people way smaller in size, which is us. and spread Protocals Elders of Zion (written to bring hatred to Jews) crazy as if it is true and even taught in arab schools. And that we are successful because we try really hard in schools.
3. Shame!!!
Eric ,   JHB SA   (01.30.09)
the neighbourhood BULLY does not know why everybody hates him!!!
4. I will tell you why
Fr. Raed Abusahlia ,   Taybeh-Palestine   (01.30.09)
Dear Rabbi, I will tell you frankly why the world hates you... It is because of the Israeli Arab conflict especially the Israeli military occupation which is increasing the hatred to the Jews and Israelis.. Therefore, the solution is in your hands, stop the occupation give the Palestinians to live in peace in their 20% of land, withdraw from the Palestinian occupied territories, accept the Arab league plan and you will see that you will be part of the Middle East surrounded by friends instead of enemies... Dear Rabbi, Don't say that you didn't cause it and cannot explain it.. because it is very clear... only blind people cannot see this simple truth that a people who so much suffered in his history is now making another people suffer.. this is only incomprehensible? Dear Rabbi, Tell you government and you people that we don't have anything against Jews, we are not against Israel, we are against the OCCUPATION.. Therefore, if you really want to live in peace let our people live also in peace.. This OCCUPATION should finish as soon as possible and once for ever if you want to live in peace not in eternal fear.. Dear Rabbi, You have you have to understand it very well: OCCUPATION and only OCCUPATION is the root cause of all the hatred.
5. WHYYYYYYYY ???????????
Look at the mirror you know why , read your black history you will know why , face your self you will know why count how many you killed in the last 80 years you will know why , count how many lands you stolen you will know why , stop playing inocent you will know why , ask any child in the world he will tell you why ..... do you know now how to find out ?
E ,   United States   (01.30.09)
Stop trying to analyze these people. They hate us. So what is new?NOTHING. They want to kill us. SO DEFEND YOURSELF. GROW SOME BALLS PEOPLE.
7. Do they need a reason to hate us?
8. Do they need a reason to hate us?
EY ,   Haifa   (01.30.09)
The Romans killed Jesus and we got blamed. Nothing has changed since. We waste time and energy proving, as the Hebrew saying goes, that we don't have a sister, and it does us no good. They will hate us whatever we do, so we might as well do what is best for us and not worry about them too much. Many of the attacks come from other people's insecurities and jealousies. The number of Nobel Prize winners, for instance, the financial success of Jews, etc. etc. are all objective facts. The Muslims suffer from a huge inferiority complex as a come-lately religion invented by some kind of schizophrenic. They can't defeat us in business, they can't defeat us in science, they certainly can't defeat us in intelligence, so they hate us, and it is never going to go away. Hamas has undertaken a massive disinformation campaign, and the world believes is because the world wants to believe it. They would be happier if we were starving to death behind barbed wire, and it galls them that we aren't.
9. Why do they hate us?
Charles   (01.30.09)
cause we surpass them in intelligence and achievements
10. noor
actually you should ask yourself, why do we hate world?
11. Causality of Hatred
Fuler ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.30.09)
Such profound and widespread hatred of the Jews must have a significant source. The only thing that could explain such a phenomena that spans millennia is the Covenant and the response of the Chosen People to it. Yahweh said, live up to the demands of the Covenant and be Chosen over all of humanity, or else... The consequences of this "or else" are in proportion to the immensity of the potential status as the "Chosen" people. Hence if the Jews do not live up to the Covenant, they must, in the Divine economy of things, expect dire consequences. This is not anything new, it is all in the Torah for those who would read and understand.
12. HATE !.
Orao Stranka. ,   Tsarigrad u Srbia.   (01.30.09)
Why do they hate us? Why is Israel the only nation to be condemned and persecuted by every international forum? Haim Navon Published: 01.30.09, 09:19 / Israel Jewish Scene BECAUSE THE WORLD-SPIRIT HATES THE STRONG ONE IN JAKOB, THEREFORE ITS SUBORDINATES DO THE SAME. YOU ARE THE ELECTED OF YOUR FATHER AND CAN NOT ESCAPE HIS ADVERSARYS SERVANTS. IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT. Orao.
