Israel to close clinic at Erez crossing
Meital Yasur-Beit Or
Published: 27.01.09, 00:47
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1. Hamas wants to continue terrorizing its population don't
rachel ,   usa   (01.27.09)
them to talk to Israelis ....Please investigate these so called human rights organization ......Maybe they should go live in the arab world ...they will be happier there....
2. and the madness continues...
tom ,   toronto, canada   (01.27.09)
"Physicians for Human Rights-Israel said the clinic was the wrong solution to begin with. "Israel opened the clinic for propaganda purposes. The injured must be allowed to leave Gaza and receive treatment at Israeli hospitals," the group said." "must be allowed"? where else on earth are the enemy ENTITLED to be treated? certainly not in any arab countries - just imagine what would happen if an injured israeli was brought to a hospital in rafah or jenin? these "human rights" groups are stark, raving, mad!
3. What only Hamas can propagandise
Rivkah Rybak ,   Israel   (01.27.09)
Hamas is not the only ones who can use PR to its benefit.
4. propaganda purposes?
Ann ,   Ashkelon   (01.27.09)
Israeli hospitals are normally full of gazans, so why is this for propaganda purposes?
5. Yeah-like that Female Suicide BombbeltPatient at Soroka
6. Hamas considers each Palestinian death a victory
Lauren ,   Israel   (01.27.09)
Hamas considers each Palestinian death a victory and is content to let people die. We in Israel care more about the casualties we have inflicted than they do. This is tragic for the Palestinian people.
7. Gaza clinc
Jamal ,   Cairo   (01.27.09)
We don't need a clinc for propaganda purpose. You hurt our people in thousands and open a clinc, do you think they will forgive you?
8. Treat first the israeli leadership!
LĂ©onard ,   Toronto   (01.27.09)
They are all (without exception) suffering of MENTAL ILLNESS. They surely need a heavy treatment of 10 or 20 years.
9. So close the clinic - who cares
Let them be ill and sick
10. dont these do gooders ever put israelis first
zionist forever   (01.27.09)
Rightist groups say palestinians must be allowed to leave Gaza and receive treatment at Israeli hospitals AT WHOSE EXPENSE? I pay taxes to receive medical treatment if I am injured the arabs pay nothing. what happens if an injured Israeli is brought to hospital but there are no beds for him due to the fact its being taken by palestinians? Let the arabs take care of their own for once instead of leaving the job to us all the time. A clinic spesificly for palestinians is one thing but full hospital treatment somethiing else. It may sound harsh but a country has to put the welfare of its own citizens before anybody else.
11. #7
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (01.27.09)
Fatah and Abed Rabbo condemn Israel for not attacking more and for not killing more Hamas. President Mubarak supported the Israeli action. Why do you complain to us?
12. human rights or wrong humans
michael ,   jerusalem   (01.27.09)
israel propaganda to help palestinians, israel murder to fight against hamas, israel shame to breath.... rights groups are just wrong humans. the less you care of them. the better our nation feels
13. once again
Ilana   (01.27.09)
thearabs have shown that they hate us more than they love their kids. If my family needed urgent excellent medical care, I would take them to any good hospital and I wouldn't care what the reasons for the hospital set up was for!! Cut off yout nose to spite your face!! :no sweetheart, rather die than goto the Israeli hospital, because first it is Israeli and second they don't have sincere intentions!" DUMB
14. To Jamal from Cairo (7)
Liora ,   Tel Aviv   (01.27.09)
You have no idea of what is going on here. The Palestinians ALWAYS get medical treatment in Israel, this is not new! And this is not propaganda. The war was not against the people, it was against HAMAS who is guilty for their situation
15. Hamas stops them or there's less injured as thought
16. To Liora from Tel Aviv, Palistine
The Prophet ,   Ouar   (01.27.09)
You have no idea of what is going on here. The Jews also got medical treatment in Nazi Germany, this also is not new! And this is not propaganda. The war was not against the people, it was against ZIONIST who were guilty for their situation
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (01.27.09)
I will have to think twice to donate money to the Magen David Adom again. If they want to use our money to this sickening Yafut Nefesh (trying to look good) nonsense , then they will have go get donations from Hamas. All this rubbish of the Gaza people not being our enemy , is just sickening. They show up by the hundreds of thousands to Hamas facist hate rallies. Unfortunally we are stuck with people who are lost and show a false sense of morallity. To show mercy to an enemy that wants to wipe us off the face the earth , just shows weakness and lack of vision. All our wars are to blame on a lack of resolve to finish of our enemies once and for all.
