EU aid chief in Gaza condemns Israel and Hamas
Associated Press
Published: 26.01.09, 17:23
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1. Acted like? They ARE a bunch of terrorist!
chaim ,   Arad   (01.26.09)
2. Louis Michel: Walks Like a Canard, Talks Like a Canard...
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (01.26.09)
3. Hamas and Israel?
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (01.26.09)
The world has gone bipolar (bipolar disorder) The member or U.N., democratic country of Israel is now equated to terrorist organization Hamas. Beware Israel there are strong anti-Semitic currents coming your way.
stude ham   (01.26.09)
What hypocrites these EUrocrats! that part of their world is still bleeding.
5. Louis Michel for UN head!
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (01.26.09)
6. The journalist is only telling us half the story.
Klaus ,   Rome, IT   (01.26.09)
Michel indeed called out Hamas for its violations, such as launching rockets against civilians, however, the story did NOT say this: "“The most painful thing for me was the sizable of destruction in infra-structures, economic facilities and factories which used to provide work opportunities for the Palestinians. [The destruction of these] was an unjustifiable violation of international law.” Where is the objectivity Ynet? Yours, a fellow journalist
7. Why are there crossings between Israel and Gaza?
Larry ,   Eastbourne, UK   (01.26.09)
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I assume the crossings were set up after Israel "occupied" Gaza following the 1967 war. Bearing in mind that Israel "disengaged" from Gaza, why is it still necessary for all goods to go through these crossings? Gaza has a land border with Egypt and also a coastline, just like Israel. Broadly speaking, I feel that those who insist on open borders and the lifting of the "blockade" do so because they want to bind Israel to Gaza permanently, with a view to facilitating a "one-state solution".
8. aid for weapons
real vision ,   usa   (01.26.09)
Every aid truck should be paid for with hamas weapons...Truck for Truck For 60 years too much FREE AID has gone to the palestinians with nothing being returned in value. Gaza must be demilitarized for there to be peace
9. The Border Crossings
jayemmay ,   Detroit, Michigan   (01.26.09)
I am in agreement with Larry (Post #7). There is a border between Gaza and Egypt. Goods for Gaza can come from there. It is totally baffling to constantly hear and read about the Israel-Gaza crossing as if Israel has some obligation to Gaza.
10. Which Translated Means....
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (01.26.09)
That Hamas has a snowball's chance in hell of getting any EU aid as the Europeans have now openly stated that they are terrorists!
11. #6 - Klaus, Speaking of telling half the story...
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (01.26.09)
... how about providing the context in which these buildings were destroyed? If Hamas militants were using them for staging attacks against the IDF and for launching rockets onto Israeli civilian targets (which is, in and of itself, an unjustifiable violation of international law), are the IDF's hands legally tied from retaliating? Where is your objectivity, Klaus?
12. They Have to Say This
The Phone Guy   (01.26.09)
If the EU does not say this they will lose billions in trade with Arabs. They are already bribed with oil to give money to Hamas and make their restive Muslim populations happy. I am happy he saw it as unjustified. After all, to say it was justified means he would be out of a job and that would be terrible. By the way, justified or not, Hamas is in deep do-do. The EU gave them all that money that ended up as either weapons or buildings...all now turned to dust...along with some 700 Hamasniks.
13. For Klaus #6
Raoul ,   Israel   (01.26.09)
The fact that a Hamas official was *shocked* at what Michel said, indicates that the essence of the message he put across was pretty well reported.
14. Palestinian resistance is as legitimate as Europeans'
Fed Up ,   Barcelona   (01.26.09)
I wholeheartedly agree with this idea. The Palestinians should be treated on the same moral scale as Europeans. Were European countries to target civilian populations with no legitimate military objective, launch attacks while hiding among their own civilians, or force-feed the supposed glory of genocide and suicide to their children, they would have absolutely no legitimacy or right to continue governing. It's only by applying different moral standards, and effectively treating Hamas as poor sub-humans that are incapable of taking responsibility for their own actions, that there can seem to be any trace of legitimacy in their course of action. The Hamas official is right! Let's get past this *moral racism*, and treat and judge Hamas as we would any European country.
15. don't blame Israel, we're Jews...
The Prophet ,   Ouer   (01.26.09)
It sounds like the israeli's bombed the U.N. just as much as Hamas, so maybe the U.N.should also take enormous responsibility for what happened here in Gaza.
16. Gaza Condemed
josef szmuda ,   los angeles   (01.26.09)
Alas - an enlightened soul! Josef Szmuda
17. #14 - Fed Up, How about letting Jews resist occupation?
Joe ,   Ramat Gan   (01.26.09)
After all, doesn't the 2000 year old occupation of our native soil entitle us to blow Arabs to smithereens while screaming "Allahu Akbar"? If Europe won't treat Palestinians on the same scale as Europeans, why not treat Jews on the same level as Palestinians? Haniyeh's rhetoric cuts both ways, does it not?
18. #7 because they want their cake and eat it
Danny   (01.27.09)
In reality the LAST thing any of these people want is an "end to occupation". Imagine having to actually take responsibility for your actions? Imagine the contortions you would have to go through to justify rocketing schools and kindergartens if there was no "occupation". And the idiots we are we fell into the trap. All border crossings with Gaza should be sealed now. All flow of goods and cash should cease. Let Egypt supply them. End the "occupation"!!
19. who's invading?
MLK ,   Boston, MA   (01.27.09)
"Palestinian resistance is as legitimate as the resistance of European countries that fought against foreign occupiers." Is this a reference to the Muslim invasions of Spain from N. Africa? Don't forget that the Jews were taken along to provide their expertise in mathematics, physics, geometry, arts, letters, etc. Who built those fountains at La Alhambra? Of course, the world forgets that the Arabs/Muslims brutally conquered and colonized the Holy Land c. 700 C.E.
20. Bravo for speaking truth. Finally.
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