13. Why do they hate us? To Haim Navon
Charles Edmunds ,   Billings Montana   (01.30.09)
The Bible tells why. We are in the end times and it says that God will bring this about. Then He will save Israel to prove that He is her God and that He IS GOD. Soon you will see and believe. Why not now? All is going to plan, just as prophesied. Soon the Anti-Christ will come on stage and all will see him as a savior...even Israel. Then the truth will come out when he shows his true identity. Then you, Israel will look upon Him whom you have pierced....Jesus Christ. God be with you Rabbi.
14. Israel is the visible proof of
bruno ,   bouxwiller   (01.30.09)
the faithfulness of God's biblical promises. this is one of the reasons of the hatred since men don't like the God of Israel. Jews and Israel as a state are a reminder of the evil deeds of the Nazis in WW2, this causes a bad conscience to many nations. This would be another reason for this hatred. but, me too, i am shocked about the worldwide union of hatred towards Israel. often with many, it is an obsession, it is supernatural, but not from above!
15. its all b/c we are the chosen people of god! end of story.
mira ,   israel   (01.30.09)
16. Why be politically correct when asking this question?
Lior ,   Israel   (01.30.09)
We all know why. Stop the dancing around already! If one is to truly look at the facts which are etched in stone then the obvious is right in front of our faces. Today is no different than when they chased us from one place to another burning our synagogues, killing us and trashing our good names. What is different today than in the 1930's except it is now 2009? The methodology might be different but for heavens sake the outcome is the same! Stop looking for excuses! WE KNOW. WE KNOW. We the victims in the Palestinian world wide enabling agenda have been made into filthy dirty pariahs. The victimizers are now the heroes, victims of the evil JEW Zionists and one editorial after another asks why????????? It is insane. Now more than ever we must fight. For the love of God, they are marching us to another kind of oven. Are we blind? Can we not see the train traveling at mach speed already left the station??? Stop scratching your bloodied heads for false answers because we can not face truth or worse the world is not ready to accept their not so veiled hate for us. Stop already and fight. The day after the Pesach massacre out of my own curiosity I spent hours searching through dozens of American newspapers to see if they reported our tragedy. To my non amazement many printed NOTHING as though nothing happened. From that day forward I promised to fight because I knew reporting deaths of slaughtered Jews meant NOTHING to much of the world. Thank you.
17. long live Israel
vashDi ,   israel   (01.30.09)
G-d bless Israel and G-d bless those that bless Isreal
18. Why They Hate
Panda Bear ,   Omaha USA   (01.30.09)
I think mostly it is because they do not understand the true teachings of Judaism, plus so many Jews do not actually practice the Jewish faith as G-d would like. So there are many misunderstandings and assumptions made about Jews. When I was in college I took a religion class taught by a Rabbi. I came in a bit late and asked a fellow student what the Rabbi was doing (he was behaving like a jerk at the time) and the other student (a Christian) turned around and explained to me "he's Jewish." As if that would explain why the Rabbi was acting like a jerk. Not knowing anything about Jews or the Jewish faith at the time I didn't have a response. But I did know right off that the Rabbi acting like a jerk had nothing to do with his being Jewish. Like any religion in the world would exist for thousands of years based on teaching their followers how to be jerks. Too, then there are all those that whole heartedly believe that if you don't practice the same values and beliefs as me that there must be something wrong with you and hate you just because of that. Others hate out of jealousy of you. Some outt of anger over some wrong done to them by one Jew, so now all are guilty and deserving of hate. Others were just taught from childhood to hate Jews based on the beliefs of their parents or sterotypes they believed in. But in the end it mostly boils down to them not understanding the relationship Jews have with HaShem and then HaShem's ultimate plan for the world as well.
