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Why do they hate us?
Haim Navon
Published: 30.01.09, 09:19
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31. Smartest and Most Successful
GRANT   (01.30.09)
It's simple why they hate us. The JEWS are the smartest most successful people in the history of this planet and they are not. We have either risen to the top of almost every endeavour or in fact set the bench mark. End of story.
32. #4 and 5
EY ,   Haifa   (01.30.09)
There were pogroms in Russia in the 18th century because of the "Palestinians?" Could you explain that, please? And Hitler wanted to kill the Jews because of the Palestinians? And the church accused the Jews of killing Christ because of the Palestinians? Don't you know ANYTHING? Or do you just feed on your own hatred?
33. why the world hates Israel
kath haley ,   cleveland england   (01.30.09)
To Shoshanah NZ true bible believing christians love Israel as some of these letters show only "religeous" people in their ignorance hate.
34. ONE and ONLY explanation
Jerry ,   France   (01.30.09)
"Halakha Yadoua Essav Soné Et Yaaakov"
35. Very sad indeed but true.
nick ,   Malaysia   (01.30.09)
No its not true Shoshanah, real christian are a true brother to the Jews(god chosen ppl). The Word of God says those who bless is Israel will be blessed and those who curse Israel will be cursed. Real Christian is those who have Yeshua as their Lord and role model and prayed for Israel's safety in their prayer time..
36. I Love How People Say Its Israels Policies Here
David ,   New York, USA   (01.30.09)
It's not Israel's policies. Stop using that as a veil, you anti-Semites. I disagree with a lot of Israel's policies but I don't have the hatred that so many people clearly do. We all know how many more people the United States, Russia, China, Japan, Germany, England, France, African nations have killed than Israel. We all know about the Armenian genocide by the Turks, the genocide of Kurds by Iraq, the massacre of Palestinians by Jordan, Egypt and Syria. The massive amounts of deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan by US and European forces. This hatred of Jews was around long before Israel existed. Israel accidentally killing Palestinians (regretfully) in order to protect themselves from Hamas which is dedicated to their destruction is not the reason. Why do they hate us? Read the posts here of people trying to justify their blind hatred. People hate the Jews for the same reason people hate Blacks, the same reason the Turks hated the Armenians, and the same reason Iraqis hated the Kurds...human beings are sick creatures, which lash out against others for no good reason. Jew-hatred just happens to be unique in that it's the oldest and most wide-spread. I'm not religious, but the way people treat us makes me think we must truly be the chosen ones.
37. Antissemitism is also THIEVERY!
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (01.30.09)
In times of crise,those low beings look forward to put their hands in Jews riches,covering their intentions on some kind of supernatural explanation.IT IS MAINLY THIEVERY! It is simple as that. They want to rob Jews by any means:they want to rob our Torah,creating church and islam,thinking so they rob our spiritual power;they want to rob our land;they want to rob our possessions and then call us thieves. It is as dirty , simple and filthy as that:IT IS ROBBERY!
38. Today's Israel is indeed a substitute for yesterday's Jew,
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.30.09)
and today's Zionism in the eye of the "lovers of Zion", is a substitute for yesterday's Judaism or if you will the Jewish people's civilization. All four - Jews, Judaism, Israel and Zionism - have been hated by those who would find any opportunity to be critical of us and to spew venom about our people and its nation-state. We must learn to live with it, because the alternative may be to die with it, as has been tried by evil forces throughout our people's history.
39. Why is Israel hated?
Iamashamed ,   UK   (01.30.09)
If parents have a favourite child, that child will always be hated by its siblings. Perhaps it's time to do away with this "God's chosen people" nonsense.
