Envoy: US wants direct talks with Iran on atom work
Published: 26.01.09, 23:19
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1. Talks will definitely resolve the issue
Bung ,   ca   (01.26.09)
Oh yes! Yes! Direct talks with a terrorist nation that is bent on nukes and Israel's destruction. I'm so sure this is the pacifist answer and it will work. Iran will have its nukes and the US & the UN will still want to dialogue. Stupid fools!
2. Iran
AR ,   New York, NY   (01.26.09)
See an analysis of why such talks can backfire:
3. What a pitty face has this new Rice.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (01.27.09)
Politics reach the pinacles of insanity,indeed. What a pitty,pitty face has this new one...
4. US wants direct talks with Iran
Roxy ,   Israel   (01.27.09)
While they talk the Iranians will finish their work on the bomb and it will be too late to stop them and one Chilly morning their leadership will announce "We have the Bomb", then they will praise Allah, then in a few hours they will threaten Israel and the rest of the world with it ! Wake up USA and World leaders it may be too late already stop Iran now, it is the biggest threat to world freedom and peace since the Nazi rise to power!
5. sanctions & military threats to overnight diplomatic partner
zionist forever   (01.27.09)
One minute Iran is on the US axis of evil list. The US was leading sanctions against Iran and others were following their lead. We are talking at least about military action not being ruled out. He will of course demand that Israel take no military action and when the US makes spesific demands its hard for Israel to say no. Obama has been in office less than 1 week and already he is sending envoys to have unconditional bullshit talks which will result of course in Obama using US muscle to force Israel to disarm to make Iran happy. Israel is always the one the USA runs to demand pay the price for any issue in the region the US wants to solve diplomatocly. Oslo was born out of George Bush seniors desire to have an arab coalition join the allies to drive Saddam Hussain out of Kuwait and the arab price was Israel deal with the PLO and create a palestinian state. Over the years we have allowed ourselves to become American puppets on a string rather than allies. and they know if and abuse it. His first speech after being sworn in was an outreach to muslims, then he sends Mitchel to the region and says he is going to make Abbas stronger. So far he hasn't said one word either praising Israel or anything political that will benefit Israel but the islamic world he can't do enough to help. The man should get to work on sorting out domestic policies put foreign policy especialy if its concerning the Middle East on a backburner. Has he neaver heard of getting his own house in order before he tries to get somebody elses cleaned up. Obama is starting to believe himself the image he created around himself while he was capaigning that he is some kind of prophet that will bring about world peace, end all poverty and fix everything else thats wrong in the universe.
6. Yes we can
Roico ,   Vienna Austria   (01.27.09)
I hope it is the realisation that the policy of isolation thus far vis-à-vis Iran which compelled the US to this step. The Bush-policy was a catastrophe for the interests of the U.S. in West Asia. It tried to isolate a country like Iran and Syria which gain continuously popular support among Arab and Muslim populations, whereas the other so called moderate Arab regimes of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan are becoming more & more unpopular with their respective streets. As for Israel, it is becoming more of a burden fort the U.S. in the region by its wars of extermination. It is just a matter of time, till it becomes clear t o everybody in the west that Israel can no longer play the role assigned to it by the western powers and then ….
73% JEWS VOTED OBAMA ,   MISTAKE.......DACON9   (01.27.09)
8. Diplomacy
Persian CAT   (01.27.09)
True diplomacy is conducted behind the scenes. It's foolish to assume the public is being let in on this. But I'm sure Iran and the US will come to some sort of agreement on how to "manage" the important side of the ME, which is the Eastern side. The Western side of the ME, including Israel is losing its strategic importance unless Israel could revive the USSR. Do you get the picture, my friends?
Robert ,   italy   (01.27.09)
discussion with Hitler on peace in Europe.... discussione with Hamadinejad and IRAN on nuclear civil use.... I think that if US and Europe dont stop to make inconsistent action and discussions , ISRAEL.......
10. Oh NO, another Rice
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (01.27.09)
11. Iran: Holocaust is big lie
Doyle ,   Cottageville, USA   (01.28.09)
Of course Iran says the Holocaust is a big lie. They want to wipe Israel off the map, so they cannot allow the truth to be told. As for Iran's government spokesman says 'lie intended to settle rootless regime in heart of Islamic world': Iran, and the rest of the Islamic world forgets that Israel was there before Islam even existed. Israel has an unbreakable covenant with their Lord for the land. And any claims Islam can make on Israel/Jerusalem are based on a tissue of lies they have told so many times that even they believe them now.
12. US Talks with Iran
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (01.29.09)
The talks will be about how much uranium iran needs,and as a gesture from the new administration,the US will provide that uranium.
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