19. the jews' closeness to Hashem drives the antisemites nutz
debra ,   usa   (01.30.09)
20. hate us
enrique ,   miami .u.s.a   (01.30.09)
what you fail to reconise is that the elected congressmen and senators ,do not live like jews , do not talk like jews and do not even declare they are jews, ,the only jewish identity they might have is their names., so they where not elected as jews but as americans .
21. answer
Amr ,   Egypt   (01.30.09)
you are hated because of Because of the dream of Greater Israel (from the Nile to the Euphrates), and the killing of children for no reason
22. >Why are our just claims not heard?
>Why are our just claims not heard? Because in your quest to fulfill your just claims you've been committing grave injustices.
23. well, let the world go find someone else to hate
birdy ,   usa   (01.30.09)
we've had our share, and now it is time for another people's to take over. how come the world doesnt hate the germans who helped to put us in this situation in the first place?
24. And you wonder why!!!!!
Joseph ,   Los Angeles, USA   (01.30.09)
Where shall I start. The massacres of 1948 in which israel killed so many women and children (Dayr Yaseen and others) , displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian people, Occupying lands bringing in settlers to live in it. Continuous murders of civilians women and children. 1967 Occupying lands of three other Arab countries killing more civilians. 1982 occupation of Lebanon, killing much more women and children, massacre of Sabra and shateelah, occupation of parts of Lebanon for 18 years, killing more civilians, Kana Massacre, bombarding civilians, 2006 killing more civilians always using illegal weapons, 2008/2009 Gaza Massacres using illegal weapons on women and children. How can you sleep at night should be the question not why people hate us. You talk about the hate we hate your actions you cowards you just take it out on children and women because you are very low life cowards. Its like a criminal asking why do people hate me. The answer is straight forward because you are murderers or partners in murder for agreeing with and supporting the murders. You keep taking about rockets falling in settlements those are always in response to your actions never a starter. Gaza has been under siege for so long you don’t allow food or any essentials to come in what do u call this? Love or Hate.
25. To nr 13 - Charles Edmunds
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (01.30.09)
So you want to enforce the belief in "Jesus Christ" on us Jews? No I am beginning to hate you. Why should we adopt a religion that is merely a pale copy of our own? A part of anti-Semitism is that people around the world are unwilling to accept us for who we are. That is the main problem.
26. Life in the wild
Peace ,   TLV, Israel.   (01.30.09)
It this way with man. Two men go into the forest to catch kill a tiger cub. Mother tiger attacks kills one. second injured man runs back to village tells them of the man killer out there. Whole village gathers all they can, go into forest to Kill aggrasive tiger.
27. perception
tonio conze ,   NY, USA   (01.30.09)
Israelis fail to realize that Israel being perceived as a Western nation, people in the West hold it to a higher standard then they would say Arab nations, the later being perceived as oriental. This is why Israel is under more media scrutiny then for instance Sudan. The same thing applied to Bush's war in Iraq.
28. Too complex an issue for a newspaper article.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.30.09)
Oversimplification in this case does not increase understanding. This is an incredibly complex issue involving history, psychology, the historical development of several religious traditions, sociology, the dynamics of mass movements, & a myriad of related studies. The great paradox of anti-Semitism is how little it actually has to do with Jews ........
29. #16 Lior, Israel.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.30.09)
I would agree with you that we are entering another era of anti-Semitism as in the 1930's. As in the 1930's, a specific ideology has harnessed the power of Jew-hatred for it's own ends. Strangely, it is allied with both far-left & far-right elements in the Western world. My own take on this phenomenon is that it is related to societal stress leading to beliefs in the irrational. Anti-Semitism is the idiot's answer to complexity. Another storm is coming & I fear we are ill-prepared.
30. Hate only ISRAELIS-not JEWS,-your conducting business in ANY
Jew ,   Moscow   (01.30.09)
sphere is shame 4 Jewish nation...Don't point finger towards Arabs & hamas, when your left, peace or so call "activist" sitting in T.-A. put on internet name oficers whom fight & dying in Gaza. Ze reah mi Israel gadol' meod...
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