40. Not Complex, Just Politically Incorrect!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.30.09)
Ask converts like me who were extremely knowledgeable in Christianity before abandoning it to become a Jew. We KNOW (!) the answer!!! From outside the Christian community, you lack the internal knowledge that is key to solve the enigma. The existence of Christians or Muslims is no spiritual or eternal threat to Jews. But the reverse is the cause of the hatred. The U.S. mint doesn't fear exposure from counterfeiters. But the counterfeiter fears exposure in contrast to the genuine. For all intents and purposes, all of our enemies fall into the category of displacement theology. In order for their religion to be "true" and provide them eternal life in heaven, their religion must supersede (displace) their predecessor IN ORDER TO BE VALID. Our very continuance as Torah-keepers invalidates all Christians and all Muslims, the cause of the hatred and their obsession to get rid of Judaism and Jews. The hatred existed millennia before 1948, putting the lie to the Arab propaganda. Claiming to hate "Zionists" not Jews is no less a lie. Muslims are committed to eradicating Judaism and Torah-keeping Jews from the Middle East because our very presence invalidates the false supersessionist, displacement theology claims of Islam. Presence of Torah-keeping Jews is a living invalidation of Christianity and Islam. Ergo, Christians and Muslims hate Judaism; and they hate Jews for continuing to perpetuate Judaism that invalidates their salvation, path to heaven, etc. Some rabbis perpetuate a lie borne in the furnace of survival and say goyim have a place in olam ha-ba, clearly contradicting Torah; but the Christian and Muslim clerics, and their followers, are undeterred by the rabbinic sham. The only solution is to bring Christians and Muslims OUT of their displacement theologies, which fuels their hatred of us, to Torah... which is what the Netzarim are doing. (However, do not make the mistake of confusing Netzarim with the phony Christian plagiarists in Texas.) Paqid Yirmeyahu Paqid 16, The Netzarim, Ra'anana, Israel Israeli Orthodox Jew (Teimani Baladi Dardai) Advancing Logic as Halakhic Authority Welcoming Jews & non-Jews
41. To Terry. Amen. You are so right.
Lior ,   Israel   (01.30.09)
42. Smartest and Most Successful
nick ,   malaysia   (01.30.09)
True indeed, jews are the smartest and successful people..and its not becoz u r jews...but becoz of the promise of the God of Israel on your forefathers that still at work till dont be Big Headed but with a heart of thanksgiving of what the L-rd has bestowed on you. May His grace and protection be upon His chosen Race.shalom
43. "Aisav soneh et Yaacov.".........#34
Sara ,   Israel ,Tel-aviv   (01.30.09)
Jerry I couldn't have put it better myself. Shabbat Shalom my friend.
44. #14 God of Israel
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (01.30.09)
i tought that there was only one god but i missed this point because i was not so lucky to be a holy chosen one also ?! Can you define what/who is this God of Israel ???
45. #15 ohhh ... really ?!
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (01.30.09)
so what makes you better then the rest of humanity ?! You were created from the same sand that i was created form and we both shall go back to send ... do you get my point .... honey.
46. #16 ... so go ahead
Libyan Guy ,   Italy   (01.30.09)
slaughter as much arab children as you can ... it will make you fell better as a holy chosen one and if some one tell you whay ? please do push the antisimitism button.
47. LOOOOOL the smartest ????????
If you are the smartest you know how to win the world and not to ask why they hate us ... stop moaning all the time . you are not the best , not the smartest , not the chosen people of God (God doesn't support children killers) .... you are nothing , you are the people who hate anything not Jew ... face the truth that you are the biggest haters in this world .
48. Stay Strong
B. Carter ,   Phila. PA   (01.30.09)
Many Christians (like me) pray for Israel and her people every day. The left wing media will not reveal how many of us there are. We support you as God's chosen people. Our faith proclaims that Israel will NEVER be defeated. God bless you.
49. With all due respect
Asher ( truth hurts) ,   Jerusalem   (01.30.09)
Rabbi, where did you learn!!?? It is well known " Esav so'nah Yaakov. Period. It is also not a fulfillment of Biblical Baalam to "dwell alone", it is OUR DESTINY. We are not a State, but a Nation. Part of the problem is that the State does not wants to live by Torah, which will eventually bring its demise. We as a Jewish Nation striving to better ourselves by living a Torah life, with belief, that our lives will be improved. People will try everything but the right thing, but not To Live like Jews. That is our REAL Strength. Besides, around here you don't have to be an outsider to be hated. The more you try to be like them, the more they will hate you.
50. 43: Rabbi asked WHY "Eisau saneh et Yaaqov"
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (01.30.09)
Not merely a restatement from antiquity. And the answer is the same now as it was then (#40).