18. more double standards
gm ,   south africa   (01.27.09)
Even when it is evident that is Israel is doing the right thing, it is still the wrong thing. This is blatant anti-semitism, no one must tell me this is anti-zionism
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (01.27.09)
It never ceases to amaze me how naive my own people can be and did not learn a thing from our long history. You should try to read the reply from NR 16 and really read it top to bottom. For once try to be aware and awake and recognize the Islamfacists for what they rely are. You probably know about the holocaust , if things go wrong here our Islamfacists will make the Nazis look like choirboys. I hate to break your illusions , but we are surrounded by a lot of enemies. Do not be weak and pathetic to think that once can appease evil.
20. Physicians for Human Rights-Israel should be treating people
rebecca ,   modiin   (01.27.09)
Not playing politics. They should take ANY opportunity do do their medical work. They've lost any respect I might have had for them.
21. #16 - if you call medical experiments on twins, no anesthet
rebecca ,   modiin   (01.27.09)
and other such medical experiments "medical treatment" well then yes, Jews got medical treatment from the Nazis. Is it possible that you, a hammas supporter, consider killing someone so they can go to heaven and get their virgins, medical treatment? If so hamas did a great job, and continues to do so.
The Prophet ,   Ouar   (01.27.09)
"It never ceases to amaze me how naive my own people can be and did not learn a thing from our long history." "Unfortunally we are stuck with people who are lost and show a false sense of morallity." All our wars are to blame on a lack of ""Peace"
23. Maybe the Palestinians dont want your help
Jason ,   NYC, USA   (01.27.09)
So you bomb them, destroy their homes, kill entire families, and leave young children badly maimed for life...and yet you expect them to come crawling to you for "medical help" and show you gratitude??? As you can see, the Palestinians have more pride than that. Israel can take its clinic and shove it, the Palestinians dont want your help.
24. #21 Hi Rebecca, first off I'm not a Hamas
The Prophet ,   Ouar   (01.27.09)
supporter and I'm not anti semitic, I'm against killing children for any reason by anyone, And I don't like anyone, Jews Or Arabs,or Usa,etc. who try to condone it.
25. #16 from LIORA ha ha ha
Liora ,   Tel Aviv, ISRAEL   (01.27.09)
Look who is teaching me about the Nazis, those who murderd my mom and her sister, during a medical treatment. Please, don't you dare! don't you ever speak about what was there... and about what is here! You know nothing ! How can you say the jews were guily of their situation, they sent suicide bombers in to schools, buses or maybe they fired missiles into German citys, what were they guilty of, tell me please, Until then don't talk !!!! Stay silent and live your peaceful life in your peaceful place.
26. Jason
Ilana   (01.27.09)
Then why do they take our water and electricity? Why do they work here? Why do they come to hospitals in Israel? Why do they ask to pass the border crossings for medical treatment? And all at our risk of some of them blowing us up?? No, sorry, no pride. And we wouldn't have to watch over water and land if they didn't try to kill all of us. We have better things to do than hang around lunatics.
27. 23
zionist forever   (01.27.09)
If the palestinians have been avoiding the clinic as a matter of pride not because of Hamas then if they die as a result of lack of treatment then the only ones to blame for those deaths is their own stupid pride. This clinic will be wound up now thanks to either Hamas or stupid pride so now all medical facilities will be invested in treating Israelis and only israelis.
28. #14 Hello Liora, sorry for your mother
The Prophet ,   Ouar   (01.27.09)
and sister, I have nothing against them or you unless you condone killing children. As for Israel 's situation, and history, remember back to before Israel. How did the Jews create Israel, who lived on the land before and where are they now?. Was it peaceful.? When you look at it that way , hamas isn't so bad, is it.
29. Good keep them in Gaza
Petra ,   usa   (01.27.09)
they don't belong in Israel. As there is no Palestine, let them dream on while Hamas seals their fate. Keep Israel for Israelis, not those enemies who would murder each Jew they see. Hamas started this and Israel will finish it.
30. 28 the "prophet" [ ? ] But not historian at all
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (01.27.09)
Listen , jews had to defend themselve against arab bands . That's why they created the Hashomer . They never , exept one time , attacked arabs , only british forces . And they retaliated of course when your murderers had done their ugly "job" Arabs began to immigrate here when Jews came , bought land from arab landowners , and needed workforce . Arabs came from coutries as far as soudan and Yemen . Now if they have such a pride , why do they cry because Israel don't opens the crossings ?
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