51. I Have Some Answer For You...
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem - ISRAEL   (01.30.09)
First : did you ever think why Baruch Goldstein hated the Hebronites so much that he machinegunned to death some seventy of them in Tomb of Patriarchs in 1994 ? Perhaps " HASHEM" or " Allah" or "God" is the cause of all troubles on earth...As long as you Jews firmly adhere to self deception by believing you are the "Chosen People of God " you will remain ethnocentric and,consequently, you will continue believeing other peoples or nations are less advantageous that come next to Jews. Think of Arabs when they stubbornly keep referring to this territory as " Arab Palestine " , or when moslems obstinately call it "Moslem Palestine " ! Compare their obstinacy with yours when Jews continue to believe it is the " Biblical Land of Israel " and you should not be surprised why there is much hatred between Jews and others. You are right ? They are right ? Who is wrong ? Think of Zionism when it says Israel is and should be the homeland of Jews only ? Don't you think the tenets you belive in are basically flawed ? Other peoples got involved in bloody fraternal feuds ( Lebanese civil war of 1975-1990, to cite only one example ) when Lebanese moslems and Lebanese Christians slaughtered one another , but finally they concluded that perhaps the best way to survive is to live and let others live.In short they had better reach a compromise and coexist with each other. Try to tackle your problems with others,especially your arab neighbors,by viewing them in a secular rather than religious way, and most probably you will find out there is a big chance to replace hatred with love and war with peace...
52. To Shoshanah #2
J from USA   (01.30.09)
You grew up thinking Christians hate you, which is much the same as Hamas children growing up, being taught to hate the Jews. You are fed a belief and fail to see beyond it. You are wrong in your thinking, and it is sad for me to see you make such a blunt blanket statement about Christians. I wholly embrace Judiasm. It all comes down to both religions confessing our sins to God, living in kindness to one another, and doing our best to follow God's laws. But we are all not of God's level and we will falter. Hate is an awful thing to keep in your heart, which you seem to feel about Christians. Please extend your hands to all those who worship Hashem, God of Israel, God of thee promised land.
53. To #4 By your own words ... you are the ones ..
ESR ,   Miami, USA   (01.30.09)
who should be hated. Anti-Semitism began with the Romans ... way before you existed as a people in the region of Israel. Read and learn ... the Arab-Israeli conflict just revives and fans the sick flames of anti-Semitism. It is a disease of the mind and soul; it has no logic, no reason except evil incarnate. By your own words, Arabs are the accupiers ... they came from ARABIA ... remember Mecca?
54. #4
IsraeliMom ,   Israel   (01.30.09)
Hatred of Israelis began long before the war in 1967 when Israel conquered the territories in the West Bank and Gaza (whcih were at that time, part of Jordan adn Egpyt, respectively). Long before the war in 1956, when Israel took, and then returned, Sinai. It began long before 1948 - when the world communities, through the UN, agreed to the partition of the former British Mandate into two countries - one for the Jews and one for the Arabs, an act that would have given the Arab residents of the area their own state 61 years ago. I could cite example after example of hatred of Israelis and incitement against us that have absolutely nothing to do with the "occupation" of anything. You might want to study some histrory before making silly comments.
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (01.30.09)
56. Old Polish Proverb
haman's ears ,   london, uk   (01.30.09)
"The jew strikes you, then cries out in pain."
57. for all arab/muslims friends
Conker ,   Israel   (01.30.09)
Please before posting same stupid crap educate yourself about history of Israel. You can start with Wikipedia :
58. to 51, Abdel Karim Salim
bruno ,   bouxwiller   (01.30.09)
though i do not fully agree with what you wrote i admit that i like your post and it is not the first of your posts that i liked. i just want to say: God bless you !
59. satan the adversary is temporary ruler of earth
see job 1 and 2 ,   satan rules earth   (01.30.09)
Messiah a jew is coming to replace him. the adversary "that most of this world worships"reasons that if he destroys all the jews then there can be no Messiah to replace him. if our people would keep all of G-D's laws then we would be safe from the adversary and those that worship him.
60. to 40: your theories are wrong
bruno ,   bouxwiller   (01.30.09)
Dear Sir forget it, you are not the only one to know the truth (if you know it at all) your pretentions and ambitions are out of measure. you are narrow minded and pretending to have a particular knowledge superior to others. i consider your ideas "we are the only pure on the world" as dangerous for those who are with you.
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